Keybank has a total of 93.8 Billion total assets. They have 994 branches, 1,287 ATMs, online banking and 24/7 customer service. This bank provide services for personal, private, business, and corporate clients. 

The Good

  • Services
  • Tailor to needs


Keybank is secure with total assets of 93.8 billion. There services are dependent with consumer needs. For example the listed services for personal banking include:  deposit and investment products, personal finance services and loans, including residential mortgages, home equity and various types of installment loans.

Tailor to Needs

This bank is focused on the success of individuals, businesses, and corporations and want to tailor to their needs. There are only 4-5 fees seen in the checking and savings account total.

The Bad

  • No overdraft
  • Low APY

No Overdraft

If a consumer does not like having credit card declined this is not the company for them. There are no overdraft fees. If there is no money in consumers accounts then the transaction will not go through debit card. This bank is only in 12 of the 50 states so if consumer needs to access a branch and ATM of keybank there are only select locations.


The APY for the savings account is .02% which is better than some but is not the highest APY in the nation.

The Bottom Line

Keybank provide many services for a variety of clients and promotes self sufficiency. There is availability in 12 states with 994 branches and 1,287 ATMs. Consumers may contact key bank during business hours via phone or email.

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    January 27th, 2016 Williamson, NY

    Key Bank won't post its current level note rest rates on loans. They have a buy down interest rate, but you can never accurately find out what the rate is without calling. Then, should you believe that their rates are rising while others have fallen? Big mystery as to whether I'm getting honest information.

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