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Claim this Profile offers a unique Smart Credit Report that provides users with more insight than a normal credit report, along with the ability to directly contact lenders through its service to quickly negotiate better terms, lower interest rates, higher credit limits, and the like.

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The Good

  • Integrated personal finance tools
  • Smart Credit Report
  • Action buttons
  • Unlimited credit report refreshes
  • Mobile app offered

Integrated Personal Finance Tools

A big part of what makes more unique than a standard credit monitoring service is that it provides its customers with personal finance tools alongside their credit. Similar to Mint, can link to all of your banks, lenders, brokerage accounts, and so forth. Once these accounts are linked, begins pulling all of your transactions, purchases, and payments each day. This lets you see all of your spending in one place and even includes handy reports and charts to help you see where all your money went, as well as net worth calculations and the like.

Smart Credit Report's major selling point is its patented Smart Credit Report, which is basically a new way of displaying information found in a traditional credit report alongside money management features. For example, if you're browsing your credit report and see one of your credit cards has a higher balance than you remember, you can click a button and quickly see all of the recent transactions on that card. This provides users with a really cool way of being able to see how their individual daily decisions contribute and form the numbers on their credit reports. If your credit score is hurting because you're carrying a high balance on one of your cards, you can quickly dive in and see what you can cut from your spending to bring that balance down and improve your score.

Action Buttons

While browsing the Smart Credit Report, users are presented with a giant orange button for each account that reads Take Action. Clicking on it will take customers to a window where they can take many actions, for example:

  • Request an increased credit limit
  • Inquire about a particular transaction
  • Request a lower interest rate
  • Ask for a derogatory mark to be removed
  • Negotiate to settle or defer payments

These are all things that can typically be done over the phone or at each lender/bank's website, but being able to do all of them from one central location is pretty impressive and is a definite time-saving tool. What's more, they even allow users to dispute individual credit card charges that they don't recognize. makes it very easy and simple to negotiate with lenders and correct inaccuracies on one's credit report. We haven't seen this kind of functionality on any other service we've reviewed thus far.

Unlimited Credit Report Refreshes has not placed a limit on how often customers can refresh their credit report, which means that customers can access their score in real time instead of having to wait until the end of the week, month, or year to view their current score.

Mobile App Offered earns marks for providing a mobile app for its service. We downloaded it and found that it provided most of the functionality of the full website by allowing users to access their full Smart Credit Report, score, money management features, and the like.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed scoring model
  • Mobile app issues
  • Security concerns

Undisclosed Scoring Model

It is unclear which scoring model utilizes to provide its customers with credit scores. For example, most companies in the industry use either the FICO or VantageScore model, but this company has not disclosed the model that it uses.

Mobile App Issues

Although we applaud for even providing a mobile app, the app itself feels somewhat clunky and dated. The information is poorly laid out, the interface isn't intuitive, and many portions of the app just feel like a mobile version of the website. Long load times when accessing parts of the app add to the frustration.

Security Concerns

Although there have been no reported data breaches or privacy complaints, one must always be wary about handing over so much personal information to one website. Because it does more than monitor your credit, has access to banking information and other sensitive data that makes it an especially big target to hackers. We noted that the company's website is certified as secure by Norton, McAfee, and others, but we encourage users to carefully consider whether or not they're comfortable with placing all their financial eggs in one basket.

The Bottom Line brings a unique blend of personal financial tools and credit monitoring to the industry. Our review team was impressed by the functionality of the Smart Credit Report and its action buttons; we applaud the company for innovating and thinking outside the box. It's an intelligent strategy and the sort of thing we like to see more of in this space.

That being said, we have some reservations in recommending for those looking solely to monitor their credit. Once you strip away the impressive features, gadgets, and polish, does not offer anywhere close to the same level credit monitoring functionality as many of its competitors. Further, it is unclear which scoring model the company uses.

Ultimately, we feel that SmartCredit could be a good option if you expect to make heavy use of its action buttons to dispute inaccuracies, negotiate better terms, and streamline communication with your lenders, otherwise, our review team feels that users could find a better value elsewhere.

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Shannon R Landreth

November 27th, 2017 Brandon, MS

If i could give negative stars of this "credit monitoring" company I would. This is the most ridiculous company I have ever dealt with. I visited their website on 11/18 and have been trying to cancel my membership since 11/20 due to the holiday I was unable to accomplish this (I called and emailed -BTW you CANNOT go to their website and "select cancel memembership) Once I finally got ahold of the company the dude that answered the phone argued with me about me actually trying to cancel, lectured me about how I need to keep the membership and check my information frequently...thank you Credit Karma I do this with ease with you and if I would like I can go through the same thing in December because he will give me a free month...BUT I need to call back and try to cancel this again. No thank you just give me my refund and cancel this dang thing. I honestly have not ever been argued with in the way I just was, I said that both times I have called i was on hold for over 5 minutes and was told "hmmm that is strange because just now it was ONLY 4 minutes and 18 seconds." Um actually JERK it was 5 minutes 28 seconds...I am timing you on my cell phone without even having to push a timer...WOW way to talk a customer into staying and keeping your service...Beware of this one, this guy had me seeing red!



david morgan

September 3rd, 2014 Wexford, PA

I was to get a free week then when I tried to cancel I was told I would get 30 days free. I tried to cancel 3 days later and all I get is a phone loop.




June 2nd, 2014 Houston, TX

Terrible customer service. I did not know which option I was signing up for as it doesn't give you the choice. Tried contacting customer service to resolve the issue. 20 minutes on hold. Tried to cancel my membership online and I was forced to call back as they would not cancel it. Never again.




December 9th, 2013 Chicago, IL

probably THE worst customer service I have ever received. When I called to cancel my recurring monthly payments (and was told they would cancel any future payments) no change was actually made to the account. When checking my credit card statement I noticed they had continued to bill me the next 2 months. I called back to request a refund, (since they did NOT in fact cancel my payments as they told me they would) but they would not issue a refund as they somehow had no record of my call. I was very disappointed with the rude way I was spoken to on the phone and also with the company's refusal to discuss the matter in a civilized way.



Jinny S.

October 11th, 2012 Lehi, UT

Still in the trial, but I like what I see! Totally simple to see where your credit is at, and easy to contact each creditor! Best news is, it's higher than I thought. :)



Chet S

October 1st, 2012 Lehi, UT

Just signed up after the trial. Worth it's weight. Signing up my son too.



Brent Howzer

September 9th, 2012 Lehi, UT

I'm not sure what other credit report sites let you contact your creditor directly, but I think thats the best feature. I've used it many times, and was able to make many corrections to my credit report because of it. Nothing major, but some wrong info can sink you like a stone!