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LAST UPDATED: October 11th, 2021

The Swell Score is a team of doctors, nutritionists, and scientists providing knowledge, education resources, and product discounts to its clients. The Swell Score’s products and resources focus on health and wellness in all shapes and forms — from aging and gut health to prenatal vitamins. The company’s hope is to cut through the noise of endless information surrounding health, supplements, and lifestyle advice. 

Together, the team of experts has over 60 years of experience in various health-related professions: research, patient care, and analysis. In order to enjoy the many resources and products, customers must pay a yearly subscription fee ($159 per year, or the sale price of $99 per year). Customers can also try a free, 14-day trial.


The Good

  • Science-Based Claims
  • Variety of Health Information and Products

Science-Based Claims

The Swell Score was formed by a group of naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and health experts. The group has a combined experience of over 60 years in the health industry. The company’s website claims that its products and programs have completed clinical testing, reviews, and various analyses. The Swell Score’s articles are also claimed to be research- and evidence-based health solutions. The company affirms its credibility and research-based approaches.

Variety of Health Information and Products

Unlike many other health and wellness companies, The Swell Score doesn’t solely offer its own company product. The Swell Score recommends a variety of brands. These brands include supplements, vitamins, health courses, and other resources. 

Also, instead of just offering trendy products, like many other companies, The Swell Score offers research, easy to understand, to its clients. Clients are enabled to make informed decisions concerning their health. 


The Bad

  • Underwhelming Discounts
  • Newly Opened

Underwhelming Discounts

While the company claims “up to 50% in discounts,” the average is much lower. Briefly looking at the products, it seems like membership discounts only average about 15 to 20 percent discounts. If clients are buying an assortment of supplements, vitamins, or health resources regularly, the discounts might be worth it. However, if clients aren’t regular health product buyers, the discounts might not add much value to the subscription service ($99 to $159 per year). 

Newly Opened

The Swell Score hasn’t disclosed any opening date. However, from some brief research, it looks like the company is fairly new. It’s presumed the company opened towards the latter half of 2020. The company is newly formed and not yet experienced in operations. The Swell Score’s credibility, as a company, is not yet convincing. 


The Bottom Line

The Swell Score is a subscription-based health and wellness company. The company offers discounts, educational courses, and evidence-based research. Products mainly include supplements and vitamins. The Swell Score claims that all recommendations and products are clinically approved and backed by its team of health experts and doctors. 

If clients are in need of regular supplements and vitamin discounts and information, The Swell Score has several resources. However, the subscription fee and discount rates aren’t worth a few purchases. The Swell Score largely benefits individuals with regular needs for a variety of supplements or vitamins. 

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