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Credit Assistance Network is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and has over ten years of credit repair experience. The company offers an array of services and provides online access to its customers 24/7.

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The Good

  • Regular Reminders and 24 Hour Access 

Credit Assistance Network offers a nice outline of their services and the process of credit repair, along with a handy chart of services they offer compared to its competitors. Although some of the points come across as a little vague, the 24 hour access to the company website is helpful.

Regular Reminders and 24 Hour Access

Customers are issued login credentials that allow them to communicate, track progress and upload documents whenever they need.

The Bad

  • No Upfront Price Information 
  • No Attorneys 
  • No Money-Back Guarantee

It's difficult to gauge Credit Assistance Network's performance against top competitors when the company offers little information about their pricing. It's also concerning that despite all of the services the company claims to offer, no money back guarantees or licensed attorneys are mentioned anywhere. Typically, the more information a credit repair company provides upfront, the more transparent and legitimate they will be with their customers.

No Upfront Price Information

You must sign up for a free credit analysis before you can get specific information on pricing. To sign up, you must provide your name, email address and phone number.

No Attorneys

Nothing was said regarding licensed attorneys anywhere on Credit Assistance Network's website, so it can be assumed that there aren't any on staff.

No Money-Back Guarantee

There was no information regarding guarantees or warranties, which doesn't stack up well against other competitors that make it a point to mention theirs. View Top Credit Repair Company

The Bottom Line

The fact that the company doesn't provide a money back guarantee, upfront pricing or licensed attorneys is also not encouraging considering the plethora of other services it claims to offer. The few positives of the company pale in comparison to these. The customer would be encouraged to look into other competitors that provide more transparent information before making a purchasing decision. 

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