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LAST UPDATED: October 6th, 2022

Barclays introduced the first credit card to the U.K. in 1966. The company's U.S. branch, Barclaycard, has been offering credit cards in the U.S. since 2004 when it began partnering with companies to offer "co-branded" credit cards.


The Good

  • Rewards Program
  • No Annual Fees
  • Fraud Safeguards

Rewards Program

The majority of Barclaycard's credit cards are rewards cards. There are a variety of different cards to choose from, so customers can pick which rewards they would like to take advantage of. Benefits include cash, bonuses, points, consumer items, and travel rewards.

No Annual Fees

Barclaycard does not charge any annual fees, which can save cardholders hundreds of dollars each year.

Fraud Safeguards

Keeping its cardholders' accounts secure is Barclaycard's top priority. Because of this, the company has put security measures in place. For example, Barclaycard requires verification and a special passcode to log in. Additionally, the company does not hold cardholders liable for reported unauthorized charges.

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The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information
  • Late Payment Penalties

Undisclosed Information

Barclaycard has not disclosed APR ranges on its corporate website. In addition, it is unclear whether or not the company charges a foreign transaction fee or provides its customers with free credit score tracking.

Late Payment Penalties

Each time a cardholder makes a late payment, they will incur a fee of up to $35.

The Bottom Line

Barclaycard does not charge annual fees and offers several rewards programs and fraud safeguards. However, the company has not disclosed several pieces of important information, including APRs, and charges late payment fees.

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Jenny Thomas Snellville, GA

Horrible Experience! I had a very bad experience with Barclaycard customer service. Barclaycard is not compatible with ebill through many banks which I was not aware of until my bank mentioned it so they had charge me late fee and top of it they had charge me another $30 for cashing a check that I specifically told them not to since my bank will be charging a fee for it but they did anyway and they were not willing to waive it. So I had to close the account/card. I don't think I would ever open another Old Navy credit card if they are still with Barclaycard. So as customers be careful when opening a card with Old Navy and if they have it through Barclaycard it's going to be very challenging to deal with them if you encounter any issues.

7 months ago Edited July 27, 2022

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Carolyn Yatsu Burleson, TX

First of all, I HAVE NOT MARKED THIS COMPANY AS "Amazing"! They are putting this down themselves! I have paid off my account 100% month to month, have a credit score in the 800's, have never missed a payment, have never gone over my limit, and have been with this company for 8 years that I have had this card. Suddenly, they believe that they have a right to call me up and demand that I answer questions such as am I employed, am I a US citizen, how much money I make, have I changed my name or address, etc. They stated that they will cut my credit card off if I refuse to answer their illegal questions. They use the US Patriot Act as a justification to do this; however, the Section 326 of the US Patriot Act, regarding banks and Customer Identification Program(CPI) specifically limits questioning of customers while "opening" or "changing" an account. I was doing neither of these. Beware of this bank! They are being very sneaky for their own purposes! Their questioning has absolutely nothing to do with the US Patriot Act and everything to do with their risk assessments and intent to raise someone's credit limits without permission.

8 months ago

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Eye In The Sky Coppell, TX

Customer service is a fraud. I have ZERO confidence in Barclaycard. I was offered to transfer balance interest free for 12 months. I tried to transfer $2000 from another card. All of a sudden my online access was blocked. HA. Worse was that I tries for 3 days, on phone with customer service from 8AM to 6PM trying to resolve. I was put on long holds, meaninglessly transferred from one agent to another for no valid reason, and each time on long hold. Long as 2 hours till I hung up and called again. I cannot pay my bill online, or check activity to see any unrecognized charges. And calling customer service is useless. They don't even speak English. I have no problem with accented English, but they lack necessary English vocabulary to hold a phone conversation with callers. Even worse was that the customer service agents that they call "Relationship Managers" will tell you a lie in your face. So how much confidence can you have in the company? The agents I encountered, invariably took my information and told me to call back after 2-3 hours because their system was upgrading. For two days? And when I asked to escalate my call, suddenly they were able to see my info. For two days? This is a fraud. And I cannot even request them to cancel my card. Or lock it. What are the chances that I will not be told lies?

1 year ago

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DandJ Bech Beaverton, OR

I mailed them a payoff check on 2/25/21 that I got by refinancing my house. I sent it certified mail so that I could track when it got there. It was delivered to their mailbox on 3/3/21. I waited until 3/5/21 before calling them. It still hadn't been picked up. I asked the 1st person and a supervisor if they would please pick up the check and process it before my due date of 3/8/21. They both quoted me that their mailed payment process takes 7-10 business days and it wouldn't be processed until 3/11/21. They said they wouldn't refund or do anything about the late fee that would be incurred, even though the payoff was sitting in their mailbox for 2 days already and would be there for 5 business days before they processed it. I had to make an extra payment online and now I will have a couple extra hundred dollars paid on my account when they process the check. I'll have to find out how to get that money back. I will be closing my account as soon as I can.

2 years ago

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derrick zonca Wahiawa, HI

I’ve had my card for quite some time now and if it weren’t for 0% promotional interest rates at the Apple store, I’d cut it up and never use it again. The APR is outrageous after the promotion runs out. I’m talking almost 30%. Not to mention the terrible customer service. I recently bought a new iPad and 2 weeks after the purchase set up my automatic payments. When my bill date came, no payment was made and I was hit with a fee. According to their representatives, when setting up auto pay, you have to make another one time payment for the first bill because the auto pay doesn’t kick in until the following billing cycle. Their website says nothing about this when setting it up. They will charge you a service fee of $29 for missing your first payment. So be cautious and make the additional one time payment first. Then you have to call customer service which was incredibly rude and short with me from the beginning. I told them I wanted to dispute the fee and she questioned me for 20 minutes before realizing I wasn’t disputing the purchase and then told me I wasn’t in the correct department and she had to transfer me to someone else. Once transferred the man told me of the way their “system works” and rushed me off the phone by saying “he’ll put it in my file” that they look into changing how the auto pay system works. It’s as though they know this happens, people are upset about it, and their tired of taking the calls but won’t do anything to make the change.

2 years ago

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Lisa Lamb Dayton, OH

Worst customer service!! Wouldn’t give me information so I could pay bill. Gave them all my information but still wouldn’t work with me at all. They were NO help at all. They want their money, but don’t or won’t help you figure out how. I rate them from 1-10. - - - 10

9 months ago

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flab Sudbury, MA

Terrible service in general. I called to ask for card replacement as my card's chip was malfunctioned. Not only they cancelled my card without letting me know (was not able to swipe either) but got the new one 10 days later. Cheap service, not even second day or priority service. As a consequence, I could not use my old card until I received the new one (10 days later), but also had to go after all my auto bill contacts to change it to the new card. Really cheap service they have to offer. Never saw that with any other CC company. Cheap customer relationship.

1 year ago


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Anonymous Ocala, FL

They allowed a charge to take place, even after I disputed the charge, because the merchant had used the card before.

5 years ago

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Anonymous Ocala, FL

They allowed a charge to take place, even after I disputed the charge, because the merchant had used the card before.

5 years ago