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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Presto Experts has more than 30,000 registered experts that cover more than 600 subjects. They not only offer professional services for individuals, but also for businesses. The registered experts are listed according to their expertise which makes it easy for customers. These experts are available to hire by anyone who is a PrestoExperts member.

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Tutor Availability


Cost is an important factor when buying something or signing up for any service. With Presto Experts, it's hard to find one uniform price, but we've been able to find an average cost. This comes out to be approximately $30/hour. Even though this isn't the best price in the tutoring industry, we still think it is good and affordable enough in comparison to many others out there.

Tutor Availability

Students have different kinds of schedules. Especially for the companies who offer a range of grade levels, the older customers might do their work late hours in the night whereas the younger audience will tend to do their work in the afternoon to early evening hours. Presto Experts caters to all customers by offering 24/7 assistance from their tutors. Students can feel comfortable reaching out to their tutor at any time of the day and get the help they need whether it is 12 in the afternoon or 12 at night.

The Bad

  • Technological Tools
  • Tutor Options
  • Grade Levels Offered
  • Tutor Qualifications
  • Number of Subjects

Technological Tools

Online tools are very important as they can cater to different learning styles which will yield to better overall success. We look at the variety of options available including screen sharing, live chat, video conferencing, and more. Presto Experts does offer audio and text chat options, but that's about it. They didn't provide other learning tools that customers could access which is very limiting to a student. Giving students as many resources as possible, including the tutor, only benefits the student even more. Since Presto Experts does not offer more online tools for their customers, they do not receive full points for this criteria that other tutoring companies will easily get.

Tutor Options

Potential customers might have a preference as to who their tutor is. We look at if a company automatically matches an expert up to a student, if a student chooses on their own, or if there is a combination of choice or both. Presto Experts is set up where the student solely chooses their tutor. Even though this is a great thing, we like customers to have the option of both. Also, we score companies according to if they have options to meet their expert in person if they prefer that option. Presto Experts currently does not have an option for in-person meetings. Students who tend to learn better with a person next to them might not find Presto Experts as a good fit.

Grade Levels Offered

One big factor that separates Presto Experts from the higher ranked companies is that they only offer their services to students in ninth grade and above, including college students. Most top-ranked tutoring companies offer tutoring from children as young as in Kindergarten. This is one limitation that can prevent Presto Experts from gaining more customers.

Tutor Qualifications

It is very important for companies to put specific qualifications in place for their tutors as it shows they are mindful and particular in who is teaching their customers. Presto Experts does not have any formal process or qualifications in place to screen their experts that we could find. This could mean that almost anyone could sing up to be an "expert" even if they aren't very good at what they are doing. We see this as a big problem especially since Presto limits their audience to high school and college age students. If there isn't a formal process, then a lot of people could not have enough experience and education to assist the older audience.

Number of Subjects

Even though it might seem like 24 is a lot of subjects to cover it is actually minuscule in comparison to other tutoring companies. Especially for companies that take on college students, the number of subjects needs to expand way beyond typical high school subjects. College courses could cover hundreds of different areas. We see companies cover 100+ subjects, especially those who take on the college audience. Presto Experts needs to expand their subjects quite a bit more in order to be competitive with the leading tutoring companies.

The Bottom Line

Presto Experts seems to be heading in the right direction of how to become a top company, but they're slow in executing to get there. They barely touch each main category rather than fully taking on each of the different categories of tutoring. For example, they only tutor a couple grades rather than all K-12. Or they offer live chat, but they don't have options for screen sharing or web conferencing. We would not recommend Presto Experts right now because there are a lot of other companies that do what they do plus do it better.
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Cheryl Clark Victoria, TX

My "Expert" did not do the assignment. He did something different. Clearly the assignment was above his head. I refused to pay and it went to arbitration. The arbitor told me that as long as the Expert gives me some kind of service I have to pay at least a partial payment, and they charged my credit card $34. I guess if he would have picked up a rock and sent it to me I would have had to pay for that as well. They are teaching their experts that they can accept any job and as long as they turn in something they get partial payment.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Waqar Shaukat

Best website. everyone must try it you'll not regret it

6 years ago