Kinetico was founded in 1970 and develops non-electric, fully automatic water treatment systems. Kinetico has turned into a global company, having independent water experts and international distributors in over 100 countries. 

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The Good

  • Specialty Solutions
  • Free Water Test

Specialty Solutions

Kinetico offers specialty solutions to specifically help with challenges you may have with your water. They have around 12 products that are each specifically built to help reduce issues with your water including one for oxidizing dissolved iron, one to guard your water from arsenic, and one to filter calcite backwashing. Kinetico can help you discover the issues you are having, so you can have a filter that works for you.

Free Water Test

Kinetico offers free water tests, which will help you identify those problems that you may not know about with your water. This is a benefit to customers because it helps them pick a specific filter or softener that will work with their water. Customers in different areas will have different water issues, and Kinetico works with customers to ensure they know what those issues are, so they can get the best products to protect their water. 

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Coverage

Undisclosed Coverage

Kinetico does not clearly disclose information about where to purchase its products. There is a button at the top of their website that you can click on to find a water expert, but the link only takes you to the bottom of the homepage with no clear direction on where to actually find someone nearby that can help you purchase Kinetico products. This is a feature that is not user-friendly and could be updated to better help customers. 

The Bottom Line

Kinetico works with customers to help them understand their water issues first before picking out water management systems. The free water test is a benefit to customers who aren’t sure what their water issues are, and the speciality solutions are good products that are each specifically designed to help customers with their exact needs. Kinetico does not have coverage information though, which can make it difficult for customers to access their products. 

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James Larson

August 31st, 2018 Pleasant Grove, UT

We only had our Kinetico a few years before it started leaking. The warranty had just run out, so we ended up getting a new one from a different company, which uses about 1/5 of the salt. It was okay for the first while, but for long-term, I'd recommend something different.


Douglas Larson

August 28th, 2018 Pleasant Grove, UT

Did what it said it would do.. made our water softer and saved us on detergents.


Troy Millett

August 21st, 2018 Lindon, UT

I have had a Kinetico water softener for the last 20 years. I have really liked it. I feel like it uses less salt than others and like that it doesn't use electricity. I have only had one time that I needed a service person come out to fix something.

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