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The United Federal Credit Union offers three Visa credit card options to potential cardholders. Whether selecting a Visa Classic, Gold, or Platinum, each card comes with a variety of perks through the Visa CardPerks Rewards program, reasonable APR rates, credit protection insurance, and access to an ATM network with no annual fees, low minimum payments, and easy balance transfers that allow users to switch their line of credit to the UFCU credit card.

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The Good

  • Fraud alerts
  • Rewards program
  • Grace periods and fees
  • ATM convenient
  • Low APR and monthly payments

Fraud Alerts

All three cards come with Visa Purchase Alerts and protection. Through the Purchase Alerts, card holders can keep tabs on their account from anywhere with real-time alerts provided by Visa. These alerts help reduce fraud by monitoring the spending that takes place on a card and alerting any cardholders of suspicious activity that could lead to credit damage.

Rewards Program

United Federal Credit Union credit cards offer a CardPerks Rewards program on both the Visa Gold and Visa Platinum card levels. Each of these cards offer the chance to earn one point for every $2 cardholders spend. These points are eligible to be traded in for a variety of rewards including round trip tickets on major airlines, cruise vacations, hotel packages, car rentals, and variety of retail gift cards and certificates. In addition to the reward points, card holders can also receive up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance on travel purchased with the card, extended collision damage coverage on car rental agreements, and extended warranty packages on manufacturer's warranties.

Grace Periods and Fees

Cardholders will enjoy 25 days of interest-free grace periods on all purchase. This ensures that as long as a minimum payment is made, a cardholder then has 25 days before the purchase starts to accrue any interest. While this doesn't apply to balance transfers, this is a convenient way for card holders to have an extended period to work on paying off their credit card debts. Additionally, cardholders have no application or annual fees to worry about.

ATM Convenient

All cardholders are able to utilize the United Federal Credit Union Visa Cards network. This nationwide network allows users to obtain cash advances from their Visa at an ATM without paying an ATM fee.

Low APR and Monthly Payments

Each credit card United Federal Credit Union offers comes with varying APR rates and minimum payment requirements. For the Visa Classic the APR rate compares very closely to the national average at 15.49%. The Visa Gold and Visa Platinum offer lower rates than the average at 13.49% and 10.49% respectively. Monthly payment minimums come in at a low $20 monthly, or 2-3% of the outstanding balance. Considering the higher dollar amount credit limits the Gold and Platinum offer, these rates and minimum payment requirements are very good for a credit card of this type.

The Bad

  • High fees
  • Rates subject to change
  • No credit scores

High Fees

Like many credit cards, late payment penalties can be very high. Even the average most average credit card late fee can be upward of $40 after multiple late payments. For the United Federal Credit Union credit cards, no matter which card a cardholder has, there is a $27 late payment penalty the first time a payment is submitted after the due date. After, an additional late payment penalties of $37 per late payment will be charged for a 6 month period before late fees potentially could rise. Additionally, any payment that is returned for any reason will result in up to a $30 fee.

Rates Subject to Change

With the United Federal Credit Union credit card all annual percentage rates, foreign transaction fees, credit approval rates, balance transfer terms, finance charges, CardPerks, warranty extensions, and additional terms and conditions are all subject to change at any time without notice required to the cardholder.

No Credit Scores

While many credit card companies offer a monthly view of a cardholders credit score, the United Federal Credit Union credit card, across all card levels, does not offer such score report at this point in time. This means those looking to acquire this information will need to seek assistance from a third party company to learn more about their current credit card score.

The Bottom Line

If someone is selecting a credit card and are looking for a card that offers fraud protection the United Federal Credit Union credit card is a great choice. With purchase alerts that alert cardholders of real-time purchases, fraud is monitored and cards suspended whenever suspicions activity is detected.

Those looking for an extensive reward program will also enjoy this credit card. With three different levels of cards, each has a wide range of perks including a points system that can be exchanged for reward like travel or gift cards, car rental coverage, and extended warranties.

The United Federal Credit Union also offers 25-day grace periods of interest, convenient use of ATMs apart of the Visa network, and low APR and monthly payment requirements to help cardholders have a reliable line of credit.

If a potential cardholder is looking for a card with lower late payment penalties, rates and terms of use that won't change, and a monthly credit score to keep track of credit score changes, these individuals will need to seek out another credit card option.

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