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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2023

360 Credit Consulting provides customized credit repair services to clients with varying credit repair needs. 

Potential clients are able to receive a free credit analysis before they decide to sign up for the company's credit repair program. 

360 Credit Consulting gives clients dedicated credit specialists to work with and provides clients with helpful online credit resources. The company, however, does not provide much information on its website. 

Those interested in the company's credit repair services are encouraged to take the time to contact 360 Credit Consulting directly.

Read on to learn more about 360 Credit Consulting's services and to see verified customer reviews. 

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The Good

  • Customized Credit Repair Process
  • Affordable Average Monthly Fee
  • Online Credit Education Resources
  • Available Customer Service

Customized Credit Repair Process

360 Credit Consulting offers customized credit repair plans based on clients' varying credit repair needs. The company's process includes a free credit analysis and the development of a customized credit restoration plan.

According to the company's website, the credit analysis is conducted by FICO experts. These experts evaluate clients' credit reports and make sure that they understand their credit reports.

Once clients decide to sign up for 360 Credit Consulting's services and create an account, they will receive a customized credit restoration plan. Each credit repair process is different and may take a different amount of time depending on the clients' credit repair needs. 

According to the credit repair service's website, however, most clients see positive credit score results within the first month or two after they start using the company's services.

Affordable Average Monthly Fee

360 Credit Consulting states on its website that monthly service fees vary by state and plan; however, the company does provide that most account clients pay around $69.99 per month for credit repair services. 

This monthly fee is considerably lower than what many other repair companies in the industry charge for credit repair services.

Online Credit Education Resources

Along with its credit repair service, 360 Credit Consulting also offers helpful online credit education resources that clients with bad credit can take advantage of.

360 Credit Consulting provides clients with websites and phone numbers for all three major credit bureaus, an active blog, credit score and credit rating information, and credit report information. 

Clients can use these resources to check their credit report and score and strengthen their current poor credit situations.

Available Customer Service

With 360 Credit Consulting, clients can obtain one-on-one support from a dedicated credit report specialist. These specialists stay with clients throughout the credit restoration process. 

Along with one-on-one support from credit report specialists, clients can also call the company directly whenever they need additional assistance. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Important Website Information
  • Potential Lack of Legal Assistance

Lack of Important Website Information

Although 360 Credit Consulting does offer some website information about its repair services, potential clients will notice that the credit repair company fails to disclose a significant amount of information on its website regarding the following:

  • Refund policy
  • Signup fees
  • Exact monthly payments
  • Credit repair processes
  • Employee certifications
  • Legal assistance
  • Negative items the team disputes
  • Company history/experience in the industry

Those who wish to learn the above-mentioned information and more must directly contact 360 Credit Consulting.

Potential Lack of Legal Assistance

360 Credit Consulting does not appear to provide any legal assistance for clients' credit situations. Several other companies in the credit repair industry have at least one attorney on staff who is available to provide legal assistance to clients if needed.


The Bottom Line

360 Credit Consulting offers consumers a free credit evaluation along with customizable credit repair action plans. Additionally, the company appears to work with all three major credit bureaus and seems to offer credit repair services at lower monthly prices than many credit repair companies in the industry. 

Along with unique credit repair plans and lower monthly fees, 360 Credit Consulting provides clients who have poor credit habits with helpful online credit resources including an updated credit blog, websites and phone numbers for all three major credit bureaus. 

The credit repair company also provides each client with important credit score and credit report information, and more to help clients learn more about credit management and to help them maintain a good credit score in the future.

360 Credit Consulting, however, does not provide much information on its website regarding any refund/money-back policy, exact monthly payments or setup fees, credit repair process details, etc. The lack of this information and the potential lack of legal assistance may lead consumers elsewhere. 

If you are interested in hiring 360 Credit Consulting to improve your credit, you should contact the company directly to obtain more detailed service information and should read several customer reviews before signing up for the company's service.

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Crcile Gurnee, IL

I am beyond please with “JANE A” she’s the Senior Advisor. Her timely response were greatly appreciated. I was a client of Credit 360, d/t personal reason, i had to cancel my membership. I am a victim of Identity Theft & will be needing to attend a court hearing. This is scary & i have no idea on how to prove myself in the court that the delinquent activities of a credit were mine. I contacted Credit 360, i spoke with Jane & our conversation got disconnected. She left a message. Meanwhile, i called Credit 360 few times & was requesting any documentation that Credit 360 had while attempting to clear my name, few staffs notified me that it will be sent to my email. I did not receive anything. JANE A called me, in few minutes, everything was sent to my email, her timely response is Phenomenal, she even gave me advices on how to deal the situation. She’s an asset to the company, people like her needs to be recognized, she helped & you can rely on her. Hoping that all staffs are like her. She listens to her clients & helped. We need people like her. Once again Jane… thank you so much.

1 year ago

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David Roberts Jacksonville, FL

I honestly read these negative reviews and have no idea how they think this company caused their scores to go down. I can tell you my own personal experience. I had a 550 credit score and needed a 640 to rent a condo through a real estate agency who wouldn't even LOOK at you without at least a 640. I INVESTED in myself, by hiring 360 Credit and saw my score go all the way to 730!!! I was able to rent a condo, from owners who use real estate agencies to manage their rental property. Again, without at least a 640, I had no chance of getting approved. This company, 360 Credit had come highly recommended by a Realtor who referred prospective clients to this company. She wouldn't be doing that if she didn't think they would get results. She can't place people in condos or rental homes, or help prospects buy homes when the prospective renters or buyers had insufficient credit. So the bottom line is this...if you need an AFFORDABLE way to build credit, this is the one for YOU. I didn't and don't regret it at all!

4 years ago

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I have had troubles with my finances for years. Trying to buy a house and kept getting denied for a home loan due to some things going on with my credit. I couldn't understand it all. My friend referred me to Robert at 360 Credir Pros. He was very thorough and went thru my entire credit report for all three bureaus. I was able to understand why I kept getting denied and now we have a game plan to fix my credit and get my dream home.

2 years ago

star star star star star

Andy Williams Rochester, NY

It WORKED!!!! I got my score up and was able to purchase my home! My score went up 75 pts over 8 months.. granted not the 20 pts per month i was promised, but they really walk you through everything. I realized that they will take care of everything from my past, but its my job to keep things better going positive for the future! I'm still enrolled in the program because there are some things still effecting my credit, but when those are off I will be refinancing my home for the better rate!

5 years ago

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William Hanner MO

I have been using 360 for 4 months. My credit score has gained 51 points and FICO 42 points. Great Job 360. Had several questions about my score. Kacee answered them all. Very knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you Kacee

1 year ago

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Samantha Gallaty Reno, NV

From day one credit 360 worked hard to get our credit scores up. It's incredible how fast they accomplished..now we're able to approve for a home loan.. car etc. Thank you all fir your dedicated work..

2 years ago

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5 years ago

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Colleen Mullaly Jacksonville, FL

Jessica is an amazing, professional co sultans. She’s been so great at steering me in the right direction and getting my credit score back on track. Highly recommend!

1 year ago


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L Turner Avon, IN

Credit Repair was fast and easy to use. Representative was able to get my credit score on track. Hopefully I never need to contact them again, but I would not hesitate to ask for help again.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Samarra Miller Hialeah, FL

I did a lot of research and decided on this company. I’m glad I did! Their instructions were clear, and they got back to me quickly! I was impressed with their frequent communications. Must give them a try.

2 years ago

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Brandy Walker Charlotte, NC

Jane a was such a big help in answering all of my questions and helping me understand what I need to do build up my credit.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Kymberlee Yack Orem, UT

my credit hit rock bottom awhile ago after i was just buying a bunch of investments i didn't need. 360 credit consulting was so helpful with getting my credit score to go up

5 years ago

star star star star star

Darren Whitaker Nashville, TN

Working with "CY" was great. Extremely helpful and he did work on my behalf. Thanks again for your help.

2 years ago