NASA Federal Credit Union

NASA Federal Credit Union

With a history dating back to 1949, NASA Federal Credit Union seeks to empower people to achieve a brighter financial future by delivering convenient financial value through three credit card options. Because NASA Federal Credit Union is partnered with Visa, its credit card options utilize the Visa network to protect cardholders from fraud, provide competitive rates, and offer two rewards programs.

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The Good

  • Three credit cards
  • Fraud protection
  • Reward program
  • No annual fee

Three Credit Cards

NASA Federal Credit Union offers three different credit cards to those that qualify. Each card is differs in qualifying conditions, annual percentage rates, credit limits, and terms and conditions. Card benefits include auto rental insurance, fraud protection, $0 fraud liability, Visa Checkout capabilities, extended warranties, 24-hour travel and emergency assistance, and access to Visa Platinum Advantage and Cash Rewards.

Fraud Protection

To ensure that its cardholders have peace of mind, each NASA Federal Credit Union credit card comes with Verified By Visa comprehensive fraud protection. This extra layer of security protects the customer's card the moment that information is entered online and serves to help prevent unauthorized use. Additionally, the company offers $0 fraud liability, which means that cardholders will not be held liable for unauthorized charges.

Reward Program

NASA Federal Credit Union offers two different rewards programs through Visa. With the Platinum Advantage credit card, cardholders earn one point for each dollar they spend. These points may be traded in for travel, merchandise, and other rewards. The Platinum Cash Rewards card program differs in that instead of obtaining points, cardholders enjoy unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases made with the card.

No Annual Fee

NASA Federal Credit Union does not charge any annual fees to hold one of its credit cards, which can save customers hundreds of dollars each year.

The Bad

  • Late payment penalties
  • Additional fees
  • No credit scores

Late Payment Penalties

There are a variety of penalties associated late payments for NASA Federal Credit Union cards. For each payment that does not come in on time, the company will charge a fee of up to $35. Additional penalties include the loss of any promotional APR and increased interest rates.

Additional Fees

In addition to late payment penalties and fees, NASA Federal Credit Union charges a number of other fees. For example, the company charges a returned payment fee of up to $35, a cash advance fee of up to 3 percent, a foreign transaction fee of up to 1 percent, and a card replacement fee of $5.

No Credit Scores

Some credit card companies prove their cardholders with free credit score tracking to help them stay on top of their credit and find areas where they can improve. Unfortunately, NASA Federal Credit Union does not offer this service.

The Bottom Line

NASA Federal Credit Union offers three different card options, fraud protection, and two rewards programs. In addition, the company does not charge any annual fees. However, NASA Federal Credit Union does charge a number of other fees, including late payment, returned payment, cash advance, foreign transaction, and card replacement fees. Further, the company does not provide its cardholders with free credit score monitoring.

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