The General

The General

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, The General Insurance Company was designed to give those drivers with less-than-perfect records affordable auto insurance. The company operates in 47 of the 50 states, and provides a variety of services, but all premiums cover the minimum requirements of each specific state. The company is part of PGC holdings group, which has been writing auto insurance throughout a large portion of the country for 50 years.

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The Good

  • Coverage features
  • Service coverage
  • Price range
  • Only policy access
  • Website

Coverage Features

While the review team's sample quote includes the bare minimum services required by the driver's state requirements, policies can be tailored on such points as the following:

  • Liability
  • Rental
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision

Service Coverage

The General covers 47/50 U.S states. The three states not covered are Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Michigan. The states that do provide coverage will vary in ways of premiums, coverage and other specific rules and state laws.

Price Range

The average price of an auto insurance policy from The General ranges from $102 to $118 per month.


Online Policy Access

The General's website houses options to renew or change coverage, make a payment online through the automatic bill pay option and receive online customer service support.


A few minutes on their website will give drivers a free quote customizable to their preferences. Their website also features some help topics at the bottom of the site. Help features include options like Auto Insurance information, state insurance information, insurance basics and a frequently asked questions, (FAQ), page.

The Bad

  • File/track claims
  • Discounts
  • Online reputation

File/Track Claims

Customers cannot file or track a claim online. They must call in by phone to a customer service representative. Representatives are available all day, every day.


The General only offers one discount to customers who pay in full.

Online Reputation

The General's Facebook page was surprisingly low in "likes" with just over 5,000. On the Consumer Affairs website, The General doesn't hold much better. Out of the 47 people polled, 46 of them gave this company a one-star rating, and the other individual gave a two-star rating.

The Bottom Line

The General Insurance is a great option for those who have driven for an extended period of time without insurance, who have been in accidents, or have had speeding tickets. Not being able to file a claim online can be a headache to some. Many would rather input the specifics about an accident into an online form, rather than possibly waiting on hold to share the information with an agent.

For those who can't get insurance elsewhere, or who are fine with having 'just enough' insurance, this company is a great choice. The website is upfront about its' costs, coverage and locations. Forty-seven of the fifty states offer insurance coverage from The General, and this service will serve in a pinch.

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