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LAST UPDATED: February 13th, 2023

US Bank has been in operation since 1863. They are a consumer and commercial banking business with total assets of $403 Billion. There are over 3,000 US Bank offices and 5,000 ATM's across the nation. The financial services institution provides solutions at the personal banking level as well as banking solutions for small businesses, commercial organizations and governments. The Minneapolis-based company was the nation's fifth-largest bank by deposits as of December 2013.

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The Good

  • Variety of Accounts
  • Online Banking
  • Educational Expenses
  • Customer Service

Variety of Accounts

US Bank offers five types of checking accounts and five types of savings accounts.

Customers can pick a checking account with a monthly maintenance fee that matches their needs and financial circumstances. On some, but not all, of its accounts the maintenance fee can be waived. However, all checking accounts include access to branches in more than 25 states, nationwide ATMs, and online banking options.

Additionally, for customers looking for a savings account, US Bank has various options depending on your needs. Accounts vary on what you are saving for and either have a $0 monthly maintenance fee or a low fee that cannot be waived. In addition, each account requires an opening deposit.

US Bank also provides various credit card options for personal banking, as well as business checking account options.

Online Banking

To meet the needs of today's customers, US Bank has a spread of online services available. Online banking services provided by US Bank include mobile banking and mobile wallets. With US Bank's mobile app customers can deposit checks, pay bills, and transfer card balances, allowing customers to do their basic banking quickly without visiting a US Bank branch location.

Educational Expenses

US Bank's options also assist college-aged students, as well as adults looking to return to school to complete a degree or pursue post-graduate education. 

For young students, US Bank provides student checking and savings accounts with a $0 maintenance fee, as well as student credit cards, there are options for students looking to save money and build credit. Additionally, to help cover costs of college education, and even elementary and secondary education, parents can set up a 529 plan, an investment plan in which contributions grow tax-deferred and remain tax-free if funds are withdrawn.

Customer Service

Whether you have questions or concerns about your accounts or other US Bank products or services, you can reach a US Bank representative 24/7. The company can also be reached through social media.


The Bad

  • Monthly Maintenance Fees
  • Overdraft Fees

Monthly Maintenance Fees

Monthly maintenance fees for US Bank checking accounts are relatively high in comparison to other banks. It is important to note that maintenance fees can be waived if a certain account balance is maintained or if a minimum amount is deposited into the account each month.

Overdraft Fees

US Bank has a high fee of $36 for overdraft transactions of more than $5. This fee can be charged up to four times a day, which can quickly accumulate and take a hit on your finances.


The Bottom Line

US Bank has shown that it is constantly growing. Providing services to consumers, small businesses, or commercial companies, there are options for everyone.

US Bank has much to offer customers with its wide range of financial services. Customers are free to bank online or use US Bank's mobile app to deposit a check. Customers can also save for college and find ways to finance their journey in receiving a higher education.

Our recommendation: If you're in a rush, choose another bank whose sign up information is more readily available. If you have time when choosing who to bank with, consider US Bank, as it is the fifth-largest bank in the nation overall.

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Franklin Seal Moab, UT

I've had my REI US Bank mastercard for 3 years. Twice in that time, their server has mistakenly taken double or triple payments from my checking account to pay my balance. Each time, when I've contacted them about their error, their representatives have stated that the money can ONLY be refunded to my checking account via a paper check in the mail. Each time, it has taken over a week and a half to get the money back. They take the money out of my account in less than 24 hours. When they make a mistake, they take more than a week to give the money back. They refuse to send it back to me using the same method that they used to take it from me. I have asked, and each time they refuse. I understand the game: though the amount they owe me is a small amount, when multiplied by thousands of small amounts, it adds up. So, every day they can delay the return of my money means millions of dollars more on their books in the long run. I'm so over it. I'm cancelling my account and looking for a card company that can return my money to me as speedily as they take it from me.😡

4 years ago

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Bonnie Slocum Layton, UT

We banked with US Bank for over ten years when we lived in Idaho. They were really awful to work with whenever we had a bank related problem. They were never helpful and always got moody when it came to pleasing the customer. They would always refer back to the company policy and say that they couldn't do anything to change it. They would stick giant fees on the account when the slightest degree of lapse occurred on the account.

5 years ago

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Lyssa Eagle Mountain, UT

I’ve struggled with my banking services with USBank for years and I’m fixing to switch as they charged my account massive overdraft fees over $67 worth of charges after getting laid off. Over $1k in fees and refused to work with me on it and sent it to collections. I’ll be switching as soon as I get it paid off.

3 years ago

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I feel like they charge an excessive amount of fees. They will hold funds if your account is getting low and wait for you to overdraft your account before processing all of the charges and then charging you for all the previous purchases.

5 years ago

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Ryan Hancock San Francisco, CA

I have a small business account at US Bank and I needed to get some checks. It was real difficult to get anyone in the branch to wait on me and then they ended pushing me off to another person. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

6 years ago

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Blake Hunnel

I have a mortgage and a checking account. They are unable to give me an online account because I don't have a checking account. Lots of other little stuff too

5 years ago

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Terrible bank. High interest, not helpful to their clients, I have had nothing but disappointments since I joined that bank and plan to get out soon.

4 years ago

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Cathy Gordon West Chester, OH

This is the worst bank I've ever banked with! Mistakes and an inability to even see where they went wrong! They have the worst employees, bar none!

5 years ago

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Matt West Sacramento, CA

Inconsistent with goal and expectations set for business customers.

5 years ago

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Brandon Schollmeyer Melbourne, FL

Lied to. Payment never processed by rep.

5 years ago