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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2023

360 Credit Consulting provides customized credit repair services to clients with varying credit repair needs. 

Potential clients are able to receive a free credit analysis before they decide to sign up for the company's credit repair program. 

360 Credit Consulting gives clients dedicated credit specialists to work with and provides clients with helpful online credit resources. The company, however, does not provide much information on its website. 

Those interested in the company's credit repair services are encouraged to take the time to contact 360 Credit Consulting directly.

Read on to learn more about 360 Credit Consulting's services and to see verified customer reviews. 

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The Good

  • Customized Credit Repair Process
  • Affordable Average Monthly Fee
  • Online Credit Education Resources
  • Available Customer Service

Customized Credit Repair Process

360 Credit Consulting offers customized credit repair plans based on clients' varying credit repair needs. The company's process includes a free credit analysis and the development of a customized credit restoration plan.

According to the company's website, the credit analysis is conducted by FICO experts. These experts evaluate clients' credit reports and make sure that they understand their credit reports.

Once clients decide to sign up for 360 Credit Consulting's services and create an account, they will receive a customized credit restoration plan. Each credit repair process is different and may take a different amount of time depending on the clients' credit repair needs. 

According to the credit repair service's website, however, most clients see positive credit score results within the first month or two after they start using the company's services.

Affordable Average Monthly Fee

360 Credit Consulting states on its website that monthly service fees vary by state and plan; however, the company does provide that most account clients pay around $69.99 per month for credit repair services. 

This monthly fee is considerably lower than what many other repair companies in the industry charge for credit repair services.

Online Credit Education Resources

Along with its credit repair service, 360 Credit Consulting also offers helpful online credit education resources that clients with bad credit can take advantage of.

360 Credit Consulting provides clients with websites and phone numbers for all three major credit bureaus, an active blog, credit score and credit rating information, and credit report information. 

Clients can use these resources to check their credit report and score and strengthen their current poor credit situations.

Available Customer Service

With 360 Credit Consulting, clients can obtain one-on-one support from a dedicated credit report specialist. These specialists stay with clients throughout the credit restoration process. 

Along with one-on-one support from credit report specialists, clients can also call the company directly whenever they need additional assistance. 


The Bad

  • Lack of Important Website Information
  • Potential Lack of Legal Assistance

Lack of Important Website Information

Although 360 Credit Consulting does offer some website information about its repair services, potential clients will notice that the credit repair company fails to disclose a significant amount of information on its website regarding the following:

  • Refund policy
  • Signup fees
  • Exact monthly payments
  • Credit repair processes
  • Employee certifications
  • Legal assistance
  • Negative items the team disputes
  • Company history/experience in the industry

Those who wish to learn the above-mentioned information and more must directly contact 360 Credit Consulting.

Potential Lack of Legal Assistance

360 Credit Consulting does not appear to provide any legal assistance for clients' credit situations. Several other companies in the credit repair industry have at least one attorney on staff who is available to provide legal assistance to clients if needed.


The Bottom Line

360 Credit Consulting offers consumers a free credit evaluation along with customizable credit repair action plans. Additionally, the company appears to work with all three major credit bureaus and seems to offer credit repair services at lower monthly prices than many credit repair companies in the industry. 

Along with unique credit repair plans and lower monthly fees, 360 Credit Consulting provides clients who have poor credit habits with helpful online credit resources including an updated credit blog, websites and phone numbers for all three major credit bureaus. 

The credit repair company also provides each client with important credit score and credit report information, and more to help clients learn more about credit management and to help them maintain a good credit score in the future.

360 Credit Consulting, however, does not provide much information on its website regarding any refund/money-back policy, exact monthly payments or setup fees, credit repair process details, etc. The lack of this information and the potential lack of legal assistance may lead consumers elsewhere. 

If you are interested in hiring 360 Credit Consulting to improve your credit, you should contact the company directly to obtain more detailed service information and should read several customer reviews before signing up for the company's service.

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eric browne

Do not use them, they do not do anything to help your credit and when I have been trying for months to get out they have given me the tuna round to continue to charge me. They are horrible with communication and only care about the customer to continue to pay them. Everything that got repaired I did on my own. I have saved every bit of communication with them as proof.

3 months ago

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Chris Waters Houston, TX

This company is garbage. I worked with them for a year and nothing happened as they promised. On top of that when I canceled online, they still charged me because you have to cancel a whole different thing by calling them. They don’t tell you any of that and expect you to know it in the fine print. They will not work with you either. I have worked with plenty of credit repair companies in the past, and these folks are the worst, hands-down.

6 months ago

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Roxanne Woods-Faria ,

Terrible place rip you off lie don’t do nothing for your credit score after they tell you oh yes will help improve your score so you pay then nothing told me they could get old inquiries off in first 30 days didn’t see anything no improvement on my score so I pay another month nothing again call email text no response from this company so I called bank canceled this scamming company then today get a call I see you want to cancel hello canceled over a month ago what a knowledgeable company I told her I asked about my inquiries not being removed from my score she now informed me there’s no guarantees they will be removed no guarantees I said what did you do for my credit no response I then asked her why wasn’t that told to me when I talked to Erik no response this company is a joke they did absolutely nothing to help my credit score stole my money scammed me there disgusting ripping senior citizens off we’re on fixed incomes tell them we don’t have a lot of money & want a credit to improve please be aware of this awful & dishonest company & their employees

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Chasity Horne Spartanburg, SC

Please make sure you research this company. I started in June with a goal of being ready to be in a house by the following march. Starting off I was optimistic. I was sent links for email to team & generic automated responses but no updates no info. I contacted them numerous times & the only time I got a response was upon threatened to cancel. I always got an immediate response then. I waited which I wish I didnt because I should have pushed a little harder soon because it ended up delaying my process. They only reviewed my credit once initially & never updated it in six months. I received a call today just to follow up on my cancellation & was notified then that I was supposed to have a credit pull & review but it was never done or offered. However Beware of a final payment cancellation fee that was never told to me until I canceled which they say was for work already done in reers. When I paid a start up fee. Even after admitting that my account was not handled correctly a final payment without anything done was still pulled. Please do research and ask lots of questions because this delayed me & my family a lot because I was not made aware & just thought the work was being done.

4 years ago

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Max Burk Aurora, CO

I was told they would handle all the of the disputing and back and forth between the creditors and myself. Almost every dispute was not handled correctly. Then got the sales pitch to pay for the extra online credit assistant tool which I did. However this tool does not offer anything above the free tools online like free credit check. For the money I wasted, I could have written my own disputes and sent certified mail. If there is a legal infraction with the creditors, I will hire an attorney instead. The only time I got any feedback was when my automatic debit didn't go through and they called my phone 5 times a day asking for payment. I was also hoping they would assist me in how to pay down each valid debt which can not be disputed like electric or college loans. The overall service that was advertise vs the service I received were not the same.

4 years ago

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Eurydice Blue Bowling Green, KY

Terrible experience. They will give you no information on your accounts. They cannot tell you anything that they have done to help improve your scores. Every time you ask for an update they say that it will take 30-45 business days for an update. If you call after that 45 days they say the exact same thing. They tell you to purchase credit reports if you want updates and then you can either send it to them or give them access to your credit report monitoring services for them to pull it. I've asked for recommendations on what to do to repair my credit and I was told to pay off my balances in collections. Which I did. They push a credit card company that they are associated with every call. My score has increased, but only from the work that I have put in myself with my creditors. They have not done anything. It is a waste of money. I've called to speak with a supervisor, who is never available or "on vacation" said in context. I have also been hung up on by representatives if I call after 4:30pm because they close at 5, I highly recommend wasting your money elsewhere.

4 years ago

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Breadlym Serrano Sebring, FL

Rating company is a 0, wost experience ever. We've been with this company for 6 month we had our credit drop nothing has been removed but we are still getting charged no communications whats so ever and when I spoke to several representatives theh told me my husband and I had to have a soft pull on our credit report pay a dollar each and then cancel it before 14 days but isn't this the reason we are paying them. So my question to them was okay so is that what you are waiting for so you can work on my husband's and my credit they said yes omg so you guys are charging us for no work we started with a credit of 620 for my husband and my credit was 627 now my husband is 521 and my credit is 519 how is this possible. They also said 2p points per month yeah we sure did drop 20 points per month

4 years ago

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Michael Taylorsville, NC

They lie to you in the very beginning. They over promise you and can't deliver. They tell you that they will average getting you 20 piints a month. THAT IS A LIE. 2 MONTHS IN AND THEY HAVE GOTTEN ME NOTHING BUT A HEADACHE. ZERO POINTS. You can't even get them to call you back or email you unless its time to make a payment, then you can't get them to shut up. I recommend you to do ANYTHING but use this company. They also do not tell you but if they dispute an item on your credit report and the bureau finds it to be your real debt, then that creditor can and will turn around and actually re-report that item again and cause your scores to drop again. THEY ARE A SCAM. RUN FROM THEM. YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND WILL HURT YOUR CREDIT MORE THEN WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE TO LEFT IT ALONE. ALSO THEY BILL IN AREERS, SO NO MATTER WHAT OR WHEN YOU FINALLY CALL THEM OUT ON THERE B.S, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A FINAL BILL THAT THEY ARE GOING TO BLEED YOU FOR.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Sherry Rector Taylorsville, NC

If it were an option I would give 0 stars. Because 360 Credit Consulting is nothing but a huge SCAM! And LIARS! My husband is using them, and they havent done anything but cause trouble with his credit, since almost day1. This sorry company has costed my husband to lose points on his score and it seems like everytime they claim to try to have something removed from his credit, it seems like it just turns around and vet re reported to his credit. They argue with me and my husband both stating that they are doing their job on his credit, when in reality they aint. They are crappy... they habe caused my husbands credit score to go down, not up. And yet they promise an average of 20 points a month, hahaha. Thats funny, bc it sure hasnt happened, the little 4 points they did him, disappeared and still yet those points went away and many more points to go with it all because of their horrible points. I recommend any other credit repair company not this one. This one isnt even on the list for good companies but on the bad list. Wish we would have seen that first. No more payments for them though.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Unhappy Ferndale, WA

Well we had them for a month my husband only and were not in a financial position for it but after a month we not only got letters from lawyers saying we had to pay up or be garnished but got 2 and they garnished my husbands wages!! We had to quit the service after a few months because we couldn’t afford it after having 25% of my husbands checks being garnished and another wanted it paid in full within a month. Not at all happy since we could have done a better job and saved some money. Now our credit is worse and we still need to find a company who can help get the negatives off our report. I don’t recommend them! They told us in 6 months we’d be Good since there wasn’t much that we needed to fix just old stuff that was no longer relevant. They never told us of our credit was better or worse just said get a report yourself. They had no problem calling either to ask for more money after we quit! I’d give them no stars if it were an option!!

6 years ago

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Rodney Harper Matteson, IL

I paid over $200 per month for my wife and I for 6 months. And when I called to ask why our score isn't changing, I was told that they did all that they could do and that I should have stopped paying 3 months ago. The staff was actually pointing fingers at each other and offered 3 additional months of free service. What can they do in 3 months for free that couldn't be done in 6 months for over $1200? Definitely a terrible experience. These guys are a nightmare

2 years ago

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coe turner Springdale, AR

Do not use. Paid for 6 months to do simple repairs and they could not get a single item removed out of over 20. They actually told me its a guessing game that they just hope there is a mistake in the paperwork when it was filed that they can use to get a removal. I checked with some of the orgs they supposedly got in touch with and they had nothing in their records of them ever reaching out. Horrible waste of money, please do not use and lose your money as well.

3 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Maria Larancuent Hilliard, OH

1 star because I cant give you a 0, this is the WORST company Ive ever dealt with, professional scammers! You cancel and they continue to charge, they “remove credit accounts” and all the accounts come right back!

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Yasser girgis Ventura, CA

I have been with them for around 3 months, and I don’t see any changes or any effort from them to help my credit, it’s bad decision to use this service.

4 years ago