eTutorWorld was founded in 2008 in Glen Arbor, Michigan and Bangalore, India. Their mission is to provide high-quality online tutoring services to people worldwide. Their goal is to "make one-on-one private tutoring affordable, safe and convenient, and provide students a simple and fun way to learn."

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Learning Resources
  • Grade Levels
  • Tutor Qualifications


eTutorWorld offers very affordable tutoring, especially when compared with competitors. They offer five lesson packs for either $69 or $79. Each lesson takes about an hour to finish which equates to $13.80-$15.80 per hour, averaging around $14.80 per hour.

Learning Resources

eTutorWorld offers a large collection of technological tools. Students can contact tutors through live chat, file sharing, shared whiteboard space, video conferencing and more. These learning resources allow students to choose the tool that best meets their unique learning style.

Grade Levels

eTutorWorld offers their tutoring services to students from third grade to twelfth grade. The breadth of their service is wider than many competitors.

Tutor Qualifications

eTutorWorld puts their tutors through a rigorous screening process to make sure they are well-qualified and adequately trained. First, they start the selection with initial interviews to go over the tutor's experience and background. If they pass, they will go through another level of interviews and meetings with eTutorWorld's directors and administrators. After this step, they will be hired and then required to participate in a several-week training session. The training focuses on teaching tutors strategies to help their students learn more effectively.

The Bad

  • Tutor Availability
  • Subjects Offered

Tutor Availability

eTutorWorld provides scheduled sessions. Students can pre-schedule sessions up to six weeks in advance or on the same day if they need additional help. However, they do not advertise 24/7 availability.

Also, there are no options for students to meet with a tutor in-person if they feel the need to work face-to-face. Furthermore, eTutorWorld matches their students to their tutors and does not allow students to pick their own tutors.

Subjects Offered

eTutorWorld offers 31 subjects;  many competitors offer a much wider range of subjects. They do not offer tutoring in foreign languages or social science.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we recommend eTutorWorld. They offer tutoring at affordable prices with a variety of online resources. eTutorWorld has a thorough process to vet applicants so customers can take comfort in knowing that their tutor is trained and qualified.

Before signing up with eTutorWorld, we suggest making sure your needed subject is covered because they do not cover as many courses as other companies.

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