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Santander Consumer USA was founded in 1997 and has a service portfolio of more than $40 billion and over two million customers across the entire credit spectrum. The company is headquartered in Dallas and is a full-service, technology-driven consumer finance company that focuses on vehicle financing and unsecured consumer lending products.

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The Good

  • Instant online application decision
  • Bad credit loans available
  • Refinancing and individual purchase options

Instant Online Application Decision

The Santander Consumer USA website states that once you submit an online application, you will receive a loan decision within 30 seconds. Additionally, the company doesn't charge an application fee and it will present you with multiple offers from which you can choose. This definitely weighs in the company's favor, as other auto loan finance companies often drag out the process for days while continually requesting additional information before giving you a final decision.

Bad Credit Loans Available

Santander Consumer USA offers loan options for both new and used vehicles to consumers with bad credit. However, the company does have certain restrictions in place for these loans. The customer must choose a vehicle that is a model year 2006 or newer with 90,000 to 120,000 miles. Additionally, the car cannot be a commercial, conversion, or customized vehicle.

Refinancing and Individual Purchase Options

Santander Consumer USA does refinancing in some cases. In order to refinance, the company requires that the vehicle you've chosen be seven years old or newer with fewer than 105,000 miles. Santander Consumer USA also allows vehicles to be purchased from an individual. However, the chosen vehicle must be 12 years old or newer with fewer than 100,000 miles to take advantage of this service.

The Bad

  • Brand confusion
  • Minimum and maximum loan requirements
  • Not all vehicles can be financed
  • No APRs disclosed

Brand Confusion

Santander Consumer USA owns the RoadLoans brand, which can be a bit confusing for some consumers. When you click on "Apply for a Car Today" on Santander Consumer USA's website, it takes you to the RoadLoans website where you actually apply for the loan.

Minimum and Maximum Loan Requirements

In most states, Santander Consumer USA has a minimum loan requirement of $5,000 and a maximum loan amount restriction of $75,000. Loan minimums do vary in Arizona, California, and Massachusetts.

Not All Vehicles Can Be Financed

Unfortunately, Santander doesn't finance all types of vehicles. The company does not provide financing for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, conversions, or recreational vehicles.

No APRs Disclosed

Santander Consumer USA has not disclosed interest rates on its company website. While this information is typically determined on a case-by-case basis, it would be helpful if the company at least provided a range so that potential customers know what to expect.

The Bottom Line

Santander Consumer USA offers quick approval, bad credit loans, and refinancing and individual purchase options. However, the company has minimum and maximum loan requirements in place, has not disclosed APRs, and does not finance all vehicles. Additionally, there is some brand confusion between Santander Consumer USA and RoadLoans, which is another auto loan company.

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    August 16th, 2017 Conroe, TX

    We have been paying for a travel trailer for the past 10 years...... they have received ALL of the purchase price plus SUBSTANTIAL INTEREST. Current balance is $16,200........ As the travel trailer is a lousy trailer - the manufacturer has gone out of business... and we have come upon financial and health issues...... we sold funeral plots and offered them $14,000 to pay off the trailer..... this would have in affect paid them $46,375 for a travel trailer that was less than $30,000......... MORE THAN ENOUGH...... We went through telephone calls, emails, etc. and they finally told us to make a formal written request. We did so and never heard back....... We finally contacted them again and they said "it is company policy that we do not negotiate pay-off amounts." We said - so you would rather pick up a travel trailer that is worth less than $1,000 - have it fall apart in transit - NOT receive a total of $46,375 (with the pay-off amount we are willing to pay you) and get nothing because you are forcing us into bankruptcy (and we will use our $14,000 NOW to pay on something else - to someone else) and you will not get any of it? Their answer: SORRY......... It is not like we were asking them to negotiate anything more than about $2200 off the balance of the loan. We have 5 years left to pay on the loan..... The only difference for them TODAY is $2200.......... THIS COMPANY IS CROOKED - AS MANY PEOPLE HAVE STATED......... I will ensure that horrible reviews are blasted ALL over the internet, Facebook, and any other portal that I can possibly find. I hope they enjoy this piece of junk as they pick up the pieces of it as it falls apart on it's way to Dallas....... you can't squeeze blood from a turnip...... and we have nothing else to give...... no savings, nothing............ cancer has wiped out most everything.... and here we are trying to do our part...... SHAME ON SANTANDER CONSUMER USA.