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LAST UPDATED: March 9th, 2021

ExtraCredit is a new product provided by Credit.com, a well-known financial products and services company that strives to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. 

Unlike other services, ExtraCredit is a comprehensive credit solution that is designed to fulfill the majority of consumers’ credit needs from credit monitoring and credit repair to identity theft. 
ExtraCredit offers the following five features: 

  • buildit — a credit profile-building feature
  • guardit — an identity theft protection feature
  • restoreit — a discount for credit repair feature 
  • rewardit — a rewards system feature
  • trackit — a credit monitoring feature

Included with the features listed above, ExtraCredit offers proactive identity theft alerts, cash rewards, exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair, tri-bureau credit reports, and more. 
Overall, ExtraCredit is designed to take care of consumers’ credit and identity theft needs in one affordable package. 
Read on to learn more about Credit.com’s ExtraCredit product.

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The Good

  • Free Trial Service
  • Affordable Services
  • Rewards Feature
  • Reputable Company 

Free Trial Service

Interested consumers can try out ExtraCredit's service for free for one month. In comparison to what other companies in the industry offer, ExtraCredit appears to provide one of the longest free trials. 

Consumers must fill out the company's online information forms in order to sign up for its one-month-long free trial service. 

Affordable Services

ExtraCredit costs $24.99 per month and includes a variety of services from identity theft alerts to an exclusive discount to one of the leaders in credit repair. 
This monthly fee for ExtraCredit’s services is significantly lower than what many companies charge for just one service. 
The product’s five features include the buildit feature, the guardit feature, the restoreit feature, the rewardit feature, and the trackit feature. Below is a breakdown of what each feature offers:

  • buildit — This feature helps consumers get acknowledgment for every bill they pay on time including recurring bills like rent, phone bills, and utilities. 
  • guardit — This feature involves dark web monitoring, up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, and real-time alerts. 
  • restoreit — This feature provides consumers with a discount to CreditRepair.com, or, if not available in your area, another leading credit repair service provider.
  • rewardit — This feature is designed to help users earn real cash rewards.
  • trackit — This feature gives users access to 28 of their FICO scores as well as credit reports from all three major credit bureaus. Additionally, this feature provides users with credit monitoring services, in-depth credit breakdown, and alerts.

Rewards Feature

ExtraCredit offers a rewards feature that involves real cash awards, as well as a signup bonus. 
These rewards are designed to celebrate users’ financial milestones. According to the company’s website, users can get these rewards when they “are approved for select credit cards and loans through ExtraCredit.”

Reputable Company 

ExtraCredit is the first paid product that is offered by Credit.com, a company with a fairly well-known reputation within the financial services industry. 
Credit.com provides consumers with a significant amount of helpful financial information regarding personal finance, credit cards, loans, and more. 
Additionally, the company provides several free resources on its website and provides a free account service that lets consumers check their credit, review their credit profiles, and have access to a personalized dashboard.


The Bad

  • Limited Plan Options

Limited Plan Customization

The ExtraCredit product does not appear to be that customizable in terms of features. 
Consumers that want additional identity theft protection or different credit solutions may not be able to receive those with this product. 
That said, ExtraCredit offers quite a bit in terms of features at an affordable monthly price, which may satisfy most users.


The Bottom Line

ExtraCredit, a new product offered by Credit.com, is designed to be a one-stop shop for consumers’ credit needs. 
The product offers five features that range from credit profile-building services to discounted credit repair with a reputable credit repair service and identity theft protection. 
Although ExtraCredit does not seem to offer much plan customization, the product is one of the most affordable services in the credit solutions market. In fact, the product itself, which includes up to $1 million in identity theft insurance, rewards, and more, costs only $24.99 per month. Consumers can also try out the company's services for one month for free. 
Additionally, ExtraCredit offers users a signup bonus and cash rewards in celebration of their financial milestones. 
ExtraCredit also gives users the ability to access 28 of their FICO scores, which is rare to see in the credit monitoring industry. 
If you are interested in Credit.com’s ExtraCredit product, we recommend that you visit the company’s website to learn more.

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jakki Jones Renton, WA

I've long been involved in credit monitoring services and understate to date Vantage score are not used. Although I have subscriptions to several of these free sites that offer Vantage scores I find the activity on ones account is valuable. But I have My FICO and Experian subscriptions and thought I'd give Extra Credit a try considering the few dollars less than my myFICO subscription. Based on where I am in my credit journey I was okay with paying for this additional service to help those I help with with credit improvement. Off cycle from myFico. But considering the issues I've had since I signed up and I have been paying full price and when I questioned the issues I had for the 3 months I was signed up, somehow my subscription was cancelled without me cancelling. Considering the limited information provided with the Extra Credit service (only scores and nothing education nor the print options serves any purpose), it reminds me you get what you pay for. I'd rather spend the few extra dollars with myFICO to get reason codes and all the additional information provided other than scores. It pays to understand why your scores are the what they are but this service does not provide any additional information to determine. Otherwise you could pull your myFICO scores as need instead of a monthly subscription and receive more detailed information. I've found the beta users have the same complaints but because they were offered the beta use price of $5/monthly they will ride it out until full price is implemented. I get it. But I was paying full price and glad they erroneously pulled the trigger to cancel my subscription as I probably would have continued for a few more months for the purpose of timing and being able to compare score changes only, not any insight as to why the score changed.

9 months ago

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