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LAST UPDATED: April 23rd, 2023

In 1977, owner Larry Potterfield started an ammunition company called Ely Ammunition Inc now known as MidwayUSA. This company sells a variety of quality hunting, ammunition, and firearm parts and accessories. 

Unlike most other firearm and firearm accessory distributors, MidwayUSA vends a large selection of gunsmithing supplies and equipment. The online store supplies products in the following categories: ammunition, gun parts, reloading supplies, optics, guns, shooting gear, black powder supplies, gunsmithing supplies, hunting gear, air guns, fishing, and camping. 

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The Good

  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Detailed Reviews
  • Thorough Information

Excellent Customer Support

MidwayUSA delivers excellent customer support. They provide a live customer service chat, in-site emails, as well as a customer service hotline.

If a customer has a problem or question, they have plenty of ways to contact MidwayUSA to get their problem solved. MidwayUSA offers a detailed product description and reviews on all of the products they distribute.

Detailed Reviews

Customers are provided with the option of reading and leaving product reviews. 

All customers can rate the product and their experience based on a five-star scale and make comments on other users' reviews.

This reviewing option that MidwayUSA offers allows customers to interact with other customers to help each other get the most out of the products they are purchasing or thinking about purchasing.

The conversation program sets MidwayUSA apart from their online store competitors because they are essentially allowing for a transparent purchasing process for their customers.

Thorough Information

MidwayUSA presents thorough online information on all of the products they distribute in their shop.

This information includes product features, equipment, price information, policies and procedures, technical information, ballistics, shipping and delivery information, and even product videos.

With this offered information, customers can fully research the product and price through MidwayUSA before they decide to take action. Instead of having to do research on products on different sites or through a variety of means, customers are provided with everything they need to know about a product by MidwayUSA.

The company's product videos are especially unique and valuable — not many of MidwayUSA's competitors provide the videos or nearly as much business information.


The Bad

  • No Warranties
  • Short Return Policy
  • Issues With Delivery

No Warranties

MidwayUSA does not provide warranties for its products. The company only provides a manufacturer warranty. This is not uncommon for distributors of firearms and ammunition, but it is also not in the customer's best interest.

Instead of being able to trust the MidwayUSA will back up its products, a customer has to rely on the manufacturer's service for that.

Meanwhile, some other online store competitors offer a lifetime warranty for certain products.

Short Return Policy

MidwayUSA has a 60-day return policy. That means that if a customer has an issue with a product they bought, they only have two months to get their money back.

After 60 days, MidwayUSA only offers exchanges or shop credit. The 60-day time period to get a full refund is lower than most of MidwayUSA's competitors. Customers should note that some items are not eligible for return. If you order a gun, gunpowder, boxer primer, black powder firearm, treestand, and/or ammunition, you can’t return the item due to safety concerns. 

Issues With Delivery

While MidwayUSA is very good at resolving problems, they tend to struggle with preventing those problems.

Products shipped and delivered are sometimes the wrong order or take too long to get to the customer. MidwayUSA resolves these shipping and delivery problems but does very little to prevent them or to take corrective measures to improve their process.


The Bottom Line

MidwayUSA tends to be a dependable company to order from. The company has been active in the firearm and ammunition industry for several years longer than many other online stores.

MidwayUSA sells a variety of products and accessories including reloading supplies, outdoor gear, competitive shooting items, and more.

Their employees have an excellent track record of ensuring customer experience satisfaction by personally resolving any issues and by providing plenty of customer support. MidwayUSA claims that they focus on customer satisfaction, and they live up to that claim.

The rating program that they provide on their website for every product from past customers is another customer satisfaction plus-it provides customers with a mostly unbiased opinion of a product that they are looking to purchase.

As with almost any business, MidwayUSA has some bugs that still need to be worked out. If MidwayUSA were to provide better warranties and improve their delivery/shipping system, they would stand out even more in the firearms and ammunition industry. MidwayUSA is a well-recommended company that lives up to its reputation.

Have you ordered from MidwayUSA? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know by leaving a review below.

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