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    “Took 5 days to get someone out to check my air conditioner when the temp was in the 100s, also it still cost me $247 even though I have a $45 copay.”

    Bill Russ

    Phoenix, AZ

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    “When we first got DirecTV we had some issues getting a good connection, but once we had the dish moved we were able to watch tv without issues.”

    Morgan Tennant

    Idaho Falls, ID

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    “Used a rental truck to move twice now. While I give it four stars for the price, it drops to three stars for the quality of truck.”

    Abby Stubbs

    Roy, UT

  • star star star star star

    Marina Hranac

    Washington, D.C.

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    “I looked at for sale by and it says they can put it up on the MLS but the fee is $599”


    Hampton Bays, NY

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    “Love the idea of arming and disarming my alarm wherever I'm at. Plus great equipment.”

    Emanuel Mercado

    Duncanville, TX

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    “I recommend frontpoint. I think they are great. It is always working well. Customer service is excellent.”


    Sebastopol, CA

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    “I've surveyed other companies, either fees are absurd and ridiculous. With Cove, for $25 monthly, you get everything that you need for a home security.”


    Cathedral City, CA

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    “I highly recommend Moxie to anybody to make the investment. It is a good product and a good process.”


    Minneapolis, MN

  • star star star star star

    Zaina Banihani

    Portland, OR

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