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LAST UPDATED: April 12th, 2021

Founded in 2020, Everydae is a new online tutoring platform that applies new research in instructional design to help high school students learn in as little as 10 minutes per day. Its tutoring philosophy is truly unique and based on academic research that confirms that small, daily practice is more effective than cramming.

Everydae says that it harnesses the power of Elbs, exponential little bits, by encouraging students to study in short increments each day without pressure and stress. It is also on a mission to make tutoring affordable and accessible for all. 

The Everydae platform was designed by a team of entrepreneurs and those with tutoring experience at companies like Chegg and The Princeton Review. Its CEO, Christine Outram, built the adaptive study app ORION and has been named to Business Insider magazine’s Top 36 Most Creative Women category. Its Chairman, Chad Troutwine, built and sold Veritas Prep, the world’s largest privately owned test prep and admissions consulting company. 

Everydae is a digital tutor. It uses spaced repetition, productive struggle, and metacognition to maximize information retention. The format is 10-minute, game-like challenges that students can complete anytime, anywhere. Students can of course study for more than 10 minutes per day.

The company has a fairly large selection of courses that includes the following: SAT prep, Algebra, AP US History, biology, chemistry, English Lit, and several self improvement courses. This list is obviously missing some typical subjects the most glaring being ACT prep however, it says that it will be releasing future subjects. 

Evrydae stands out from other tutoring services in terms of its cost. Everydae has one plan that is priced slightly differently based on whether you sign up for a monthly or annual plan. It is less expensive than many other online, subscription-based tutoring platforms; however, it does not have live tutoring help and other traditional features.

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The Good

  • 10 Minutes per Day
  • Guaranteed SAT Point Increase
  • Affordable 
  • Personalized Plan

10 Minutes per Day

Everydae is based on a scientific theory of learning called microlearning. It cites studies out of the Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center at UC San Diego. The online learning platform has been created to facilitate learning through at a minimum 10 minutes per day of practice via questions and video lessons, online challenges, and checkpoint quizzes.

This format is unique in the tutoring industry. Most tutoring services are with a tutor in 30-minute or hour-long segments of time. 

These shorter study sessions with Everydae would be great for certain students who are looking for a new, engaging way to learn that is based around a game-like structure. 

Guaranteed SAT Point Increase

Everydae’s customized learning system appears to lean heavily on its SAT tutoring. It guarantees at least a 200 point score increase on the SAT. Interested students should note that the company does not specify what sort of refund they can expect if they do not achieve at least a 200 point increase.


Eight-five percent of families cannot afford to pay for a tutor for their student. Everydae’s goal is to make tutoring available to all. It says that its platform is being designed to be scalable to the entire world.

Everydae charges a monthly or a discounted annual rate. Its rates are affordable compared to other monthly, subscription-based tutoring services. However, it is difficult to compare Everydae to those platforms because it is not a person-to-person tutoring service. While Everydae says that its platform, powered by AI technology, can detect weaknesses and build a personalized learning plan for each student, it is unproven if this is at the same level of effectiveness of a traditional person-to-person tutoring service. 

Everydae also offers an affordable $1 trial for seven days. This is a great way to try out the platform. However, many tutoring services offer a completely free trial period or session. 

Personalized Plan

Everydae’s tutoring platform is equipped with artificial intelligence technology that enables it to personalize each student’s learning journey. Its proprietary technology learns each student’s weaknesses and customizes their learning plan automatically. Because the company is in its early stages, it is hard to tell how personalized these plans truly are. 


The Bad

  • No ACT Prep
  • New Program and Format

No ACT Prep

Many colleges and universities do not have a preference whether a student submits ACT or SAT scores with their application. Which test a student takes often comes down to their strengths and preference. Most of the top online tutoring services offer both SAT and ACT instruction. Everydae does not currently offer ACT prep; however, it says that it does plan to in the future. 

New Program and Format

The concept of microlearning is fairly new. Everydae’s online tutoring platform is one of the first to develop its entire curriculum around these ideas. Because it is new, it does not have significant customer reviews or testimonials from experts. This new learning format, in 10-minute micro sessions, may not be effective at all or may be effective only for a specific set of learners.


The Bottom Line

Everydae is shaking up the online tutoring space with its personalized, online microlearning platform. High school students take an assessment, receive a study plan recommendation developed through Everydae’s proprietary algorithm, and then sign up to study for as little as 10 minutes per day.

Microlearning is new and Everydae’s 10-minute micro lesson format may not work for all. We recommend that students take advantage of the company's $1 seven-day trial to see if the short lesson format will work for them. You should also note that Everydae has a score increase guarantee for its SAT course. 

One of the best things about Everydae is its affordability. It is significantly less per month than other tutoring courses.

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