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First National Bank


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Founded in 1857, First National Bank is the largest privately-owned bank holding company in the United States with $20 billion in assets. In addition to banking services, the company also offers credit cards to consumers living in its service area.

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The Good

  • Competitive APRs
  • Rewards programs
  • No annual fees
  • Free credit score tracking
  • Security

Competitive APRs

Depending on the card, First National Bank offers an introductory APR of 0 percent for the first 15 billing cycles. Outside of the introductory period, rates range from 10.24 to 23.24 percent*, which is competitive within the industry.

Rewards Programs

First National Bank offers a couple of different rewards programs to its cardholders, who can earn gift cards, merchandise, travel, and cash back when they use their First National Bank credit card.

No Annual Fees

Unlike some companies in the industry, First National Bank does not charge an annual fee just to be a cardholder. This benefit can save customers hundreds of dollars each year.

Free Credit Score Tracking

First National Bank gives its cardholders the ability to stay on top of their credit with free credit score monitoring.


First National Bank has several cyber security measures in place to protect its customers from fraud. These measures include:

  • User ID and Password: These features limit online account access to those possessing the user ID and password associated with the account(s).
  • Encryption: This technology protects data in transit between the customer's computer and First National Bank's systems. The closed lock icon indicates that a communication session is encrypted.
  • Firewalls: This feature protects First National Bank's systems from unauthorized access.
  • Virus Protection: This technology detects and prevents recognized viruses from entering First National Bank's computer network.
  • Patching: Regular and consistent patching covers any security gaps in the system to limit vulnerabilities to cyber attacks.
  • Timeout: This online system is designed to log customers out automatically after several minutes of inactivity.

The Bad

  • Late payment penalties
  • Foreign transaction fees

Late Payment Penalties

For every payment that comes in late, First National Bank will charge a fee of up to $37.

Foreign Transaction Fees

First National Bank charges a foreign transaction fee of 3 percent of the charge total, which is one of the highest in the industry. There are several credit card companies that do not charge a foreign transaction fee at all.

The Bottom Line

First National Bank offers competitive APRs, rewards programs, no annual fees, free credit score tracking, and security features. However, the company does charge late payment and foreign transaction fees.

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