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LAST UPDATED: October 4th, 2019
This Loan Is Good For...
  • New businesses with less than one year of experience
  • Business owners with poor credit scores
  • Business owners who need short term loans
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Silver Rock Funding started in 2014, with headquarters out in Alexandria, Virginia. The company is made up of entrepreneurs and social media executives. It specializes in small business loans, and encourages people of all credit scores to apply. Consumers that choose Silver Rock Funding should remember that they must have a credit score of 550 or higher.

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The Good

  • Experienced Staff
  • Safe Data
  • Quickly Find Lenders

Experienced Staff

Silver Rock Funding employs a team of professionals to help with the entire loaning process. Once an application is received, Silver Rock Funding will provide one with a funding manager to help decide which product is best for their unique circumstance.

Safe Data

Customers can rest assured that their data is protected, because the company uses bank level security tactics. Applying is free and easy, and approval can happen in 24 hours. One can have funds in their account by 48 hours. Silver Rock Funding looks beyond one's credit score, and provides one-on-one care for all clients.

Quickly Find Lenders

Convenient for applicants, the company provides a calculation tool that uses the financial information inputted to reveal available funding and lenders.

  • No minimum credit score required to apply
  • 99 percent of industries qualify
  • Only need to be in business for three months
  • No Collateral required
  • Borrow up to $500k

The Bad

  • Not a Lender
  • Website Lacks Information
  • Missing Fee Data

Not a Lender

Silver Rock Funding is not an actual lender. The company itself does not make any credit decisions. In fact, all decisions are made between the client and the funding partner. While some may like this process, other customers say that rules can be inconsistent since each lender has their own set of terms.

Website Lacks Information

While the website does provide a lot of important details, it does leave out some key points. Nowhere on the website does it list if Silver Rock Funding offers secured or unsecured loans. Not only that, but the website does not provide any interest rates.

Missing Fee Data

While the company does offer a completely free application process, the website does not show if there are closing fees or any additional fees.

  • Unknown interest rates
  • No live chat option
  • Unknown prepayment penalties
  • Unknown closing and origination fees
  • Short terms only: 3-18 months

The Bottom Line

This company is ideal for people with bad credit, or who have been turned away by the bank. Silver Rock Funding welcomes people of all circumstances, and can have money in one's account within 72 hours. The application process is free and simple, and the whole process is quick. Silver Rock Funding seems to have overall positive ratings, and with a big following on Facebook. Two things to note, are that the company itself does not supply any loans, and people with businesses in service for under three months should look elsewhere. However, for people looking for a small business loan, Silver Rock Funding provides one-on-one service, and is worth looking into.

  • For businesses in service for over three months only
  • No interest rate information on website
  • Free application with a convenient calculation tool. Quick process from start to finish
  • Welcomes people of all credit scores - no minimum requirement

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