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What to Know Before Purchasing a Water Softener

McCall Martin
McCall Martin | Senior Editor

Wanting better water is easy, but finding the right water softener for your home can sometimes be difficult. Each home is just as unique as the water that runs through it, so before you make any decisions on choosing a water softener, know these two things.

Salt or No Salt 

Water softening essentially means that calcium and magnesium are being removed from your water. Salt-based water softeners use electricity and salt to purify the water through a cleaning cycle. This process removes hardness minerals. Salt-free water softeners retain those minerals, but the form of the minerals is changed instead of removed. This conditions the water to make it healthier.

Salt-free softeners also don’t use electricity. Salt-based softeners make the water slightly slicker than salt-free and will cause less buildup in your home and leave your skin less dry. Salt-free softeners have no chemicals, are more eco-friendly, and don’t require electricity. Before you choose a softener, decide on salt or no salt. 

Test Your Water

The type of issues you are having with your water can greatly determine the type of water softener or filter you get. The best way to know where to start is to know the makeup of your water. Some companies will offer free water testing, so you know exactly what your water struggles with and how to help it. Some companies also have specialty filters that can help with specific problems in water.

Look for the companies that can help you during the research phase before deciding on a water softener company. 

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