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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2020

Founded by Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice is a supplements and skincare company that specializes in hair products, skin creams, vitamins, and a few food products. The company was created when the founder was battling an autoimmune disease and had to change her diet and lifestyle. She created Moon Juice with some of the products that helped her put this disease into remission and improve the quality of her life.

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The Good

  • Product Variety
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Testimonials

Product Variety

Moon Juice offers a variety of products ranging from skin care to supplements and snacks. The most popular product is Moon Juice Dust, a combination of herbs that can be mixed into a beverage. Moon Juice’s products include:

  • Brain Dust
  • Dream Dust
  • Sex Dust
  • Power Dust
  • SuperYou Supplement
  • SuperHair Supplement

These products often include an ingredient called an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress. One of the most popular adaptogenic herbs is ginseng. Moon Juice uses a variety of ginseng called ashwagandha. 

Natural Ingredients

All ingredients go through three rounds of testing and are harvested at their peak point of potency. Each ingredient is chosen to benefit the body and is easily absorbed and assimilated. This means that there are no filler ingredients that will harm an individual or the environment. All ingredients are harvested in a sustainable manner. 

Moon Juice’s team consists of scientists, chemists, and herbalists that test each ingredient for residual solvents, pesticides, and other substances to fulfill a rigorous screening process.


Moon Juice is very popular because of the testimonials that famous actresses and influencers give about its products. These women say they feel better, more beautiful, and more mindful about their bodies and lives because of these products. 


The Bad

  • Unproven Results
  • Flavor
  • Price

Unproven Results

While some might think that these products work wonders, others are skeptical. The herbs used in the Dusts and other products are used in traditional Chinese medicine, but have not been scientifically proven to yield results. There is also a high placebo effect when trying new products that claim results that are difficult to measure. For this reason Moon Juice’s products may seem to work for some and not for others.


The Dusts are Moon Juice’s most popular product and can be added to liquid foods and beverages like milk, almond milk, smoothies, and coffee. Some Moon Juice reviews have stated that the Dust didn’t make drinks or smoothies taste any differently, but some reviewers said they could taste it when added to water or coffee. Since the Dust isn’t meant to flavor a beverage, drinking the herbal flavor of the Dust might not be pleasant for some consumers. 

Moon Juice does offer the Moon Juice Cookbook to customers with recipes that include its products. These recipes may help to mask the flavor. 


Moon Juice products are more expensive than their competitors by a large margin. This brand should be considered as a luxury brand and the products are not something you’d find in the common marketplace. Dust bottles are priced at $38 or more and only contain a couple weeks of 1 teaspoon daily servings. 

Moon Juice does offer payment plans through Afterpay to allow customers the option of making interest-free payments on the product cost. There are also subscription plans that lower the price per bottle when a customer buys more up front.


The Bottom Line

Moon Juice is a popular brand in the health and wellness world because of the unique, natural recipes used in its products. If you’re concerned about what foods and chemicals you put in your body, Moon Juice’s screening process should put you at ease. If you’re wondering if these products will do all that they claim, there isn’t a real way to know before trying. Testimonials can be informative, but there has been no scientific research done on these products and no way to know if they will work. Given the high price, Moon Juice is probably not worth a try if you’re skeptical.  

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