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LAST UPDATED: October 6th, 2022

USAA, which stands for United Services Automobile Association, began in 1922 as a means of providing auto insurance to military officers. The company now offers a number of financial services, including banking and credit cards, to members of the military and their families.


The Good

  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Fraud safeguards

No Foreign Transaction Fee

USAA does not charge a foreign transaction fee, so cardholders can make charges abroad without being penalized. This is a great benefit for those who travel frequently.

Fraud Safeguards

USAA works to protect its customers from fraud by having safeguards in place. The company offers enhanced authentication and enhanced logon services, as well as security tips to help its cardholders better protect themselves.

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The Bad

  • Relatively high APRs
  • No free credit score tracking
  • Potential annual fees
  • Late payment penalties
  • Undisclosed information

Relatively High APRs

Many credit card companies offer an introductory APR of 0 percent for the first several months. However, USAA does not offer this feature; rates range from 7.15 to 26.15 percent* right off the bat. Additionally, these APRs are relatively high when compared to industry average.

No Free Credit Score Tracking

Another feature missing from USAA's service is free credit score tracking. Some companies in the industry will allow their cardholders to monitor their credit score for free each month, but USAA does not provide this.

Potential Annual Fees

The cost to be a USAA cardholder can range from $0 to $49 per year, depending on the card.

Late Payment Penalties

USAA charges a fee of $35 for each payment that is late.

Undisclosed Information

After looking at USAA's website, it is unclear whether or not the company offers a rewards program, which is an important feature to many consumers.


The Bottom Line

USAA has fraud safeguards in place and does not charge foreign transaction fees. However, the company does charge annual fees and late payment penalties. Additionally, USAA's APRs are relatively high and the company has not disclosed whether or not it offers a rewards program on its website.

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Phillipe Pinto Sacramento, CA

Called for service around noon PST. Was told my tow service only covers 14miles, additional 46 bucks or so needed to tow the car back to my house, I went ahead and agreed even though 14miles is a joke. I get the text notification saying the car wouldn't be picked up for another 2 hours at 2:31PST. Called the company and they said you guys work off the cheapest quote. At 2:30 I call the tow company and they tell me the tow truck is another hour away still in a completely different city 60+ miles away. Nearing rush hour traffic, I'd be waiting another 2+ hours. So I cancelled and paid out of pocket for a local tow company. In short I'll be canceling my service and going back to AAA this weekend

5 years ago

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Tanner Martin Overland Park, KS

USAA insurance is just terrible. I have used them for my Charger a few times, thought everything was good. Now this most recent time, my vehicle was away for 4 and a half months, and it still isn't even fully repaired. I had to go so far as to make a complaint to the Kansas Bord of Insurance because of how poorly they handled my situation. They tried retuning my vehicle four times with dangerous damage, endangering my daughter, my girl friend, and I in process every time. They spent $15000 on repairs before addressing frame damage. And the only reason it was addressed was because I took my vehicle to two seperate dodge dealerships to get a second opinion, and didn't even get reimbursed. Now that some repairs have been done on the frame, they refusing to pay for, and have started an investigation. It's baffling that they are doing this at this point in the claim, and not anywhere near the beginning. They lied to us countless times about vehicle and the actions that were making towards remedying the situation. They told us an internal investigation was going to take place based on this claim, instead they sent a private investigator to try and prove it was my fault. Wasting more if my time and energy. And my vehicle still isn't complete! It should have been written off. They are bunch of scum bags just trying to make as much money as possible. They aren't trying to help. They try and minimize their costs as much as possible, even if it is unsafe for you. My vehicle was at one of their preferred shops for the majority of repairs. And they have an insight adjuster to calculate damage. Seems shady as hell considering my vehicle first estimate was only $5000. Yeah, they tried to only do $5000 in work and give me back my car. Now it appears that previous claims have had damage that was never fixed because of this shit. USAA is terrible, avoid at all costs.

5 years ago

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Stephanie Barshaw Iron Mountain, MI

Tried for 2 weeks to discuss my account and do balance transfer of usaa credit card do to numerous issues with them over the years. Their new verification process made it impossible as I do not have closed/cancelled credit card anymore. Some reps offered to do other ways s some didn't and all didn't care if I was served either way. I was told to call back and each time no one could assist me until I found one who wanted a diff number that I had. I guess my member number, ss #, address, phone password and PIN for site didn't matter. Nor that I could log in. So after 2 weeks, literally of trying I got the number to do transfer. Now, I was told it was too late and late payment would be reported no matter what and their reps " did nothing wrong"and all advisers "concur". My credit will be fine as it is good but its the ethical concerns and terrible customer service. Never have been treated so badly from all levels. I even filed a complaint, BBB, against them and this is when they want to play hardball. Bring it on. Corrupt company. If you have credit you don't care about, are perfect, and are obsessed with military status over all, sign up with them. They are incompetent and arrogant from their top to bottom level employees.

5 years ago

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Katrina Brooklyn, NY

Disappointing in USAA for their failure to give adequate attention to an ATM in NYC that spits out duplicate receipts but not funds. USAA was alerted on 4/28 and to date has taken no steps to refund the money or take the ATM out of service. We were told, after multiple calls and secure messages to USAA, that the cash would be back in the account in 2 days. That was 5 days ago and the funds have still not been returned. Luckily it isn't a lot of money and not earmarked for the mortgage. Most recently, only after contacting USAA on Twitter & Facebook, they now say we were given the wrong information and the investigation will take up to 60 days. This was also stated in a secure message although I was asked for my phone number & account info on Twitter & Facebook. It's almost as if they don't want to talk to their customers. Meanwhile, who knows how many other ATM users are being scammed out of money.

5 years ago

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Cherae Kerekes

USAA told me that to remove a second name off my account I would need to complete a form and both of us needed to sign it. This is my account and I am the primary. Imagine my surprise when not even a day later the second person calls in and has themselves removed and I never got notified! That seems to me to be fraudulent activity by a bank. Then I make a large deposit via personal check and they put the funds on hold for over a week. When asked to release due to it causing financial harm they refused. So I have now lost $1k in income and 100 FICO points!

5 years ago

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Warren Bishop Parsippany, NJ

Two major breakdowns with USAA recently: 1. As a 33 year customer, I opened an investment account using funds from the same account I use to auto-pay my USAA car insurance bill. Problem - USAA placed my entire account and profile on hold, classifying the transaction as 'suspicious. What a joke, and inconvenience. They also place the credit card on hold for a week after I auto-pay my credit card bill. They are a lost company.

5 years ago

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Elias Guda

I've been a member for over 20 years. I've tried getting loans and other services, but never once USAA came trough. It started to get worse after they dropped the ball on my home loan, and I ended up using another bank. All I know is I don't believe USAA is out to help minorities at all. It's sad but I know it's true. At least it is in my and all my colored friends. I HATE USAA!!!!!

5 years ago

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Terry R. MI

Accident occurred in December of 2016 as of July 21, 2017 we still are waiting on a final settlement. Mediocrity should be the poster child for USAA Insurance they certainly have lived up to it, or down to it. I would never do business with this company. AllState, Progressive, Farmers, Prudential, GEICO etc but never USAA. U.S. veterans take you business elsewhere.

5 years ago

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Sarah Albee Torrington, CT

My 84-y-o mother in law (whose younger aide was driving) had her car demolished in a crash when a USAA-insured driver zoomed through a stop sign and T-boned them. Two witnesses plus the police report said the USAA-insured driver was completely at fault. Four months later, mother in law receives a letter from USAA saying they've decided SHE was at fault and they are not going to pay her $500 deductible. Unbelievable. Shameless. They're of course banking on the fact that she's elderly and won't protest. DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY.

5 years ago

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John Adkins Sedalia, MO

We are going to PCS to a new base and we are buying a new home. I called you. I called to Set up multiple policies on the new house. A homeowners policy, a 1million dollar umbrella policy, earthquake, and flood. We had it all set up to activate June 19 when we closed in the new home. I keep getting calls wanting to "review" my policies. Why? Because an automotive system doesn't recognize them as closed sales. It's harassment. I'm going to cancel the policies now. You turned a yes to a no out of automated greed. Treat me as a person not a sale.

5 years ago

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Shawn Marie Woodbridge Matthews, NC

I was a 30 year customers and had two accidents within 5 years that weren't my fault. USAA took away my 10% good driver discount. They could not find a way to satisfy me, so i took my business elsewhere. There are other products in their portfolio that have gone down in terms of service, as well.

5 years ago

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Adam Brown

I keep getting harassing phone calls even after I provided my divorce papers to USAA stating my ex wife is responsible for paying the delinquent CC debt. All of my other accounts are in good standing and payed on time.

5 years ago

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Fiqqy Randolph

A lot of employee I talked to always transfer me to different department just because they can't explain it. Each year I feels like they are lack of training.

5 years ago

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James Sumter, SC

Interest Rate Hikes and Holding payments for a week.

5 years ago