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LAST UPDATED: February 10th, 2024

With over six years of crowdfunding experience and over 330 million dollars raised to date, Fundly provides a campaign platform to promote virtually any cause. Similar to a GoFundMe campaign, Fundly allows personal and nonprofit campaign hosts to create their own fundraising website and utilize their Facebook, Twitter, and email contacts to reach a wide audience and drive support to a specific cause. 

Fundly makes starting a campaign simple with the help of their Quick Start guide as well as email customer support providing tips and help throughout a campaign's launch.  

Read pros and cons, and fundly reviews, to know if it's the best crowdfunding source for you.

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The Good

  • Funding Model
  • No Maximum Fundraising Limit
  • Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns
  • Quick Transfer of Funds
  • Step-by-Step Direction

Funding Model

Fundly offers a "keep what you raise" funding model. This differs from other models that don't allow you to receive any funds if you don't reach your total pre-determined monetary goal.

Fundly allows users to keep all the funds raised for a campaign even if a campaign does not reach its overall monetary goal. This is better for individuals without a lot of connections trying to raise funds for personal reasons.

No Maximum Fundraising Limit

There is no maximum amount you're allowed to raise on Fundly. There also is no minimum amount to raise in order to keep your funds like on some other crowdfunding websites. Users can focus on their cause and get donations for their fundraising goal without any limitations.

Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns

Fundly simplifies the crowdfunding campaign process for nonprofit organizations with inside knowledge of running large scale campaigns.

The process for setting up a nonprofit campaign is similar to that for personal fundraising, implementing the same online fundraising methods, including the creation of a unique fundraising website where you can tell the story of your cause, and have a place to direct people to through social media outreach and networking.

Fundraising can be intimidating, and it can be difficult to know where to start, but Fundly offers tips and tricks on topics from organizing events to getting news coverage. In addition, Fundly offers unique online programs that help you engage with your audience and raise as much money as possible.

Quick Transfer of Funds

At the end of your campaign, Fundly transfers your money through a third party processor called WePay or by electronic fund transfer. All you have to do is activate your account and start accepting donations immediately. Payments are processed quickly and can usually be withdrawn in 24-48 hours of the donation. Automatic transfers can also be configured to speed things up further.

Once your Fundly campaign begins receiving online donations, you can withdraw your balance directly to your bank account at any time. Withdrawing your campaign balance won't affect the funding meter displayed on your campaign page.

Step-by-Step Direction

To help you figure out the nuances of an online fundraising campaign, Fundly will send you emails to help direct you through the first few weeks of your campaign. You'll be able to communicate with customer service representatives about any questions or concerns that you may have, and you'll also get emails and push notifications when something new happens in your campaign.

Fundly also helps you make a great looking website, get set up on your social networks, and sends a welcome email to your first wave of contacts.


The Bad

  • Fees
  • Limited Campaign Reach


While Fundly doesn't charge anything to create and share your online fundraising campaign, they do deduct a 4.9% fee from each donation received. A credit card processing fee of 3% is also automatically deducted from each donation. For larger campaigns, automatic discounts are available.

Discounts are applied to campaigns that exceed $50,000 as follows:

  • 4.4% + 3.0% credit card processing fee for campaigns reaching $50,001 to $500,000
  • 3.9% + 3.0% credit card processing fee for campaigns reaching $500,001 to $1,000,000
  • 2.9% + 3.0% credit card processing fee for campaigns exceeding $1,000,000

Fundly does not charge a non-completion fee if you fail to meet your own campaign goal. Their fees are pretty standard in the crowdfunding industry; however, some other platforms only charge a flat rate and do not charge processing fees.

Limited Campaign Reach

Fundly is a Donation Model for nonprofit and personal fundraising. Some crowdfunding companies incorporate equity and reward model options where individuals and businesses are given perks for donating and supporting a campaign in the form of gifts or ownership.

Because Fundly focuses primarily on personal contacts to generate interest in a campaign, it may limit a user's potential to reach a larger audience. It may also make it difficult for individuals without social media to adequately utilize Fundly's resources due to their emphasis on integrating Facebook and Twitter.


The Bottom Line

Fundly is a great option for individuals looking to raise money for any purpose. Whether or not you're fundraising for a personal cause or for a nonprofit organization, Fundly provides their users with an easy campaign set-up and customer support throughout their campaign. In addition, its pricing is straightforward and competitive when compared to similar websites.

The ability to keep all donations and funding for your cause is a bonus, relieving the pressure of potentially not meeting your campaign fundraising goal. Instead of worrying about money that could be lost, you will be able to focus on mobilizing more people to donate, helping you reach your overall fundraising goals

Although Fundly doesn't charge any fees for setting up a campaign or website, it is important to note that a 4.9% and 3% credit card processing fee will be deducted from each donation received. Processing and transaction fees are common in the crowdfunding industry, but rates may vary.

Fundly is a great way to reach those that you already know. It is not recommended for anyone without current support of friends and family through social media, since Fundly's platform functions as a model reliant on the strength of your social media contacts. If you need to solicit donations on a greater scale with a wider audience, there are other crowdfunding sites available that could better fit your needs.

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Lindsay Ghandlo

I'm head of fundraising for my son's school and we ran our fundraisers through Fundly. On the whole it was pretty quick to set up and start fundraising and made it really easy to accept donations from students' out-of-town families. Definitely a better option than cookie dough and chocolate fundraisers. We hosted a community walkathon and asked all the PTA parents to spread the word and encourage students of different ages to collect pledges for each lap they walked. A lot of families brought cash or checks but many used the Facebook sharing to get aunts and uncles and grandparents to donate through Fundly. My only wish was that there was a way to upload videos into emails. But other than that Fundly made it easy for us to raise money and we'll be using them for our Fall Back to School Fundraiser as well.

7 years ago

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Chris G

I continued to ask for help from them to change order of pics and add updates. They sent me a link to the wrong campaign that was made in error trying to "update" the original twice with no further responses. I kept trying until the end. Their customer support SUCKS. Particularly from Adriane A! It took her 3 weeks of several help requests to finally get back with the correct info. Just a couple days before the campaign ended. I didn't bother at that point. I was just counting down the days before I could go somewhere worth the time! It may be fine if you have no need for updates and get everything in the 1st go around but the tech support is horrendous!

8 months ago

star star star star star_border

Susan Joyner

I started a Fundly account after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We needed the funds to cover her surgery. Creating a page was super easy, and I liked that you could post updates and see all the people that contributed. While we didn't reach our goal, we still got to keep the money, and it went towards covering some of my mother's surgery.

7 years ago

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Tamika Nunley Cleveland, OH

I used this platform to raise funds for a local cause on behalf of my family after we lost our grandmother. We reached our goal and then they returned all of the funds because they accused us of not being a verified business. We were not a verified business, just a family trying to raise funds. Even though they took my personal information, including my banking information and my driver's license they refused to transfer the funds we raised. There's also no customer service number to call. We were extremely disappointed and do not recommend this platform.

7 months ago

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Pamela East Orange, NJ

It was easy enough to set up and funds were transferred on time. However, there is absolutely no customer support; You send emails and get no response. None of my donors received the thank you email nor a receipt email. It's very glitchy, it's must better to use another site.

8 months ago

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Odell Winn Houston, TX

The worst ever experience. No 1-800 number. Account was hacked. Fundly had 113 $5 transactions. There software is terrible and the customer service is non existent other than an email system

5 months ago

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Chris Coble Huntington Beach, CA

the web site is problematic password works on customer service but not on the platform management. still not able to get into. plus they use a company called stripe which is not a good fit. Was told they would hold the monies for 30 days with out disbursement. for a charity, fund raising that is not appropriate plus they charge extra fees not originally disclosed until after funds were deposited into the fundly site. very unethical.

5 years ago

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Kerri McEntire West Chester, PA

If I could give one star I would. TERRIBLE customer service. The site forces you to receive donations through Stripe. And when Stripe withholds your payouts because you are crowdfunding and not a business, Fundly will not support you. They automatically add a 15% tip and they could care less if their site actually helps your cause. I will have to reach out to all of my donors, attempt to refund them and start the whole fundraising process all over. Fundly is a joke and should be ashamed of themselves.

1 year ago

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Jen Lyon Milford, CT

I just opened up a million dollar campaign on Fundly. It's been 4 days now and I cannot use it for donations. I reached out to Fundly already. The first time was essentially "our bad. It should work now" with no explanation on why it wasn't operating and delaying my launch. Now my campaign is live, I've paid for tons of advertising and guessed it. No one can donate because the app does not work. I reached out again because let's face it, 1M is not easy to collect overnight. No answer from Fundly. What a mistake. Use a name company with customer service. Not these jokers.

5 years ago

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Disappointed Long Beach, NY

HORRIBLE...SHAME ON FUNDLY. They never answered our calls for assistance.. Our entire donation system crashed during GivingTuesday. Took advantage of 2 autistic schools located in underserved communities of South Bronx and East Harlem. BEWARE-DO NOT USE ..hopefully the Government will investigate further.

1 year ago

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Skipsearcher Homosassa, FL

I donated to the Kyle Rittenhouse fund . Days later took it down. I have contacted Fundly on 3 separate occasions asking if The Kyle Rittenhouse funds were paid or what happened to the monies donated? I never recieved 1 reply on this matter!! Bad customer service, Smells FISHY

3 years ago

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Shane Gillman Ashburn, VA

UNREAL! Fundly has the worst support team. I have reached out for support due to a technical issue on their site. After 1 week my requests have gone unresolved. Also, their fee's are INSTANE. They take 5% of all transactions and then charge you a 3% credit card fee. BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

4 years ago

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Brian Toms River, NJ

Scammers use Fundly to withdraw small transactions using stolen debit cards. These transactions add up to big amounts but individual people are unsuspecting. Fundly does nothing to stop this. Please do not use this website!

5 years ago

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Ross Simpsonville, SC

I signed up for a not for profit I manage. I have now received all of these fraudulent donations which are hitting my stripe account. I have a charge back for a transaction we knew nothing about.

5 years ago

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Jessica Barron Austell, GA

Money cannot be withdrawn anytime. I raised over 4000.00 and it was all refunded back to my donors. Makes no sense and a month later they have not responded to my email regarding this matter.

7 years ago