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University Tutor has more than 90,000 tutors and services 8,000 cities worldwide. Customers can easily look up a tutor's profile which includes their experience and education along with reviews from past students. If you like the tutor, you can contact them immediately to discuss potential tutoring sessions.

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The Good

  • Tutor Options

Tutor Options

Selecting a tutor is an important part of the tutoring process. University Tutor is set up where students can select their own tutor online. Students have complete control. Even though the selection process is all done online, this doesn't mean that the sessions need to all happen online too. University Tutor is made so you can find tutors directly in your area. You can meet your tutors whenever scheduled and you can even choose the location, whether it is at a library, coffee shop or on campus.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Learning Tools
  • Undisclosed Number of Subjects
  • Unknown Grade Levels
  • Tutor Qualifications


The first thing a customer looks at when researching a company is their prices. It's hard to get a sound price for tutoring companies, but University Tutor's website says their costs range anywhere from $10-250. First of all, this is a pretty wide range and isn't much help. On the other hand, there is no actual way to see how much tutors charge their students. Even if we took an average cost it would end up being $130/hour which is way above what any other tutoring company charges. It would be nice if there was a smaller range so customers could get a better idea of costs or see on the tutor's profile their own price range. But since neither of these options are available, then this greatly affects University Tutor's Overall Score.

Learning Tools

Having the availability of learning tools is a huge benefit to students. This gives them access to additional resources if they want extra assistance and in different learning styles. Even though University Tutor has live chat and video conferencing options, they don't expand much passed that. Other companies will offer other tools in addition including file sharing, audio/visual tools and more. This is one area University Tutor could improve on if they want to be considered heavy competition in the tutoring industry.

Undisclosed Number of Subjects

When students sign up with a tutoring company, it's important that the company covers the subject(s) the student needs help in. We do know that University Tutor covers the basic subjects such as Math, English, Science, Foreign Language, and Social Sciences, but we do not know if they cover subjects outside of those foundational topics. Most companies will list the number of subjects they cover and unfortunately with University Tutor they do not. If a person is looking for a subject a little more specific, then they would have to do in-depth research on their own to see if they can get a tutor in that area of expertise.

Unknown Grade Levels

One of the biggest problems with University Tutor is that they do not display what grades they service. Most companies will tutor as young as elementary-aged students. With the name "University Tutor," some people might argue that they only cover students who are taking college or university courses. If this is the case, then it is very limiting to both University Tutor and potential customers. It's a simple solution to post the available grades online, and University Tutor should look into adding that information online as soon as possible.

Tutor Qualifications

Even though University Tutor makes their sign up process so customers can see the profiles of potential tutors, it does not say whether the company, as a whole, screens the tutors that work with the company. We see it as valuable if the company requires a certification, process, or even a certain degree to become a tutor, but University Tutor doesn't have any formal process set in place. Students are completely on their own when it comes to screening the tutors.

The Bottom Line

University Tutor has too many small issues to be recommended. Things as simple as needing to post more accurate prices and listing the grades available for tutoring are a big deal to potential customers. We think that University Tutor needs to make these adjustments before being considered to work with. The idea of finding a tutor close to your area is nice, but it doesn't make up for all the other "bads" they need to work on.


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October 22nd, 2018 Saint Cloud, MN

As others have said, I believed I was sending a message to a local private tutor. I got a call immediately, informing me that all tutoring is actually virtual with someone they pick for you, and the package he quoted me was $750 for 15 hours. I had a little bit of sticker shock and said I wasn’t looking to pay $50 an hour for virtual tutoring. I might have been willing to negotiate for fewer hours, but he said, “Pfft- good luck then,” and hung up on me. Terrible customer service and false advertising.

June 20th, 2018

Looked online found a tutor I was interested in. I filled out form and sent in. Immediately received a call. They told me they may be able to set me up with the person I picked but needed more information. Based on the setup of the system I believed my email was going directly to the tutor and that tutor would get back to me and we could discuss options. If after talking to the tutor and I was happy with her skills I assumed I could set up an appointment and pay through system. THAT IS NOT AT ALL HOW IT WORKED. NOT HAPPY. I don't want to talk to some person on the phone that I did not contact.

John Czarnik
May 7th, 2018 Burlingame, CA

This organization falsely claims you can select your own tutor. I just tried and called them and was told by Tristan or Christian that I cannot, that they pick the tutor for you. False advertising is a sure way to not be successful. I don’t need a tutor to tell me that.

charles hamilton
January 22nd, 2018 DETAILS
Value for your money
Quality of product or service
Customer service
Company trustworthiness

On 7 January, following a search on University Tutor for an online tutor for my Corporate Finance module for my MBA I received an email response from an a tutor who informed me that he could provide the required service. We exchanged a number of mails and I provided a copy of my coursebook and sample examination papers. I was informed by the tutor that he offers minimum 2 hr sessions at £25 per hour. I agreed to the charge and duly made payment of £50, via PayPal to the tutor's nominated account. I subsequently transferred £50 to this account and received confirmation from the tutor that he had received the payment. Following this, and despite repeated emails from me to the tutor and messages to University Tutor via Facebook I have received no response from either the tutor or the company. I have lodged a complaint with PayPal. The service that I have received from falls well short of what I would have expected and I suspect that some form of fraud has taken place. I would advise anyone using this service or engaging this tutor to have caution.