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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Indigo Wireless is a regional wireless telecommunications company located in Northern Pennslyvania. The company began in 1991 when they acquired an FCC license to serve rural service to Tioga County. They offer broadband internet through their subsidiary Indigo Xtreme, and have three store locations in Wellsboro, Mansfield, and Knoxville. They have twice the amount of towers in Tioga County than any of their competitors.  

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The Good

  • Easy three-step process
  • Great coverage in Pennsylvania
  • Great Android selection

Indigo Wireless has a simple business model that makes it easy for prospective consumers to enroll and activate their new phones. Each customer follows this easy three-step process:

  1. Choose a phone: Customers can choose between basic or smartphones. The basic phone service starts at $29.00 a month while the smartphone smart share plan starts at $39.00/month.
  2. Choose a data plan: There are three different data plans for customers to choose from. All of this data can be shared through the "smart share plan." For 1 GB it is $39.00, for 2 GB it is $59.00, and lastly for 4 GB it is $79.00. It is important to accurately estimate how much data you will need prior to signing up.
  3. Unlimited Calling and Shared Data: Customers get to enjoy unlimited minutes and text messaging as part of their share service plan.

Indigo Wireless has amazing coverage throughout northern Pennsylvania, with varying prices for individuals and families. Their individual plans are relatively standard, but their family plans, involving 2 GB of shared data, are a great value including unlimited calling and messaging. Customers can add a line if they currently have 4 or more lines for $10 more a month.

Indigo Wireless offers top-notch Android smartphones, including a Samsung Galaxy, and a Samsung Note. If you choose to pay for your phone upfront, a two-year contract isn't required. Because Indigo Wireless pairs with AT&T and T-Mobile, their service is guaranteed throughout the nation. Their Smart Senior plan is the best bet for anyone over 60 who would like unlimited calling and messaging.


The Bad

  • Many fees
  • Steep data charges
  • Limited service area

Indigo Wireless has quite a few fees included, and they don't offer any amount of unlimited data. Their website doesn't include the chance to purchase a phone and a plan online either. To sign up for an account customers will have to call in to one of the stores, or their customer service. In addition, prospective customers should be aware of the following:

  • Steep Data Charges: Since there is no unlimited data plan, if you go over on your data, steep fees will be applied
  • No contract restrictions: If customers want to avoid singing a contract, they will have to buy their phone. Phone prices can be expensive since they will not be subsidized by the contract agreement.
  • Limited Service Area: Indigo Wireless will not work for anyone. You have to live within the service regions.

Prospective customers are also required to sign a two-year contract unless you buy your phone outright. You also need great credit to be qualified for a two year commitment.


The Bottom Line

Overall, Indigo Wireless is a great option for seniors 60+ with their discount service, and for those living in Tioga County, because they offer such great coverage. Otherwise, their prices for data aren't as good as other top competitors, and they do require a contract unless you would like to buy the phone outright. Those who decide to use Indigo Wireless can expect the following:

  • Quality Coverage
  • No long-term contracts
  • Expensive to get started (purchasing a phone)
  • Limited Device Selection
  • Data restrictions

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