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LAST UPDATED: September 29th, 2022

SIXT started out with three locations and grew into an international company with locations throughout the United States. Currently, the company is present in 105 countries across the globe with over 2,000 branch locations. SIXT purchases more than 200,000 vehicles annually and owns the world's largest fleet of premium German cars. 


The Good

  • Vehicle Types
  • Price Range
  • Toll Prepay Option
  • Online Check-In

Vehicle Types

The SIXT vehicle fleet hosts models from German favorites like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Vehicle types include:

  • Convertibles
  • Luxury cars
  • Minivans
  • SUVs
  • Passenger vans

Price Range

SIXT offers vehicles ranging in average prices in the car rental industry. While the prices are not necessarily low, SIXT's car selection is of a higher quality than many economy budget car rentals. The car make and models are newer and more modern so if that is important to you then the average cost is more than worth paying. Regardless of the price listed for a car, though, SIXT boasts a Best Price Guarantee. 

Toll Prepay Option

A very convenient feature is the ability to order toll passes through the company's website. Having a toll pass makes your commute easier when you travel. This comes as part of the online check-in.

Online Check-In

You can check in your car from SIXT's website instead of the rental counter using one of two options: the online check-in portal via the website or the on-site terminal. After you sign in and check in with your reservation number, you go to SIXT's express counter and swap your signature for the car keys. For the terminal option, follow these steps: 

  1. Insert your Sixt Express Card or credit card into the terminal.
  2. The terminal detects your card automatically and shows you the reservation. You also have the option of booking extras at this point, such as winter tires.
  3. Select your car out of three vehicle options.
  4. Confirm the booking details and print your rental agreement.
  5. Open the safe and take the vehicle keys.

This makes checking in easy and fast and eliminates the issue of long lines that you get with other car rental companies.


The Bad

  • Limited U.S. Availability 
  • No Instant Return
  • No On-Site Fuel Discount

Limited U.S. Availability 

SIXT has rental car locations in 15 states, so your options are limited in the United States. Sixt has rental counters at some major airports throughout North America, but not as many as some competitors. For instance, most rental companies have counters at JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark airports in the New York City area and SIXT does not. On the plus side, SIXT is worldwide, so it is likely to cover your international travel needs.   

No Instant Return

SIXT lacks an instant return option where you can leave the car with the keys inside. You must return the vehicle to a rental office (or other identified location) on the date and time specified in your rental agreement. 

No On-Site Fuel Discount

SIXT does not offer discounts for fueling your vehicle on-site. If a customer returns the car low on gas, SIXT charges a $50 fee. 


The Bottom Line

If you're itching to try out a new or luxury car, look no further than SIXT. With quick check-in, no hidden costs, and free cancellation, SIXT is all about convenience. However, the company is not readily available throughout North America, especially in smaller states and cities. 

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Chris Sisler Charlotte, NC

The price was great and the pickup process was fast and easy. After leaving and driving on the interstate the hood was moving slightly. The hood would not secure tightly. When I turned it back in and told the employee about it, he said it was probably prior damage. Sixt then sends me a damage repair bill for almost $500 to repair the hood. They probably wouldn't even have known about it if I did not report it.

2 months ago

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Shirley Pierce Denver, CO

I had a terrible experience overall. The desk checkout was terrible, got a really scratched up vehicle with CA tags for a NC rental, which tire was near flat daily. Someone in the Dallas location, copied and pasted my contract at Dallas and shocked me with a huge amount on my card, it was reversed, but what a messed up situation. Now Im getting a claim going saying I scratched the car ! it had such a long list of scratches when I got it ! never again !!!! !

5 months ago

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Aimee Zavala Greenville, NC

I entered my pick up location to be Denver airport the website made reservations at two different Denver locations. I only put my credit card in one time but I had two reservations according to the company. They do not have a working number for the company to get help for any issue that might arise. They did have a number posted on the door of location because doors were locked. Two different company employees told me lies about me making two reservations for same city 1 minute apart. When I did take the train to pick up my car for the only reservation number I had been given I had my daughter record the conversation. This made Ibedt the supervisor of the Denver train station location (Union) upset. She tried to tell me it was illegal. However all business are public places and CO is a one party consent state. I told her why I was doing it because they have no corporate number and no one has taken care of a mistake there website made within 7 days. I have all the information I need to refute this charge with my credit card company thanks to my recording. If you deal with this company be prepared for some extra work.

1 year ago

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john b Niagara Falls, NY

As far as the location of the SIXT office, staff, service and the type of vehicle I received, I was pleased. The staff was knowledgable and rather friendly. The office was attached to the Panorama Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia which provided convenience. What I have an issue with is how I was billed. I reserved a vehicle online and prepaid the vehicle. When it came time to return the vehicle, I noticed a rental days charge and extra days. I added a collision damage waiver, minimum excess and roadside protection which was added. The thing is I felt I was charged twice for the rental car. The prepaid cost (338.68€) and the daily cost (182.94€). Another rip-off was the prepaid fuel at 63.25€. I did not have to leave a full tank but it does not cost 63.25€ to fill a Jeep Compass. With all the taxes added, the vehicle went from $40 CDN a day to $120 a day CDN. Never again will I rent from SIXT.

2 years ago

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laura o Sayreville, NJ

Just be informed that if you dont take out extra insurance and you get a flat tire you will have to pay for it. I called the service number and was asked if someone could change the tire(thank god for my son being with me or that probably would have been another charge) then was told i would have to bring tire to be fixed at a specified dealer. I was told on phone I would have to front the money and be reimbursed after. When returning car I spoke to agent and was given an email to send copies of bill to. 3 days later received response saying "Dear Madam, Thank you for your correspondence. As you did not purchased tyre and windscreen coverage, a damaged tyre and any incurred expenses would be your responsibility. Please forward the documents to your own insurance provider in order to avail of a refund. Kind regards, Ciaran Customer Service Team Ireland

3 years ago

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Karen Zeigler Springfield, IL

I have to give them only 2 stars. Both stars are for price. After this it stops. We waited for the car way past our pick up time. It was not ready...Please wait an hour! Then we returned at night, failed to take pictures and were charged for scratches. We rented the vehicle and it stayed in a driveway of someone's home, plus my sister and I walked the car. We were not responsible! In addition it took them over a week to notify us of the claim. Basically they were unfair. If you read other reviews, they do this quite often. My suggestion, pay a little more for a trustworthy company.

2 years ago

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angie neal Green Bay, WI

Terrible customer service. Couldn't pay online due to "issues with their sytsem" so had to pay at counter. When invoice was billed, they pulled DOUBLE what was agreed upon. Had have my husband call to give permission for me to settle the bill (even though we're married!), and have vehicle fuel fee of $200 removed. Customer service hung up on me at end of call. NEVER AGAIN

3 years ago

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Richard Ford

booked through hotwire hired the car at Paris Airport. Firstly the car I booked was not available so I had to pay 5 euros more a day than I got quoted. Second I had a 92 euro charge for location nearly the cost of my car hire, ive tried to contact Sixt but they haven't replied. will not be using them ever again.

3 years ago

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Ron R Phoenix, AZ

The worst rental car ever. Read the reviews , they scam everyone by not having you check the car over before you leave and then claiming damage that you caused when you return the car, that you did not cause. Never giving you the same car you signed up for and treating their customers like crap!

3 years ago

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4 years ago

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Jennifer Malinowski Lake Orion, MI

Updating previous review… After much arguing, the company did the right thing and refunded a portion of the fees.

7 months ago