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CreditCheck Total is one member of a family of online consumer credit reporting sites belonging to, Inc., which is an Experian company. was founded in 1995 and provides credit monitoring to more than 3.1 million people. Additionally, the company is now the leading provider of online consumer credit reports, scores, monitoring, and other credit related information.

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The Good

  • Three credit bureaus
  • FICO scores provided
  • Fraud resolution support and guarantee
  • Credit protection alerts
  • Monthly credit monitoring notices
  • Seven-day trial for $1
  • CardSafe feature and guarantee
  • ChildSecure feature

Three Credit Bureaus

Although CreditCheck Total is an Experian company, it does provide its members with reports and information from all three credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This gives customers a comprehensive look at their credit.

FICO Scores Provided

CreditCheck Total uses the FICO scoring model, which is a huge plus as this is the same model used by the vast majority of lenders to determine creditworthiness. CreditCheck Total customers can be confident that they are going to be on the same page as potential creditors.

Fraud Resolution Support and Guarantee

Fortunately, CreditCheck Total includes identity theft monitoring and a $50,000 product guarantee in its memberships. The company also provides customers with dedicated fraud resolution support in the event that they become a victim of identity theft.

Credit Protection Alerts

CreditCheck Total monitors its customers' credit 24/7. If any significant changes to a member's credit are detected, the company will instantly notify them using an online credit protection alert.

Monthly Credit Monitoring Notices

Another great feature that CreditCheck Total offers is monthly monitoring notices that will provide customers with an updated view of their credit at a glance. Additionally, the company's website states that every time a member signs in, their Experian credit report is automatically updated so they will always have the most up-to-date information, at least on their Experian report.

Seven-Day Trial for $1

When signing up for CreditCheck Total, customers can take advantage of a seven-day trial period for $1. Customers may also cancel any time within nine days of enrollment without being charged.

CardSafe Feature and Guarantee

CardSafe is a card registry product offered by CreditCheck Total that will help customers quickly recover from the loss of credit or debit cards in the event that their wallet or purse gets lost or stolen. Additionally, the company will guarantee reimbursement for any unauthorized charges made after the member has reported their registered cards as lost or stolen to CardSafe. There is no extra charge for this feature; it's included with membership.

ChildSecure Feature

ChildSecure is an identity monitoring product for children. After a customer has enrolled their children in ChildSecure, CreditCheck Total will monitor the Experian credit database for any suspicious records and issue an alert if someone applies for credit accounts using the child's personal information. There is no extra cost for this feature, as it is included with membership.

The Bad

  • Credit monitoring not immediate
  • Monthly cost higher than competitors
  • Website difficult to navigate

Credit Monitoring Not Immediate

With CreditCheck Total, credit report monitoring with Experian begins within 48 hours of enrollment. Monitoring with Equifax and TransUnion takes approximately four days to begin and in some cases can't be initiated during the trial period. This means that customers won't actually be able to take full advantage of the company's services during the trial.

Monthly Cost Higher Than Competitors

CreditCheck Total's monthly membership fee is $29.95 after the seven-day trial, which is a higher monthly price than what is charged by most of its competitors.

Website Difficult to Navigate

CreditCheck Total's website is somewhat difficult to navigate. For example, many important pieces of information are tough to locate and potential customers have to dig around a bit in order to figure out what the company offers.

The Bottom Line

CreditCheck Total offers quite a few features. For example, the company provides its customers with FICO scores and reports from all three credit bureaus. CreditCheck Total also offers fraud resolution support, a $50,000 guarantee, and monthly credit monitoring notices. Consumers can take advantage of a seven-day trial for $1 to see if they like the company's services.

However, it can take several after signing up with CreditCheck Total for the company to start monitoring credit reports. Additionally, the monthly membership fee of $29.95 that is charged after the trial period is relatively high when compared to those of other top companies in the industry.

CreditCheck Total appears to be a reputable credit monitoring company; therefore, we have no problem giving it a recommendation. However, we suggest you perform your own due diligence before deciding on which credit monitoring company is best for you and your particular situation.

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    May 4th, 2017 Olathe, KS

    Wouldn't let me cancel, as the fine print to do so was really buried in the fine print. Then wouldn't give me my three credit reports. Will turn them into the BBB, Consumer Finance Board and my state attorney general. BIG RIPOFF!!!