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LAST UPDATED: September 14th, 2023

PureTalk is a wireless service provider founded in 2010 by a US veteran. PureTalk partners with military organizations to provide service to military members and veterans. Its customer service is located in the United States. PureTalk uses the AT&T service network and offers nationwide coverage on the nation’s largest GSM network.

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The Good

  • Affordable Plan Options
  • No Contracts and No Hidden Fees
  • No Overages

Affordable Plan Options

PureTalk provides many options for cell service ranging from monthly payments of $20 to $45. According to the company, the average monthly bill is $23.50. Plans include unlimited talk and text, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, conferencing, and call waiting. Speeds are up to 4G LTE on the largest GSM network. All service plans offer varying speeds and amounts of data for music streaming, emails, video streaming, etc.

PureTalk also offers discounts for multiple lines, which is great for families. The carrier also has a referral program. If your friends sign up with PureTalk, you get a $20 discount on any unlimited data plan and so do they. There are no limits to how many friends you can refer.

No Contracts and No Hidden Fees

All phone plans are month to month so there is no contract involved. It’s easy to start and cancel cell service. Once you have an unlocked device or a SIM card, it is a simple process to activate cell service and there are no activation or switch fees. In most cases, you can keep your current phone and phone number. Or, you can buy a new iPhone, Android device, or basic phone straight from PureTalk.

PureTalk's customer service is easy to reach via phone, email, or a website form and reps are ready to answer your questions and resolve any complaint or problem that may arise.

No Overages

One of the nicest things about PureTalk is that it doesn't charge extra if you go over your plan’s calls, texts, or data usage. Instead, once you’ve used up your data plan’s high-speed data allowance, your data slows down to 128 kbps or about two times faster than 2G speeds.


The Bad

  • Coverage Network Limits

Coverage Network Limits

On its website, PureTalk has a coverage map. The map shows that some areas in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nebraska have no voice coverage. Be sure to check PureTalk's map before you sign up to make sure you're in an area that has coverage.

Additionally, PureTalk does not offer international calling or unlimited data options in any other countries, even Canada or Mexico.


The Bottom Line

PureTalk offers a variety of affordable cell phone coverage plans. We like that you pay month to month, there aren't any hidden fees, and there are no overage fees. We’ll take slowed data over additional charges any day. Plus, PureTalk’s customer service is excellent and is completely based in the U.S. If you want good U.S. cell phone service at a great price and don't need international calling or data, PureTalk is worth looking into. 

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C H Rolla, MO

Only one complaint. As a Pure Talk customer I have to pay about twice the price of a new phone than a new customer would pay. I would think they would appreciate their customers more than they seem to do.

2 months ago

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Cristal Bridge City, TX

First, the only positive to using Pure Talk is dealing with friendly people (which isn't common these days when it comes to customer service). However, the service is sketchy and setting up the phone was extremely stressful. I had no idea I'd have to use data (even when WiFi is available) to send / receive group texts and also photos in texts. So, low data plans are a gamble with Pure Talk if you are in that category. It also took several phone calls to even get that information. Finally, I decided before my trial period was up, I'd better go ahead and switch companies. I drove 35 minutes to AT&T (since this whole setting up cell service over the phone had driven me crazy with Pure Talk) and they were porting my number over from Pure Talk when literally the Pure Talk porting department closed and I was left in limbo standing there in AT&T. In the midst of a tropical storm rolling in to town, by the way. No cell service at all if I wanted to keep my number. I'd have to wait until the Pure Talk porting dept folks went back to work the next morning (and myself drive 35 minutes through flooded streets). I called the customer service dept (who was open) and they said there was nothing they could do. Oh, and don't expect help thru their online customer support. I've yet to get a reply from the first response they sent 5 days ago. So, while the folks are friendly, if you happen to have any hiccups with this service (or you don't want to use all your data on texting), buckle up and get ready for an unpleasant roller coaster ride. You get what you pay for, unfortunately.

4 years ago


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Clay Exton Silver Spring, MD

I have been with PURETALK USA for 10 years, and pleased with service overall. Some areas of the country drop out, but overall, great connections all the time. Offers in services has cut back, more limited offers for senior citizens.

2 years ago

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Gary Garner Eagle Mountain, UT

I just go off that phone with tech support after a 26 min hold. This was my third call on the same problem. I have several excuses, the latest is that they need to talk to ATT. they are unable to give me any idea of when they will be able to get back to me. If ATT is involved, it may be a week or more. UNACCEPTABLE

4 years ago

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RoadlessGear Frenchtown, MT

they ported my number over but then could never get the internet on my iPhone to work. After 3 days I gave up and asked for my money back (which they did). But then I was unable to port my phone number back to my old carrier because they had a hold on it and wouldn't release it. Ended up having to get a new phone number. Not cool, man.

4 years ago

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James Forte

We like the facts: No Contracts, No Hidden Fees and the Monthly Cost. Improve, N/A at this time.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Linda Spurlin-Dominik

Excellent service with no problems encountered

4 years ago

star star star star star_border

Edward & Mary Wilson Falling Waters, WV

Excellent service at an amazingly low price!

3 years ago