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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in New Jersey, EduWizards was the first to develop the "choose-your-own-tutor" model. Today, the company has over 150,000 students and is a leader in multi-national tutoring and online education. EduWizards offers affordable prices, highly-qualified instructors that are available around the clock, and programs for several different subjects and grade levels.

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The Good

  • Affordable prices
  • Qualified instructors
  • Availability
  • Subjects
  • Grade levels
  • FAQ section

Affordable Prices

EduWizards states on its corporate website that different online tutors charge different prices and the choice of tutor is entirely up to the student. However, the company also states that services start as low as $0.20 per minute. This means that students can receive tutoring for as little as $12 per hour, which is one of the most affordable rates in the industry. Paying for a tutoring session is easy; students simply use the "Add Funds" function on EduWizards' website to put money into their account and pay as they go. Unused funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time.

Qualified Instructors

EduWizards works hard to ensure that all of its instructors are qualified. The company requires each of its instructors to have at least a Bachelor's degree in order to even be considered. Once a potential instructor has submitted an application, EduWizards carefully reviews their resume and profile before issuing an approval decision. If an approved instructor turns out to be a dud, EduWizards can remove them from its site. Because of this extensive qualification process, students can be confident that they are going to be working with an experienced, educated tutor.


Students with busy schedules will love the fact that EduWizards offers around-the-clock online tutoring. Because instructors are available 24/7, students have the flexibility to receive tutoring when it's convenient for them, which is a nice feature that can play a huge part in their success.


EduWizards offers tutoring for 46 different subjects, including math, English, foreign languages, science, and social studies. The company also provides preparation help for several different tests, including the ACT, the SAT, the GMAT, the GRE, and the MCAT.

Grade Levels

Students of every grade level can find help through EduWizards; the company provides tutoring services for every student, regardless of whether they are in kindergarten or college.

FAQ Section

EduWizards provides a robust FAQ section on its website to help students, parents, and tutors answer questions that they may have about the company and its services. The FAQ section is a great place for consumers who are unfamiliar with online tutoring to turn.

The Bad

  • Limited tools
  • No in-person tutoring

Limited Tools

EduWizards is somewhat lacking when it comes to the technological tools that it offers, which is a bit ironic considering the fact that it's an online-only tutoring company. Although EduWizards does offer text and audio chat features and a shared whiteboard space for students and tutors to collaborate on lessons or assignments, the company does not offer video conferencing, online file sharing, or digital math equation tools. This lack of tools can hinder learning and be a major drawback for some students.

No In-Person Tutoring

Unfortunately, EduWizards' tutoring services are strictly online; the company does not offer in-person tutoring options. Although many students prefer to be tutored online, others would prefer to meet up with an instructor and learn face-to-face.

The Bottom Line

EduWizards is an experienced online tutoring company that offers affordable prices, qualified instructors, and programs for a number of different subjects and grade levels. However, the company's technological tools are relatively limited and no in-person tutoring options are available. If you prefer to be tutored online and would like to work with highly educated instructors, EduWizards may be a good option for you.
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