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Since 1961, Mission Federal Credit Union has been serving the people of San Diego, California. The company offers a number of financial services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investments, and insurance.

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The Good

  • Competitive APRs
  • Security text alerts
  • Rewards program

Competitive APRs

Mission Federal Credit Union offers APRs ranging from 9.9 to 17.9 percent. These rates are extremely competitive within the industry.

Security Text Alerts

Credit cards are extremely vulnerable to fraud and theft. In some cases, customers do not even realize that their card has been stolen until several purchases have been made. Mission Federal Credit Union works to prevent this by providing a security text alert system. If a suspicious transaction occurs, the customer will be notified through a text message. The customer then has the option to either verify the charge or place a hold on the card.

Rewards Program

Mission Federal Credit Union offers its own rewards program, which allows cardholders to choose from a variety of options. Through the program, customers can earn cash back, gift cards, travel points, entertainment, donations made in their name, and more. The ability for cardholders to select which rewards they would like is a huge plus.

The Bad

  • Late payment fee
  • Limited card options
  • No free credit score tracking

Late Payment Fee

For every card payment that comes in late, Mission Federal Credit Union charges a fee of up to $35.

Limited Card Options

Unfortunately, Mission Federal Credit Union only offers two card options for consumers to pick from. Further, the two cards seem to be very similar in terms of rewards, fees, and interest rates, meaning that there isn't much flexibility for customers to select a card that covers each of their particular needs.

No Free Credit Score Tracking

Some credit card companies provide their cardholders with free credit score tracking to help them stay on top of their credit and figure out where they can improve. Sadly, Mission Federal Credit Union does not offer this service.

The Bottom Line

Mission Federal Credit Union offers competitive APRs, a customizable rewards program, and security text alerts. However, the company's card options are limited and no free credit score monitoring is available. Additionally, Mission Federal Credit Union charges late payment penalties.

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