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Langley Federal Credit Union originally received its federal charter as the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Laboratory Federal Credit Union in 1936. The organization changed its name to Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory Federal Credit Union in 1942, and in 1956, changed its name to its current entity. The credit union is headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia, and operates 19 branches in the area. Members are able to access their account online and enjoy over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Several local employers have become partners of Langley Federal Credit Union, offering their employees access to membership. Prominent partners include Canon, Christopher Newport University, VersAbility, and Jefferson Labs. The credit union offers personal checking and savings accounts, student accounts, loans, mortgages, business accounts, personal and business investment accounts, and credit cards.

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The Good

  • Choice of credit cards for those with varying credit scores
  • Points for purchase and cash back rewards credit cards
  • Low rate card available
  • Additional perks offered with several of the credit cards

Choice of Credit Cards for Those With Varying Credit Scores

Langley Federal Credit Union, being one of the largest 100 credit unions in the United States, is one of the few that offers options for those of its members looking to build or rebuild their credit in addition to offering credit cards for those with better credit scores. The credit union offers its members a choice between four cards - the Select Visa Platinum, the Langley Cash Back Visa Signature, the Langley Rewards Signature Visa, and the Langley Essential Visa.

Points for Purchase and Cash Back Rewards Credit Cards

Langley Federal Credit Union offers its members a choice between points for purchase and a cash back rewards card, the Langley Rewards Signature Visa and the Langley Cash Back Visa Signature, respectively. Members earn one reward point for each dollar that they charge on the card, which can then be subsequently exchanged via the CURewards Mall for gift cards, airline tickets, vacation packages, and merchandise. This card has an initial APR of 9 percent, which varies based on a member's credit history. Likewise, the Langley Cash Back Signature Visa earns 1 percent cash back on all purchases. This reward is applied to the cardholder's monthly statement automatically. This card has an initial APR starting at 9.5 percent.

Low Rate Card Available

For those not wanting to pay the higher APR for a rewards card, Langley Federal Credit Union offers a low-rate card. This card has an APR that starts at 7.5 percent.  

Additional Perks Offered With Several of the Credit Cards

Langley Federal Credit Union offers additional benefits with each of its cards except the Langley Essential Visa, which is designed for those wanting to build or rebuild their credit. Benefits include additional coverage for automobile rentals, travel accident insurance, emergency travel assistance, and concierge services. Features for the cards vary, so those interested in learning more about the specific features included with each card should speak directly to a representative of Langley Federal Credit Union or visit the institution's website for more information.

The Bad

  • Slightly less transparent than other organizations
  • No FICO® score or limited credit monitoring included

Slightly Less Transparent Than Other Organizations

Compared to other organizations, Langley Federal Credit Union is slightly less transparent about the specifics of its cards. For example, it is unclear whether or not the company has any fraud safeguards in place or if there are any fees associated with the cards.

No FICO® Score or Limited Credit Monitoring Included

Many larger banks offer their customers some form of limited credit monitoring or the ability to see and track changes to their FICO® Score. This perk is not offered by Langley Federal Credit Union. While not usually a large enough benefit to influence prospective members away from joining the credit union, the absence of this feature bears mentioning.

The Bottom Line

Most similar organizations are more transparent about their membership eligibility than Langley Federal Credit Union. As such, it is unclear if the organization has a geographic area in which one must reside or work in addition to being employed by a partner company.

One primary difference between the cash back card and similar cards offered by competitors is that the cash back is automatically paid as a monthly statement credit. This can be a deterrent for those who prefer to collect their cash back rewards for a larger purchase.

The credit union offers its members a complete portfolio of financial products, and its choices of credit cards include each of the types of credit cards (cash rewards, points for purchase, low interest rate, and building or rebuilding credit cards) that uses to measure the variety in an institution's portfolio.

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