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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Periodically, the Review Team audits reviews for accuracy. At the last audit (January 2016), Pubslush does not appear to be in business.

All information contained in this review was the last known information that was able to be verified by the Review Team.

Pubslush began with a mother-daughter team who wanted to create a more democratic process for printing literary works. It is a niche crowdfunding platform whose goal is to help authors, publishing professionals, and literary trendsetters raise funds for books, test market viability of literary works, and connect with literary projects of interest. Through this platform, authors can either raise funding for getting a literary work in print or launch a campaign where customers can pre-order books.


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The Good

  • Model type
  • Fees
  • Fund type
  • Maximum allowed raise
  • Receiving funds
  • Administrative work options

Model Type

Pubslush requires users to offer donors rewards as a part of their funding campaign. This allows authors to make meaningful connections with individuals who donate to their campaign as well as express gratitude for their support.


Transaction Fees
  • There is a 3.5% processing fee.
Completion Fees
  • There is a 4% completion fee.
Partial Fees
  • None

Fund Type

Publush uses an "All or Nothing" fund type, meaning that goals must be met in order to receive funds. It is a hybrid of all or nothing and keep what you raise used by Pubslush to determine which projects will be viable in the marketplace. Pubslush does utilize a vetting process that limits the scope of campaigns approved to use their platform. Pubslush reviews all projects before giving approval to utilize their funding platform. Projects must be reviewed for grammar, spelling, and formatting before receiving approval. A project may be rejected if rewards are viewed as unrealistic. Projects who fail to meet requirements may be rejected by Pubslush and unable to use their funding platform.

Maximum Allowed Raise

Campaigns must set a minimum funding goal that must be met before funds can be allocated to a project. Pubslush requires a minimum of at least $500 which must be reached before funds can be received.

Receiving Funds

Once a campaign is successfully completed, authors have the option of including a buy now button to their profile. This allows users to direct supporters of their work directly to Amazon to purchase their book.

Administrative Work Options

Pubslush provides successful campaigns with advanced analytics about their supporters. The report includes factors such as age, gender, geography, and traffic source. These analytics provide authors with invaluable information as they move their book into the marketplace.

The Bad

  • Deadlines


The deadline for campaigns on Pubslush is between 15 and 45 days. Many other crowdfunding platforms allow as many as 60 days to complete a campaign. This may limit the ability literary professionals have to appeal to potential supporters who may donate to their project.

The Bottom Line

Pubslush is a unique platform for authors and publishing professionals. While they do require project approval and use an all or nothing fund model, Pubslush provides several helpful features to those seeking funding for literary work. Their variety of packages for campaign support as well as straightforward fees make crowdfunding simple with their platform. Pubslush is an excellent crowdfunding platform for authors wanting to get their work into the marketplace. Editor's Note: The parent company that owned and operated Pubslush, Colborne Communications, has parted ways with Pubslush and announced the start of a new venture called PubLaunch, kicking off on February 1, 2016.
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