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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2021
Financial institutions can sometimes be very impersonal businesses to work with because of the sheer amount of people that are served. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union comes at the whole business differently and from a much more personal approach. As a local company serving the residents of the Hudson Valley, this staff understands the unique circumstances and desires of this community which allows them to give more personalized products and services. Those who are eligible to be Hudson Valley members will be able to utilize all services offered by major institutions like a variety of accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance, finance center, and investments. Fifty years of experience has allowed this credit union to develop a system that truly puts the customer first.

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The Good

  • Mobile wallet
  • Rewards

Mobile Wallet

A newer trend across the financial service industry is mobile wallet, which allows customers to have all of their account information loaded into a secure program and use that to make transactions instead of the actual card for the account. These mobile wallets are a safer option for customers and help to protect the account and the sensitive information attached. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union and the Visa cards it offers are compatible with Visa Checkout, which is a mobile wallet application. This option for a safer, more efficient checkout for customers will be a benefit for those who want to try this new technology.


The rewards program attached to a credit card can often be one of the most important parts for a customer since they can essentially be paid for making every day purchases. However, not every credit card rewards programs is equal, and some are actually very limiting. Customers can be limited in how they earn rewards (if there are set categories the spending must occur in) or how they redeem rewards (if they can only redeem for specific things). This is not the case for the Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union rewards program. Customers earn reward points on every purchase they make with no set categories or limits. The actual rewards are also very varied from cash back options to gift cards or merchandise. A customer even has the option to make a charitable donation with the money earned from their rewards. This type of freedom in choices allows customers to get the most out of their credit card and have a very personalized experience.

The Bad

  • High APRs
  • Limited card options

High APRs

An APR is attached every credit card regardless of card type or where it's issued from. The APR indicates how much interest the customer will pay on the balance that they acquire by using their credit card, so it is a very important factor of the credit card and often is a deciding issue for many customers. A customer will want the lowest rate possible to save the most money on the life of the card. Each customer will have a different rate based on their credit history and other factors depending on the financial institution they are working with. However, companies can give potential customers an idea of what type of rate may be possible for them. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union advertises rates ranging from 11.5 to 18 percent, which is slightly higher than industry average.

Limited Card Options

A common problem across the financial industry for customers looking for a good credit card to meet their needs is a lack of options. There is not a lack of options across the industry, but often the lack comes from the issuing financial institution. This is the case with Hudson Valley Credit Union, as there are only two options for customers to choose from: Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Rewards. These cards are good options but have very similar features and services, so if a customer needs something else from their credit card they may have to work with a different company to find it.

The Bottom Line

Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union is committed to being a positive local business in the community it serves. Each member will be able to work with someone who understands the area they live in and the unique perspective that gives while still getting all of the major services they would get from a major bank. The main downside to the credit card services offered by HVFCU is the limited options available. These cards come with a variety of extra features like mobile wallet options and extra security measures, but with only two cards to choose from, a customer may not find exactly what they need.
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Lisbeth M. Irish Troy, NY

Love everything except access to Rewards...terrible platform

4 years ago