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LAST UPDATED: March 15th, 2023

National Credit Care is a Colorado-based credit repair company that focuses on helping consumers become mortgage ready.

The National Credit Care team strictly operates in the United States and claims that each client's account will never be outsourced.

In addition to a free credit consultation, National Credit Care works with the three major credit reporting agencies and creditors and strives to provide a personal approach to credit repair services. According to the company's website, National Credit Care does not use an automated dispute process/system.

Read on to learn more about National Credit Care's credit repair process and to see verified customer reviews. 


The Good

  • Free Credit Analysis
  • Ongoing Personalized Credit Advice 
  • Customer Service 
  • Educational Credit Resources 

National Credit Care strives to provide a personal touch to their credit repair clients by not utilizing an automated or pre-determined credit repair process.

The firm has a few other credit repair service benefits:

Free Credit Analysis

As previously mentioned, National Credit Care offers a free credit analysis to all potential clients.

This free credit report analysis includes connecting consumers with a live credit consultant over the phone or through email to discuss credit reports, credit score goals, creditors, credit counseling needs, payments, and more.

Those interested in this free credit analysis can call a company representative directly and/or can fill out the contact form on the company's website to get started. 

Ongoing Personalized Credit Advice 

 While most repair companies focus on credit disputes — which only influences payment history and payment history is only 35 percent of a credit score — National Credit Care's advisors will work with consumers to maximize every part of their credit score. 

Customer Service

All of National Credit Care's customer service representatives are located in the United States. The credit restoration company states that its customer service team is available to help clients at any time.

According to the company's main website, National Credit Care follows a confidentiality agreement in regards to client information its staff receives.

Educational Credit Resources

National Credit Care provides a wide range of educational credit resources on its website for customers and other website visitors to take advantage of in addition to its credit repair service.

These educational resources range from credit score and credit report tips to secured credit card information, financial tips, and general consumer credit information.

The company's website also includes information regarding mortgage loan credit repair and collection services.


The Bad

  • No Licensed Attorneys on Staff
  • No Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Lack of Transparency 

Although National Credit Care has its benefits, the firm does have a few drawbacks that potential clients should note.

From a high sign up fee to no refund guarantees, the firm gives potential clients reason to hesitate before they sign up and pay for credit restoration services. 

No Licensed Attorneys on Staff

National Credit Care does not appear to have any licensed attorneys on staff.

Meanwhile, many other repair companies have licensed attorneys on staff or access to other attorneys who are available to help clients with their actual accounts and provide relevant legal advice, which provides an upper level of expertise and care in the credit repair industry.

No Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike many other credit repair providers, National Credit Care does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee for its credit repair services. This means that even customers who do not see improvement regarding their credit scores may not be able to receive a refund.

Lack of Transparency

The credit repair firm does not seem to provide detailed program information or proof of successful deletion work with credit reporting agencies regarding consumer credit on its company website.

National Credit Care also does not seem to disclose information on cases when disputes are not accepted by the credit bureaus and fails to disclose how much its credit repair services cost as well as how long the process could take.

Other companies in the credit repair industry explain that their credit repair processes can take weeks to months depending on the client's credit situation.

Those who want to learn this information may have to contact the company directly via phone, email, or by filling out the company's online form. 


The Bottom Line

National Credit Care strives to provide a personalized approach to credit repair while maintaining a client confidentiality agreement. 

The business offers educational credit resources and a free consultation that includes the analysis of each client's credit reports, providing credit counseling, and creating a credit repair plan. 

National Credit Care also often works with creditors as well as the major credit bureaus to improve clients’ credit scores and overall credit health.

The company, however, does not seem to have any licensed attorneys on staff and does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee like many other credit repair companies. 

The company's lack of refund policy may worry clients who do not see any positive account results/credit score improvements. 

In addition, their lack of transparency, lack of financing options, and high sign up payment are cause for concern. We recommend viewing and researching all of your options for credit repair before making a final decision.

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National Credit Care Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in National Credit Care’s free consultation?

The free consultation is handled by a professional credit analyst who will give you a breakdown of everything on your credit report. The analyst will walk you through what is hurting your score as well as what is helping your score. You will also receive advice on steps you can take on your own to maximize your credits potential.

How does National Credit Care work?

National Credit Care operates as a team of highly professional credit analysts with the aim of crossing the finish line to your financial goals with you. Once enrolled in the program, you will have access to personal credit advice and powerful credit investigations. The company knows that everyone’s credit report is different, so you will have a personal team of credit analysts to help you every step of the way and give you advice on exactly what you need to do to maximize your credit potential. Through partnerships and tested methods, the credit investigation team will use every avenue to verify and remove anything that is outdated and inaccurate on your report.

How is National Credit Care different from other credit repair companies?

Unlike many competitors, the company has partnered with credit bureaus, allowing it to send digital rounds of investigations on top of the traditional written investigations. National Credit Care is trusted by thousands of loan officers and realtors across the country. The company works directly with your loan officer/realtor to make sure you have what you need to achieve your financial goals. The company can connect you with a loan officer/realtor to ensure you are on the path to success in home ownership. While competitors focus on your credit history, it only makes up about 35 percent of your credit score. National Credit Care covers every aspect of your credit score, and the company's credit analysts will coach you on the additional 65 percent.

How many credit bureaus does National Credit Care work with?

National Credit Care will send investigations to the three major credit bureaus; Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. Be careful not to sign up for other companies that only investigate one or two bureaus, because many lenders will look at all three when deciding whether or not to extend credit to you.

How long does it take for National Credit Care to repair my credit?

Credit reports vary from person to person and can be compared to a fingerprint. Due to the different variables that a credit report can contain, the timeframe for maximizing credits potential can also vary. With a personalized approach to remedy your credit report, the company works efficiently and rapidly to help you achieve your financial goals as soon as possible.
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National Credit Care

National Credit Care is a highly trusted credit solutions firm that has been helping people raise their credit scores and achieve financial freedom for more than 15 years. Through tried-and-true strategies, the company will clean up your credit history while educating you on the best practices to boost and maintain your credit score. You will receive $100 off your initial payment coming through Best Company, so schedule your FREE consultation with National Credit Care today!

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Jon Grant Las Vegas, NV

Honestly, NCC did little but collect my monthly fees. I see no direct correlation between their activities and an increase in my score or even items being reviewed. Most of the improvement is the result of my paying things down or improving my credit utilization. They talk fast but I see nothing that makes me believe they actually had any positive results. A two weeks ago I asked them to cancel and they just charged my account. Huh? I was pretty clear.

1 year ago

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george arnold Virden, IL

well they got some medical bills off my credit report and some advise on how to get our home loan what they dont tell you is you can and will still be sued for all those bills i know im now being sued for over $6000 in medical bills they "fixed" i wish i had not listened to them now im screwed and the bad part was we paid them to do it run run far away

4 years ago

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Sherell Washington, DC

I'll give NCC a 5 right now. Ive been with the company for less than 60 days and my credit score has improved by a few points due to them getting some negative points taken off my credit report. Im satisfied with this company right now as im trying to reduce my interest on a car loan

7 years ago