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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021

IdentityForce has been in business longer than any other identity protection company. Although it is mostly known for identity theft protection, this review evaluates the company's comprehensive credit reporting and monitoring service.

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The Good

  • Triple-bureau reporting
  • Credit score simulator
  • Identity protection
  • Daily refresh rate

Triple-Bureau Reporting

With its top-level UltraSecure+Credit plan, IdentityForce pulls credit reports from all three of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), allowing customers to get a thorough look at everything going on with their credit at each agency. Each report is accompanied by a TransRisk credit score for educational purposes.

Credit Score Simulator

IdentityForce offers a credit score simulator, which is a great feature for any credit monitoring and reporting service to provide because it lets users evaluate the impact of different financial decisions on their TransRisk score. Interactive features such as this allow clients to "test" different decisions before committing to them in the real world, and we applaud IdentityForce for including this feature in its service.

Identity Protection

IdentityForce provides users with a fairly comprehensive suite of tools for protecting their identity that may be of value to at-risk customers looking to protect themselves from fraud in addition to tracking their credit reports and overall credit health.

Daily Refresh Rate

IdentityForce refreshes credit reports and scores on a daily basis, giving customers the opportunity to view their credit information in real time.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Undisclosed scoring model
  • No mobile app
  • Cancellation


IdentityForce charges $23.95 per month for its services. This price is relatively high when compared to those offered by other top credit monitoring companies.

Undisclosed Scoring Model

Unfortunately, IdentityForce has not disclosed which scoring model it uses to report its customers' credit scores. Most lenders use the FICO model to determine creditworthiness, so it makes sense that consumers would want their credit monitoring company to use that model as well. However, many other companies in the industry use the VantageScore model, which can result in customers believing they have a different credit score than the one that potential lenders will actually see.

No Mobile App

The absence of a mobile app is a notable point for a company that has been in business as long as IdentityForce. On-the-go access to credit monitoring is considered to be essential in this day and age, so the lack thereof can be frustrating.


IdentityForce does not offer partial refunds and requires members to call into its member services department to either cancel their service or change their billing method. Although this is an annoyance, it's also problematic because the company's phone lines are only open during business hours.

The Bottom Line

IdentityForce might make sense for consumers who are mostly interested in protecting themselves from identity theft with a secondary interest in monitoring and improving their credit reports and scores. However, those seeking for robust credit monitoring services in particular may have better luck with a different company.

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Melissa L. Framingham, MA

I have read many articles about increased identity theft and credit card fraud around the holiday season. I started researching identity protection companies and found multiple companies whose coverage seemed similar. I chose IdentityForce because they provide online and offline protection as well as let me access my credit reports and scores quarterly. I do most of my holiday shopping online and feel much more comfortable knowing that my credit card and password information cant be captured and reused. I can actually see what I type being scrambled, makes me feel more secure when shopping online!

10 years ago

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Brian P Cumming, GA

I was not sure about signing up at first but know it is important to protect my identity. After I activated my account I was amazed how easy it was to set-up and protect myself. I also noticed that it protects more than just the normal identity stuff like credit cards #'s etc. It also gave me the ability to remove personal information about me off the web that anyone had access to. Would defiantly recommend this product to family and friends!

10 years ago

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Alissa Saint Paul, MN

Very poor customer service. My account was open for maybe two hours before I closed it. On and off hold for twenty minutes with a rather rude employee. Frustrated, I asked for my account to be deleted. The next day I see I was charged on my bank statement. I contacted them via Live Chat and just happened to chat with the manager from the person I talked to the day before. Was basically told I was wrong and he was only trying to help and they had never charged me so it was my bank's fault. No apologies for what I perceived as a rude person, no understanding of my frustration, just more rudeness and being told that it wasn't rudeness. I recommend people choose a different source of identity protection.

8 years ago

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Published 100 minutes ago Updated 19 minutes ago ~ Verified order Completely TERRIBLE service !!! Emailed questions to support on first day, took over 4 DAYS to get a reply !Offered a 30 day free trial, $199.50 annually thereafter. NO 30 day free trial as they bill you the entire amount immediately. Called customer service to question this and have been on hold for almost 4 HOURS !!! Then they simply disconnected the call !!!! NO OPTION TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP ONLINE !! and if you don't get through within the "free trial period" THEY DO NOT REFUND ANYTHING

6 years ago