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LAST UPDATED: March 24th, 2020

CAN Capital is one of the largest sources of alternative funding for small businesses in the United States. Since 1998, the company has provided around $7 billion in working capital, assisting roughly 125,000 small- and medium-sized businesses throughout North America with term loans. CAN Captial offers business loan and merchant cash advance options.  

CAN Capital requirements include a 680+ credit score, six months in business, and annual revenue of $150,000. Often, business owners who borrow once from CAN Capital come back and borrow more (70 percent of customers renew).

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The Good

  • Loan Terms
  • Positive CAN Capital Reviews
  • Transparent Information
  • Prepayment Discount
  • Fast Funding

Loan Terms

CAN Capital is a great funding option for new and small businesses looking for a short-term loan. CAN Capital will loan anywhere from $2,500 to $150,000. The average amount loaned to small businesses is around $46,000.

The company offers loan terms anywhere from 4 to 24 months, while the average life of a small business loan sits around 13 months. It's convenient for borrowers that there are repayment terms ranging from short-term to long-term.

Additionally, the average interest rate of one of these loans is 27.3 percent. 

Positive CAN Capital Reviews

CAN Capital has several positive reviews on Entrepreneurs say that CAN Capital employees are great to work with. The company typically provides quick access to borrowed money and always makes the funding and application process smooth and easy. 

Transparent Information

CAN Capital is great for business loans because the company has low requirements that are displayed online including low, fixed daily payments, automated ACH deductions from the business checking account, and a no personal collateral required policy.

CAN Capital also considers business performance and cash flow as part of its business loan terms. They even have a calculator to estimate costs. Other lenders will only tell you their cost and requirements after you apply, rarely letting customers know detailed information upfront, such as what credit score is required, what monthly payments will look like, and what your repayment terms will be.

With transparent information from CAN Capital, you can decide right away if this is a good loan for you. Having transparent information also makes the loan application process a lot simpler and worry-free. 

Prepayment Discount

At CAN Capital, companies that payback their loans early are rewarded with a six percent prepayment discount on the FULL outstanding balance after 90 days (if the account is in good standing). When you apply for a loan with CAN Capital, this information is in their Business Loan Agreement. 

Fast Funding

Loans from CAN Capital are ideal for businesses that need fast access to small amounts of cash (two days to funding). Most banks won't even look at loans under $50,000, and many alternative lenders only provide minimum loans of $5,000. With CAN Capital, you can get a $2,500 loan. To qualify for higher loans, you must be making more than the minimum requirement each month. 


The Bad

  • Interest Rates
  • Small Loans

Interest Rates

The majority of people think that the most important aspect of a business loan is the interest rate, and we tend to agree with them. When you take out a loan with CAN Capital, you will pay about $0.35 in interest for every $1 you take out.

These calculations are based on CAN Capital's own calculator - taking out a $100,000 loan for 12 months. However, these rates go down with your term length and may fluctuate based on your credit. For example, if you only need to borrow cash for four months, CAN Capital charges around $0.15 per $1 borrowed. 

CAN Capital also charges an origination fee of three percent. However, CAN Capital is transparent about its requirements and does not charge any hidden fee that will surprise the borrower. 

Small Loans

The annual revenue requirement is high with a minimum of $150,000. The highest amount CAN Capital will lend is $150,000 - slightly lower than the average. But if you want to access this much cash, your business needs to generate around $1 million in monthly sales. As far as we have seen, no other lender has such high revenue requirements. 


The Bottom Line

A business loan from CAN Capital is a reasonable choice for small business owners looking for a short-term loan. Businesses should remember that while their interest rates may be as low as 15 percent, they could reach as high as 35 percent.

CAN Capital is an industry leader in terms of providing top-notch service for small businesses based upon the following criteria: the lender provides fast access to cash in the form of small business loans or a cash advance, has no hidden fees, requires no personal collateral, has automated ACH deductions that come straight from your business checking account, and shows actual loan requirements.

CAN Captial also has reasonable loan requirements and takes business performance and cash flow into consideration. However, note that CAN capital requires a three percent origination fee and only offers small business loans up to $150,000. Applicants can receive their money in as little as one business day. 

CAN Capital customers need to have decent credit, as the company's credit score requirement is 680 and higher. Borrowers also need to have six months in business and annual revenue of at least $150,000.

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Roger Davis New York, NY

I have been a customer of CAN Capital's for over 10 years. Through good times and bad, they have always been there for me, including in 2008 when the bank pulled my line of credit. CAN Capital was there to help us get through that time and has since assisted us through expansion to a second location. Great people, highly recommended, they are really good to their loyal customers!

8 years ago

star star star star star

Nancy Bakhtiar Colorado Springs, CO

I really like the idea of a daily payment instead of having to worry all month about making one large payment. I think I am going to start applying this to a lot of my expenses. It is much easier to swallow in little bits. Thank you, Jennifer May, for your outstanding Customer Service

7 years ago

star star star star star

Anadaisy Garcia Pico Rivera, CA

I have been a customer of CAN Capital for about three years now and the transactions were always straightforward, making it very smooth and very easy for me to go through the process. I am looking forward to a long business partnership with CAN Capital.

8 years ago

star star star star star_border

Tina Bates Chattanooga, TN

CAN Capital employees was very kind and pleasant to work with. This was my first time using a company like CAN instead of going through a bank. My only complaint would be being told funding usually takes a day and from the time I was told it was approved it took 5 additional days for funding to be transferred and 1 more day to post. This put me in a tight spot that I could have avoided if I would have know the process would take 6 days. I would definitely use CAN Capital again in the future just remembering to give the process a little more time.

8 years ago

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Mitch Simpson Cleveland, GA

CAN Capital was great to work with. We had lots of offers from other companies but CAN was quite a bit lower with their fees. Since we are in a very capital intensive business we always need funding for various needs and we hope to have a very long lasting relationship with CAN

8 years ago

star star star star star

Robin Miller Smyrna, GA

CAN Capital is a great company.Helped me and my business in a time of need. Very easy to work with and made the process as painless as possible. Would use them again if necessary.

8 years ago

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Hayward Hardware Hayward, CA

Can Capital is Price Gouging during a Health emergency! They refused to mark my loan as paid even though the payment posted. Now they are threatening not to renew. Can Capital WAS a great company. I've been a customer for nearly four years and generated Thousands of dollars in interest and fees. They've responded to my questions with threats straight out of a Gangster movie. Will someone alert the FEDS?

3 years ago

star star star star star_border

Christine Plainfield, IL

Everything went smooth, just a minor misunderstanding on when the loan would be funded. But everyone was great to work with, helpful and responsive.

7 years ago

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Lynn Dietz Canton, TX

This file has been mishandled from day 1. I have paid more back than was agreed. They kept drawing money from my sales although it is paid in full.

5 years ago

star star star star star

William Gleich Munising, MI

Cliff was very helpful and professional. I really appreciate his extra effort and commitment.

7 years ago

star star star star star_border

Barry Rathkopf Las Vegas, NV

The process was quick and easy. The funds were in our account in 24 hours. Great people to work with.

8 years ago

star star star star star

Cassandra Faulk GA

I have been with Can Capital for about 3 years and it has been a great experience for my company.

8 years ago

star star star star star

Nancy Bakhtiar Colorado Springs, CO

This was the easiest! I love the small daily payments!

7 years ago