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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

KAPED has approached the credit card industry from a unique angle. Many credit cards are associated with a particular bank, but KAPED is its own financial technology operation. KAPED provides corporate credit cards, credit-as-a-service, and credit-as-an asset products to small and midsize businesses looking to access the same benefits of Fortune 500 companies. 

The financial and credit card services developed by KAPED are strategically designed to help entrepreneurs by solving a number of credit card bottlenecks smaller operations typically encounter. 

KAPED is an accredited business with the BBB, FCRA compliant, and PCI Certified. The merchant services provided by KAPED Pay are a registered ISO of several large banks, including Wells Fargo, BMO Harris Bank, Citizens Bank, and the Bancorp Bank. 

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The Good

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Credit Card Traveling Features
  • Partner Backings
  • Credit Limits

Wide Range of Products

KAPED offers three different credit card products to its clients including: corporate credit cards, credit-as-a-service,and credit-as-an-asset. KAPED claims that its credit-as-an-asset service is a proprietary offering. Each KAPED credit card product breaks down as follows:

  • Corporate Credit Cards — Through KAPED, businesses will be able to utilize a flexible credit card option with features and benefits not typically available to smaller and medium sized companies. 
  • Credit-as-a-Service — With the credit-as-a-service product, clients can start their own business credit card program using Chase Sapphire or AMEX Gold Card. 
  • Credit-as-an-Asset — KAPED also provides clients with the credit-as-an-asset product where credit card services can be used to benefit the business operation. 

While the credit card products available through KAPED are not necessarily revolutionary, who and what type of businesses these products serve are unique. These services are typically reserved for large-scale operations, but KAPED provides these products to small and midsize ventures. 

Credit Card Traveling Features

Business credit cards available through KAPED particularly benefit traveling entrepreneurs. Businesses that require extensive travel will likely find a solution through KAPED. Business credit card features include:

  • Cash Back — Any and all hotel and car rental purchases can receive up to 30% cash back. 
  • High Security — Each card and spending data is protected by 2048-bit encryption.
  • Automated Payables — By using artificial intelligence, KAPED will ensure that all vendor invoices are paid on time.
  • Bureau Reporting — All client payments will be reported to major credit bureaus including: Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian, and SBFE.

Additionally, KAPED clients can access instant card issuance for either employee or single use circumstances. Scalable limits are also available. 

Partner Backings

KAPED is its own entity but is backed by larger financial institutions. As a self-funded financial technology company, the company has partnered with The Bancorp Bank, Mbanq., Evolve, Visa, and Mimosa. These partnerships allow for additional backing and support that not all smaller credit card agencies can utilize. 

Credit Limits

One of the most unique features of KAPED business credit cards is the intelligent credit limit service. This allows for credit cards to experience limit increases in a natural way. KAPED claims that its intelligent credit limits scalability utilizes the “smartest, most powerful AI in a credit card.”

Using the KAPED advanced payments engine, each client’s credit card limit scales based on the business’s spending habits. With KAPED, clients will never need to manually request and have limits approved. Not many credit card providers offer “smart credit card limit scaling” like KAPED does. 


The Bad

  • Missing Late Payment Information
  • Enterprise Service Requirements

Missing Late Payment Information

A key complaint of many business credit card clients surrounds the late payment policies. Typically, credit card companies will offer a late payment grace period, allowing the client to pay their bill without additional penalty. Once this period is up, a late payment fee is generally assessed. This late payment information plays a contributing role in what business credit card clients decide to use.

KAPED has not made any late payment information public for prospective clients looking into the service. This makes it difficult to know what to expect during those months where the business finances are tight. 

Enterprise Service Requirements

KAPED's enterprise serviceprovides clients with premium customer support each with an appointed and individual account executive. This executive is always available to communicate in whatever way the client sees fit. However, only business operations that rack up over $1 million in annual credit card spend are eligible for this service.

While it is not uncommon within the credit card industry to reward companies that spend more on their business credit card, it is odd for a service designed for small and midsize businesses to reserve a special service with a high spending limit. 


The Bottom Line

KAPED offers a number of credit card products and services to entrepreneurs all across the world. Each business credit card provided by KAPED comes with a number of features typically solely provided to large corporations and enterprises. All KAPED credit cards are backed by other financial partners and incubators. Additionally, KAPED provides scalable limits providing more flexibility.

While there are a number of aspects of the KAPED service that would likely benefit a number of businesses, there are also some limitations and concerns prospective clients should be aware of. There is no public information on late payment penalties and in order to receive the premium version of the KAPED service, companies have to reach spending limits. 

The KAPED credit card service is ideal for entrepreneurs running small to medium-sized business operations. An ideal fit for the KAPED service spends over $1 million annually. These clients will receive the best of what KAPED has to offer.

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Joe Brook Los Angeles, CA

KAPED seems to be a young but very ambitious company with innovative ideas. Vashon G was very knowledgeable, extremely patient with me, and never attempted to strong arm me into a sale, you can tell he is very passionate about what he does and if he represents KAPED then i see this company going very far!

1 year ago