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LAST UPDATED: April 10th, 2022
For close to 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has been working to help students achieve academic success. They have curated their own unique method to help their students. Huntington Learning Center is an accredited institution with certified tutors for students. However, accreditation and unique methods aren't always enough to compete with our high standards for tutoring companies. We recommend Huntington Learning Center for students looking for in-person tutoring, but if you want any additional features, we recommend looking at other top tutoring companies.

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The Good

  • In-person tutoring
  • Certified tutors

In-person Tutoring

Since Huntington Learning Center has brick-and-mortar stores, students are able to meet with tutors in person. This can be beneficial for students who want a more personal lesson instead of just an online experience. This sets Huntington Learning Center apart from other tutoring platforms available. We like that students have the option to meet in person if they are located near a center.

Certified Tutors

Huntington Learning Center provides certified teachers for their students. All of their teachers are certified by the same organization that the local schools are accredited by. Huntington Learning Center holds all of teachers to the highest standard to ensure their students' success. Not all tutoring platforms have certified teachers, so we like that it sets Huntington Learning Center apart.

The Bad

  • Unclear pricing
  • No chat, video, whiteboard, file sharing
  • Limited subjects

Unclear Pricing

Huntington Learning Center does not give any information regarding their pricing for tutoring services. We think it is important to see some information about prices so those interested get have a better idea of what tutoring costs at Huntington Learning Center.

Limited Resources

Since Huntington Learning Center is a brick and mortar platform, they do not have online option for students. An online presences allows students to study at their own convenience and in their own home. We believe students are missing out on the ability to converse with tutors and even other students with an online option. Many other tutoring platforms offer chat features with tutors and a learning space to collaborate with other students. We'd like to see Huntington Learning platform make some of these online advances.

Limited Subjects

While Huntington Learning Center offers the basic subjects, they lack other additional subjects that many of the top platforms offer. Huntington Learning Center could benefit from adding other subjects and expand their student cliental.

The Bottom Line

Huntington Learning Center offers one-on-one tutoring for students K-12. They have certified teachers helping students achieve academic success. While Huntington Learning Center offers great tutoring, we had too many concerns to look past. Since their pricing is unclear, we can only assume that tutoring with them can get pricey. We also didn't like that they have no online presence for students to continue to learn from home. Overall, we believe other top recommended companies would be a better fit for students.
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L Rock Hill, SC

My daughter has been attending Hunting Learning Center for several months now. We had a monthly payment planned arranged with the learning center and were over charged over $700+ last month and then proceeded to charge us another $1100 for the month of March. We spoke with Julie and she placed us on the calendar to meet with DaShana the following Wednesday. We received a call on Monday because they were trying to process the month of march (another $1100 when we clearly said we wanted to have a meeting before anything else came out of our pocket) On Wednesday we waited in the waiting room and to DaShana's surprise we had a meeting with her concerning the over charges. We brought in our original paperwork that Julie had provided to us when we first started the program and provided all of the payments off of my bank account. That day DaShana confirmed with us that we were actually over charged the amount ($756) and that she would not need to charge for the month of March, along with most of the month of March is make-up classes. The following week Julie R came to us and informed us that they will not be issuing a re-payment back to us but that we have ALSO used the $700+ towards classes that have already been taken. With that being said when did they feel the consideration to stop charging us monthly and using it towards classes that were no longer part of the "program" she set my daughter up to take? I was initially quoted $6566.00 and over paid that amount. Considering the lack or organization and the fact that not a single person could tell me where my daughter stood with her payments vs. classes is very unprofessional. If I would have allowed them to bill me for the month of March would she still be taking classes without me noticing? Let's also roll back to when I had my child enrolled and Julie provided me with the paperwork showing what areas my daughter was lacking as well as the cost. Serval weeks later when we decided to sign the paper work it had a different total. (a higher total) Without me paying attention would that have been noticed or just paid? and no one could explain how or why the total was different. Did I feel they were trying to bait and switch me? Yes, I certainly did and still do. Furthermore 2-3 months ago I had a meeting to discuss my daughters progress and was informed during that meeting that they believe that she would benefit more from my child being in a group session instead of the 1 on 1 with the teacher as she has done throughout the program as well as one of the biggest reasons why we chose Huntington is because we wanted her to have the 1 on 1. Do I think it would have been beneficial for my child to change to the group when I have almost fully paid for a program in full at that point or would it be more financially beneficial for your company? We came into this program excited to see the difference and growth in my daughter, not to mention my husband attended and was in some of the local radio commercials as a child. We are sadly leaving as a horrible reference, we made that very clear and I feel that the Pineville-Matthews office (Julie R) could careless. Christopher is an amazing tutor, however I would be weary of the financials and what is ACTUALLY beneficial for your child…..

1 month ago

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Charles Murray Columbus, OH

I worked for Huntington learning Center as a tutor, and they didn't tell me in the interview that they don't pay you a nickel until after you work there for 60 days! The management got rude with me when I asked why they kept this a secret. Management is very rude and condescending, and they don't want to pay their employees.

1 month ago

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Tasha Time! Sumter, SC

I thought Huntington was a dream come true for me, but it was just a fairytale. I was fired during the training phase of my employment with this company on Valentine's day (2/14/2022). If you do not meet sales goals as an Enrollment Director, you will be quickly terminated. I have not been working for this company a month and I was fired. The pay is good, but if you are unable to have at least 75% enrollment rate, you will be let go instantly. During my hiring call, I was informed that I would have the opportunity to work over and if I was not meeting enrollment goals that I will be place back in the training environment to be re-trained on my duties. This was in fact a lie! I was fired and told by HR and my supervisor "Unfortunately, this is not working out." There is so much verbiage they want you to say to convince parents to purchase $5000 , $10,000 and even higher amounts for their tutoring service programs. Some parents just prefer their subject tutoring options, but they are so eager to get the highest sale, that they save those options as "last resort." I was frustrated last Friday (2/11/2022) with staff. I felt like I was being set up. I received a tough conference that I was not confident about after having two CNE (Conference Not Enrolled). I felt like I was not prepared despite the training I was receiving. I went into conference and the parents completely called me out from my previous recruiter experience and how they heard enough of my sales pitch. My co-worker was nice enough to call and check on me to make sure I was okay. You would think out of all people my supervisor would call to ask me if I am okay. Unfortunately, she did not check on me. Instead, she asked me to meet with her this morning via Zoom. I was blind sided because she failed to inform me that HR would be present in our meeting. I knew at that moment I was fired. Do not trust this company if you are seeking a permanent full-time position. If you do not meet their expectations or sales goals, you will be fired. On top of that, you wear several hats in this position. You collect the payment from the parents, you present the evaluation test results, you call the parents to confirm the Zoom conference, you set up the Zoom conference, you email the center updates etc. If you are not a great salesman, do not work for this company. Pros Remote, Training Pay $25.64 an hour, Great Co-workers Cons Disloyalty, Demanding, Time Consuming, Not receiving over time, Money hungry company

3 months ago

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Estela Vega Chicago, IL

I brought my son here last June for help with math so he could get a head start in 6th grade. He was prescribed 1 1/2 hours in reading and 30 minutes in math twice a week. They said that focusing on reading would lead to improvements in math but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Nine months later and there was a slight improvement in reading but nothing in math. My advice if you don’t have money to burn, hire a private tutor and pay along the way. Huntington makes you pay up front and there is no refund even if their program isn’t successful. If your child has an IEP like mine, I read an educational therapist who specializes in learning disabilities is recommended. Huntington is way too expensive not to guarantee some type of positive result. I asked for a partial refund but the owner refused. He offered additional tutoring free of charge instead. Why would I continue with a program that didn’t work after nine months? Never again.

1 year ago

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Emmaus PA Macungie, PA

I spoke w/ someone at the call center inquiring about SAT tutoring. I explained my concern that my child had limited availability for tutoring for the test that was only a few weeks. They informed me there was a 16 hour program available. When I informed them I didn’t think we could complete the full 16 hours and inquired about a shorter tutoring option, I was told they would customize a program that would fit my child’s schedule. They informed me it would cost $125 for my child to take the evaluation SAT test to assess their tutoring needs and then we would come up with a program at the Bethlehem PA office that fit my child’s schedule . We paid for the test, my child took the 4 hour test, and returned a few days later for her test results. They tried to sell us a 50 hour program at $85 an hour! I again explained our time limitations and I was told the shortest program they offer is 18 hours. They would not offer us a shorter program to meet our needs as I was told by the call center! Total waste of my time! Total waste of my child’s time! Total waste of my money! I spoke with Bob Smith (manager with Huntington???) , told him my experience, even gave the name of the person at the call center. He said he would look into it and call me back. Never received a call back!!!

3 years ago