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myFICO refreshes credit scores and reports monthly

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myFICO is one of the only companies in this space that provides users with comprehensive triple-bureau credit monitoring and the same industry-standard FICO credit scores that lenders actually use, in addition to top-tier educational materials and tools. Although at $19.95 to 29.95 per month, it is slightly more expensive than some competitors, its service has had few, if any, major complaints or scandals over the years and its reputation is quite strong.

The Good

  • Reputation
  • Access to true FICO credit scores
  • Triple-bureau reports
  • Credit monitoring
  • Resources
  • Mobile app
  • Identity theft protection
  • Credit score simulator
  • Community
  • Security
  • Easy-to-use interface


Before we go any further, let's talk about trust. The credit monitoring industry has a reputation for being full of shady, fly-by-night operations and scams. myFICO is about as far from shady as you can get. It has far fewer complaints than any other company we've reviewed, has been around a while, and is completely transparent in how it operates.

Although myFICO itself has been operating since 2001, it's important (if not unsurprising) to note that it's currently owned by FICO (formerly known as Fair Isaac Corporation), which is a publicly-traded company that's been in business since 1956 and introduced the original FICO score back in 1989.

The company has a long, consistent track record that is clean of any major scandals or privacy breaches.

Access to True FICO Credit Scores

myFICO, unsurprisingly, gives customers access to their FICO scores. This is a critical distinction, as FICO is the industry standard credit score that is used by the overwhelming majority of lenders in their consumer credit decisions.

The particular scores provided by myFICO include FICO 8 as well as other versions of the FICO score which are still commonly used by lenders to determine creditworthiness in specific industries like mortgage lending, credit card approvals, and auto loans. At the time of writing, a standard triple-bureau report from myFICO includes 19 different FICO scores, along with an explanation of who uses which score and what you can do to increase it.

No other company offers such a comprehensive look at so many credit scores used in so many different industries.

Triple-Bureau Reports

myFICO offers access to credit reports from all three credit bureaus and provides standard credit monitoring on each of those reports with its Ultimate 3B subscription service. In addition to the reports, the company provides specific feedback and advice on how to increase your score based on where you're currently at, including access to a credit score simulator to help you determine your next move.

Credit Monitoring

In addition to providing ongoing access to one's credit reports, myFICO also provides daily credit monitoring across all three credit bureaus. Basically, each day, myFICO will alert users of any major changes to their credit reports. These alerts arrive by text, email, or through the company's mobile app (if it's installed on the client's phone).

myFICO will alert users if any of the following critical changes occur on any of their reports:

  • Newly opened credit account
  • New inquiries
  • Change in public records or address
  • New addresses
  • Newly listed collections accounts
  • Balance changes

The company also provide additional alerts on other activities, depending on the bureau. These alerts are fully configurable in a convenient, easy-to-use dashboard.


As the inventors of the modern-day credit scoring formula that lenders actually use, no other company in the industry can currently speak with as much authority as myFICO on how credit scoring actually works. They provide a comprehensive library of specific, well-written, and most importantly, up-to-date educational articles and content tailored to newcomers and experienced credit aficionados alike.

Mobile App

myFICO offers a well-designed mobile app for both Apple and Android devices. It's a bit more robust than some of the apps we've seen in that it provides full access to the entire credit report, credit score history, credit score simulator and, as far as we can tell, all of the same functionality as the website. It's intuitive, easy to use, and provides an effective way to get mobile alerts if you prefer to limit the number of texts or emails you receive.

Identity Theft Protection

As part of its Ultimate 3B subscription, myFICO regularly scans the internet, black market sites, and other databases for illicit use of a customer's personal information that might not be included on a credit report, including email addresses, phone numbers, driver's license numbers, passport numbers, up to 10 credit card numbers, up to five bank accounts, medical ID numbers, and so forth.

Whenever personal information is discovered, an alert is sent immediately via email, SMS, or through the app (if installed).

Additionally, myFICO provides identity restoration services, $1 million in identity theft insurance and lost wallet protection. Although our review team doesn't necessarily find that identity monitoring is a critical part of credit report monitoring, it is still a useful feature that some customers will find appealing.

Credit Score Simulator

myFICO provides the most accurate score simulator in the industry, allowing users to experiment and see the potential credit impact of different hypothetical decisions, from paying off half their credit card debt to taking out a car loan. Because the projected scores are based on the actual FICO scoring formula, myFICO's simulator is, pound-for-pound, more accurate, and, therefore, more useful, than those offered for free by other companies such as CreditKarma.


The myFICO forums have, for years, been one of the most active communities and best resources for those seeking to answers to specific questions as they learn more about their credit reports and scores. For example, while writing this review on a Friday morning, there were over 200 people logged in and posting to the forums, with another 1,400 guests browsing the posts. A fairly high level of activity for a message board geared solely towards personal credit reports.


myFICO has zero known data or privacy breaches, standing in stark contrast to much of the rest of the industry. Although its terms and conditions permit it to market third-party products to you, the company opts its users out by default and one must specifically opt-in to have their information shared.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Both the website and the mobile app provided by myFICO deserve high marks for being both easy to use and navigate, making it easy to dive into as much or as little detail in one's credit report as desired. The core product is ad-free and features a clean interface.

The Bad

  • Monthly refresh rate
  • Purchased reports expire after 30 days
  • Pricing
  • Cancellation

Monthly Refresh Rate

Although customers can always purchase their reports à la carte to get the most updated credit report, myFICO's Ultimate 3B credit monitoring service only refreshes these credit reports monthly. This is less often than we like to see in this industry when other companies are able to provide weekly or even daily updates. That said, like most companies, myFICO does monitor all three credit reports and alert you of changes. Unlike most companies, myFICO also provides users with an updated FICO score for each report whenever a change is detected, which is quite valuable.

Purchased Reports Expire After 30 Days

Purchasing a one-time single-bureau or triple-bureau credit report through myFICO does not guarantee lifetime access to that report. In fact, reports expire after 30 days. Unless the user has either saved it to their hard drive or printed it, they will lose access to their report after that timeframe.


Although its security, scores, and features are impressive, myFICO's monthly cost is slightly higher than some of its competitors, such as Experian, CreditKarma, and Credit Sesame.


In order to cancel myFICO credit monitoring services, customers are required to call in by phone. Although this is fairly standard in the industry, many consumers would prefer to cancel online rather than over the phone.

The Bottom Line

Although slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, our review team still recommends myFICO as a reputable company that provides the most comprehensive, accurate, and useful insights into one's credit health currently available. Because the company offers a full range of accurate credit scores, apps, tools, educational resources, reputation, security, and community, it is a fantastic choice for both newcomers and credit veterans alike.


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User Reviews

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Fred Green
September 7th, 2018 Berkeley, CA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

The assumption upon which FICO scores are based is ridiculous. It assumes the only reason for using credit cards is lack of cash. It ignores the rationale of accumulating frequent flier miles and other perks. It also ignores the fact that we are moving toward a cashless society. I have only 4 active credit cards and I pay them in full each month, yet they penalize me. The FICO score is a joke based on false assumptions

Elizabeth Wall-O'Brien
June 28th, 2018 New York, NY DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Beware of the "options". You may think you are ordering a one-time score report and then find that you are getting charged monthly for monthly reports you don't need or want. When this happened to me I called the 800 number and was told that while my "membership" could be canceled, I would not be able to get previously charged somes refunded. I spoke to three different people to no avail. This a popular business model that is successful when people do not pay close attention to the automatic deductions on their bank accounts. The people I spoke with were friendly but insisted that they could not possibly offer any refund so I am obligated to warn the public. You will be told that the terms are clear, that the choices are clear and that there is "nothing they can do" . Baloney. Buyer Beware.

Trevor Woller
April 30th, 2018 Beaverton, OR

The credit scores myFICO provides me are never the same as what the credit companies (TransUnion, Experian) provide. So I don't trust their product.

Trent Palmer
April 10th, 2018 Provo, UT DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Fico is great. I love that the score is for free through my wells fargo account and I can easily access it and see the factors that contribute to my score.

Bobbie Riddles
February 12th, 2018 Ardmore, OK DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

I tried to cancel my subscription and they still billed me!

Ever Espana
January 19th, 2018 Hollywood, FL DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

While I agree it's probably the best service for getting your 3 credit scores. Their cancellation process is Horrendous if you are on the monthly plan. You have to call and they only work on PST time. So if you can only call them to cancel in the AM EST time your screwed. I called like 3 times cancel and they were closed, then I called on the day of the charge and they refused to refund. I've used them in the past, but never again. You can't refund someone on the day of the charge is ridiculous this day and age.

November 27th, 2017 Huntington Beach, CA DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

Very scandalous company with the worst customer service I've ever seen. We cancelled our service, and were still charged. After calling they refused to refund the charge forcing me to go through my credit card company to handle it. Beware, very difficult to cancel.

william fitzgerald
October 17th, 2017

way too many email notices on balance changes. I asked to have the emails stop and they said they can only stop Experian notices. I run a small business and cant take the time to keep checking my email for balance alerts. stupid set up. I cancel my plan.

October 5th, 2017

Company is nothing but a scam. Soon as they get your payment information be prepared to get bombarded with false charges.

August 2nd, 2017

Predatory company with terrible customer service. I bought one month and was charged for three. Customer service reps say it is impossible to reverse payments. It is also impossible to cancel your membership online.

Mary Newson
June 30th, 2017 CA

I found them to be an untrustworthy company. I wanted to pay for a one-time release of my FICO score and one credit report. It automatically signs you up for a monthly subscription of $30 / mo. I was not allowed to get my FICO score, because I needed to verify credit information, which was incorrect. The address they had on file for me was also incorrect. This led me to believe that any information they had for my credit history was not entirely correct.

Amber Cramer
April 19th, 2017

I've been paying $30 a month to to monitor my score prior to applying for a mortgage. At first o thought myfico was great, much better then the free app that Credit Karma has. I thought it was great that myfico would send me alerts every few days claiming my transuniin or equifax or experien score "just increased today by 48 points, 3 points, 16 points etc. So I got all excited thinking my score has GOT to be good enough now! So then I had my lender pull my score and I was strongly dissapointed as it was off by 72 points for experien, 47 points for Equifax and 79 points for transunion. Very misleading and I paid a lot of money each month for this innacurate data from myfico. Also, was surprised because over the last 12 months I paid off 70% of my debt and cleared up some late payments and then waited 2 months for my lender to pull my scores thinking it would be enough time for all that positive action I took to reflect on my true score and still, it wasn't even close to being accurate. Had I known this before I would not have had my lender pull my scores just yet as I would've waited another 6 months to a year as I continued to let the score grow. Extremely disappointed!

Sam P.
April 17th, 2017 Park City, UT

What a pathetic company. Total ripoff!!!!! Credit monitoring is not taking place. Had multiple changes to accounts and balances none of which MyFICO reported or alerted me to. Even though I had signed up for the top of the line product I had no credit score updates since my initial signup date months ago. Called customer service to see why this was happening and got nothing but excuses. Attempted to cancel my account on line only to find that it must be canceled with a CSR. Multiple calls and company STILL has not canceled my account. Having to dispute charges with CC company. Only way to stop these leeches is to cancel my CC and have a new card issued.

January 26th, 2017 Cincinnati, OH

My wife and I have had ScoreWatch and Quarterly Monitoring for several years. Then 6 months ago billing issues arose as the MyFico billing system would not retain my payment card information for automatic payments even when their people would manually enter and save. Confirmed with my bank the problem was on the MyFico end. I was promised every month by MyFico that problem was resolved. Spoke with supervisors and managers who promised they would get with technical support and would personally track issue. Then it got worse in that I could not even enter payment card information or pay our accounts online. Had to call every month to make payment by phone. Then last month MyFico said their system had inadvertently cancelled my Quarterly Monitoring and they could not refresh it, but did offer me a replacement product at a much higher cost. Finally fed up with their incompetence we cancelled all subscriptions. Even though I initially chose this company because of their products, I would not recommend this company.

Bob Tackleberry
January 16th, 2017

I have been very pleased with the product. I am waiting for Fico 3B premiere for $ 10 more per month which will allow you to get monthly reports instead of quarterly.

Alex Tayurskiy
January 5th, 2017 Secaucus, NJ

I called myFico to cancel my subscription on the day it should be renewed, and was told that cancellation will only be processed one month from now. So I got stocked with a useless subscription I don't want for another month. For the monthly fee they charge ($32) one can have credit report from all 3 agencies every month. They only renew it on quarterly bases.

December 20th, 2016

Did nothing of value for me. Tried canceling multiple times but hours are not user friendly and answering system would say not in business hours when it was. When final able to cancel they still tried to bill for the next month.

Amie Loretz
September 8th, 2016 Hickory, NC

I love myfico and how it keeps me updated almost daily on credit card balances, utilization percentages, and balance decreases. The absolute best company.

Cory Williams
August 28th, 2016 Orange Park, FL

I use MyFico to keep me in the know of how good or bad my scores are. I've been working on my credit since the beginning or 2016, my scores were REALLY BAD! As I made better credit decisions my scores were going up. I am enrolled in MyFico 3B Premier Plan, ALL 3 scores update monthly AND I get a new credit report monthly. MyFico alerts me real-time (anywhere from 1 hour to 1 day) of changes/updates to my credit report. MyFico show you different versions of your Fico score based on what you're trying to get credit in. Of all the versions that you can look at, I was concerned with the one for home purchase. My scores 2 days ago updated to 683-Equifax, 649-TransUnion and 659 Experian. I felt pretty good that my scores when the lender run it, would be at/over the 620 that I needed to get approval. So, I called the lender and said, "run my credit now". The lender told me a few moments later that my scores were where I needed and that I got my approval! I asked them to give me the scores that they had just gotten and they were all DEAD ON to the digit with what MyFico had just updated to BEFORE I called them! For me, the proof is in the pudding and I will continue to use MyFico so that I know my credit standing.

Ben L.
March 18th, 2014 Pleasant Grove, UT

I think the ScoreWatch product is a great tool. Most people don't know how to get the most out of this product because they don't go in and change the settings for the next FICO score change. Because of this, I think most do not appreciate that value of this product. It might be advantageous to myFICO to educate individuals to the necessity of changing the settings after each ScoreWatch alert. The myFICO forums are amazing and it's because of this forum through a google search that I was able to improve my FICO score and credit profile so quickly through educating myself with the knowledge provided here. I am concerned that with the advent of credit providers giving the different FICO scores out as a means to offering a better product or to cut cost by offering the score for a change to paperless statements that myFICO will have to figure out how to be more educational for a fee. Granted, I am hungry for the information provided here but most of the general public is not as willing to "put in the time" to be educated and are satisfied with just getting a score monthly. Consequently, I think that if it is feasibly possible.. the products should possibly be provided for a lesser price. I currently get the ScoreWatch for $9.95 a month. Most are charged the $14.95 charge. I was able to get a FAKO score service with educational tools for $7.95 a month before I found this site. I did not know that the score was not a score that most lenders use. I was content with this until I came here.