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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

WisePiggy was founded in 1999 and is an online personal finance company based in San Mateo, California. The company offers a quick and easy way to monitor how your money is working for you. The company also provides a secure method of financial monitoring, including a free credit score and a custom action plan to help you improve that score and find bigger savings opportunities.

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The Good

  • Free service with no credit card required
  • Free credit report assessment
  • WisePiggy comparison tool

Free Service With No Credit Card Required

WisePiggy will provide you with your TransUnion credit score for free when you sign up for its services. Further, the company doesn't require you to provide a credit card in order to do so.

Free Credit Report Assessment

WisePiggy offers a free credit report assessment that will show you different ways to help better your credit score. The better your score, the better your rates and rewards will be. Therefore, this is an extremely valuable service that the company gives you for free.

WisePiggy Comparison Tool

Even if you don't open an account with WisePiggy, the company will still allow you to use its comparison tool to find special offers for car insurance, loans, credit cards, savings accounts, and more. This tool is very easy to use and will save you loads of time scouring the internet for this information.

The Bad

  • No phone number or live chat service provided
  • Only one credit bureau report available
  • Identity theft protection coverage undisclosed
  • Credit updates every 30 days

No Phone Number or Live Chat Service Provided

Credit and financial dealings can be confusing and sometimes it just helps to be able to talk with someone. However, WisePiggy's website doesn't provide a phone number or offer any type of live chat service that would allow someone to contact them directly. This could be frustrating for those who need a little more direction than the website provides. The only way to reach WisePiggy is through the contact link on the Contact Us page of the company's website.

Only One Credit Bureau Report Available

While the majority of the credit monitoring services provide credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies, WisePiggy does not. Therefore, if you want to get a true picture of the health of your credit and to make sure there are no errors being reported on any of your credit bureau reports, you will have to find another credit monitoring service because WisePiggy only provides a credit report from one credit bureau (TransUnion).

Identity Theft Protection Coverage Undisclosed

Many credit monitoring companies offer some type of identity theft protection. While that protection is usually somewhat limited, it's better than nothing. However, it doesn't appear that WisePiggy offers any kind of identity theft protection services, leaving its customers more vulnerable to fraud.

Credit Updates Every 30 Days

WisePiggy states that it pulls your credit every 30 days and updates you as to whether your credit score has gone up or down. Each credit monitoring company varies when it comes to how often they pull your credit. However, 30 days is a relatively long frequency, as many companies will pull your credit on a daily or weekly basis.

The Bottom Line

WisePiggy is an online personal finance website that offers benefits that some consumers will find helpful. The company's services are completely free and no credit card is required. Additionally, WisePiggy offers a free credit report assessment to help you make corrections and adjustments to improve your credit score and a comparison tool available to all that will help find discounts and special offers on a variety of financial services.

Unfortunately, WisePiggy doesn't give its customers any way to contact it other than through email, meaning that the company does not provide a phone number or a live chat service. Additionally, the company only uses one credit bureau for its reporting. Therefore, you won't get a complete picture of your credit because you won't be able to see what's happening with your score from the other two credit bureaus. Further, WisePiggy doesn't appear to offer any type of identity theft protection and only pulls your credit every 30 days, during which time a lot could change with your credit. All in all, it appears that WisePiggy is a reputable company. Although its services are free, what you get is very limited. We always recommend you perform your own due diligence before deciding which credit monitoring company is right for you and your particular situation.

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