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LAST UPDATED: September 25th, 2022

SIXT started out with three locations and grew into an international company with locations throughout the United States. Currently, the company is present in 105 countries across the globe with over 2,000 branch locations. SIXT purchases more than 200,000 vehicles annually and owns the world's largest fleet of premium German cars. 


The Good

  • Vehicle Types
  • Price Range
  • Toll Prepay Option
  • Online Check-In

Vehicle Types

The SIXT vehicle fleet hosts models from German favorites like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Vehicle types include:

  • Convertibles
  • Luxury cars
  • Minivans
  • SUVs
  • Passenger vans

Price Range

SIXT offers vehicles ranging in average prices in the car rental industry. While the prices are not necessarily low, SIXT's car selection is of a higher quality than many economy budget car rentals. The car make and models are newer and more modern so if that is important to you then the average cost is more than worth paying. Regardless of the price listed for a car, though, SIXT boasts a Best Price Guarantee. 

Toll Prepay Option

A very convenient feature is the ability to order toll passes through the company's website. Having a toll pass makes your commute easier when you travel. This comes as part of the online check-in.

Online Check-In

You can check in your car from SIXT's website instead of the rental counter using one of two options: the online check-in portal via the website or the on-site terminal. After you sign in and check in with your reservation number, you go to SIXT's express counter and swap your signature for the car keys. For the terminal option, follow these steps: 

  1. Insert your Sixt Express Card or credit card into the terminal.
  2. The terminal detects your card automatically and shows you the reservation. You also have the option of booking extras at this point, such as winter tires.
  3. Select your car out of three vehicle options.
  4. Confirm the booking details and print your rental agreement.
  5. Open the safe and take the vehicle keys.

This makes checking in easy and fast and eliminates the issue of long lines that you get with other car rental companies.


The Bad

  • Limited U.S. Availability 
  • No Instant Return
  • No On-Site Fuel Discount

Limited U.S. Availability 

SIXT has rental car locations in 15 states, so your options are limited in the United States. Sixt has rental counters at some major airports throughout North America, but not as many as some competitors. For instance, most rental companies have counters at JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark airports in the New York City area and SIXT does not. On the plus side, SIXT is worldwide, so it is likely to cover your international travel needs.   

No Instant Return

SIXT lacks an instant return option where you can leave the car with the keys inside. You must return the vehicle to a rental office (or other identified location) on the date and time specified in your rental agreement. 

No On-Site Fuel Discount

SIXT does not offer discounts for fueling your vehicle on-site. If a customer returns the car low on gas, SIXT charges a $50 fee. 


The Bottom Line

If you're itching to try out a new or luxury car, look no further than SIXT. With quick check-in, no hidden costs, and free cancellation, SIXT is all about convenience. However, the company is not readily available throughout North America, especially in smaller states and cities. 

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John Whitman Ventura, CA

Do not prepay your rental! If you do you will not receive a refund, at all. Read their contract carefully before giving them the payment. We cancelled our rental over a month before the rental date and were not allowed to get a refund, even though Sixt confirmed our cancellation.

2 months ago

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Michael Krzepkowski Calgary, AB

I have been renting from Sixt in Florence, Italy since January 2020. 3 long term rentals from 48 to 60 days each. Cars are in above average condition, clean and without any major damage. As expected some will have cosmetic imperfections. Counter personal is efficient and well trained. Both their website and app are OK. The problems start when you have to deal with their backoffice. On my rental back in November 2021 I manged to scrape the rim against the curb. The paint on the rim was damaged. Sixt documented the mishap and I confirmed that it was caused by me. After a long delay I was presented with the estimate to replace the rim from the independent company. I would have much preferred the authorized BMW dealer estimate or the actual repair invoice. The estimate put a price tag on the generic "rim" and it was about 20% higher that the BMW catalog shows for exactly correct replacement part. Oh well, it is difficult to argue this over long distance, so I accepted the estimate. By the end of January 2022 I received email from Sixt notifying me that the amount will be charged to my credit card in 14 days. This should have closed the case. However, the Damage Italia Team decided to play some games. They did not charge my credit card. Quietly, without informing me they were printing remittance notices and finally mailed a bunch of them to me by bulk mail from the Netherlands (!) threatening legal action because the bill remained unpaid. At that point they succeeded in losing a customer. Several emails to the Damage Italia Team and company management are simply being ignored. Even small things like refunding customer for purchase of Diesel additive (AdBlue) for EUR 20 could not be completed at the car return time. Two Customer Service reps have to be involved and now 45 days later I am still waiting for the funds to be deposited into my account. Apparently just deducting it from the final bill was too complicated. Overall it is a great business case how an inept backoffice clerk can destroy marketing and front office efforts.

4 months ago

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W van London, ON

Arrived to pick up vehicle and they didn't have the one i request. Finally received my bill and was over charged $258.00. Not impressed so now I have to play phone tag to fight and get a refund.

4 months ago

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Tim Bellefonte, PA

Lots of people on here saying bad things so I'm going to start with the good then explain the bad and why I only gave 3 stars. I rented and prepaid $265 ($38 a day after taxes etc.) in March for their Mercedes E Class or similar level of rental for 1 week in September (6 Months advance notice) for my vacation in Tampa Florida, their online process was easy, filled out all required info. declined all insurances at booking. When I arrived they did not have the level I booked so offered me an upgrade (more on this later) what I drove off the lot with was a BMW X5 4.0, with all the trimmings, the car was wonderful, it ran flawlessly for the whole week, it was clean, comfortable, and well looked after, there was some minor dings and things which were already listed on the paperwork as being present, we photographed that damage anyway to be safe. After a faultless wee riding around in a very nice car, The return process in Tampa was simple, pull into the return line, leave the keys inside the car, Person comes over, checks over for any new damage, level of gas in tank etc, Good to go. Swift and easy return no issue. So now the bad. what upset me. So after I gave them 6 months notice of me wanting a Mercedes E class or similar, they did not have one, the guy at the counter was very nice, friendly, polite, well spoken. "Very sorry sir we don't have that class on the lot right now so I can offer you an upgrade to a BMW X5, would that be ok?" "sure that would be fine, thankyou" So o.k. on we go through the process, he verifies my ID, asks if we want insurance etc etc regular check out process. Until almost the last part of the rental agreement process where he's going over the charges, and gets to a $30 a day upgrade fee.....I stop him right there and protest that, it's not my fault you didn't have my car, so Why are you trying to charge me almost the same again for the car, He tried to con me off saying it was standard for upgrade, I continued to protest, if i go to enterprise and they don't have my car, they upgrade for free. He calls his manager on the phone "they don't want to pay for the upgrade" he comes back to me, would $20 a day be o.k.?, I refuse again, he goes back to the manager as he's talking with the manager I look up the rental cost difference on their app, between the Merc and the BMW, it's a $13 a day difference to book it on their app right there. I show him that and as I'm tired and just want to get to my hotel to lay down for a bit I agree that $13 a day would be fine. He confirms with his manager, hangs up and rewrites the bill, shows me the $100 total extra charge, I sign and off we go. This is why they get 3 stars not 5 from me. If you don't have a car and offer an upgrade, that upgrade should be free. I could understand you arguing if I book the car the day before or something but I gave you 6 months notice of my rental so any failure to provide is your fault not mine. This Company was great except for that. I would rent again but I'll probably just buy from the counter when I get there instead of prepaying and being upset. It's a little more expensive to pay on the day but the few $ extra would be worth it to avoid the "Forced Up sell"

3 years ago

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Tim Griffin Somerville, MA

They weren't explicit about how the toll road system worked in the Tampa Bay area. Basically, there is an administrative fee for using toll roads that has been passed on to the consumer because there is no option for renta car users to pay tolls directly or pay-by-plate directly. In order to use toll roads I needed to pay an $8.99 per day fee on top of the actually toll. That's complete BS and exploits the consumer. Also, had a random fee show up on my bill: "AP Concession Recovery Fee 10.00 - 24.01 USD" So I ended up paying $112 above the prepaid total for a 5 day rental.

4 years ago

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Andrew Harris Dayton, NJ

Took a car here and wasn't satisfied with the assistance they provided. The car had some damages before i took it but weirdly, for some reason i became the responsable one to pay for it's fixing job.

1 year ago

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Mark Troxel Provo, UT

I have only found Sixt to be in one of the airport that I travel to. I use them when they have the best deal on car rental sites. The cars are good quality and in good shape. I have rented Cadillac's from them. It helped me realize that I would never want to own a Cadillac ATS, or a convertible.

1 year ago


Review Source

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We have used Sixt a couple of times when we have traveled to Orlando. The vehicles have been great. I have not enjoyed the challenges to get to the rental site and the facility seems very small. The cars are great!

4 years ago

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Ellen Morris Potomac, MD

I found Sixt Rent a Car to be unreliable and a bit sketchy. I did not feel like the process of renting it was as clean and seamless as it has been with other car rentals.

2 years ago