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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Alphanet Technologies Inc., an IT company based in Florida that was founded in 2009, developed the Eduboard project. started in 2012 and quickly became popular, and now has more than 1,000 tutors both in the U.S. and worldwide. Their mission is to provide step-by-step tutoring to facilitate students' academic progress as well as enhancing the overall learning experience.

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The Good

  • Technological Tools
  • Subjects
  • Tutor Qualifications

Technological Tools does really well in providing several and different types of resources to their customers. They offer all of our basic criteria plus more. This including chat options, shared whiteboard space, equation tools, file sharing, video conferencing and more. We have only seen a couple other companies that offer all of these tools so the fact that is one of those companies is one reason to choose


Another great thing about is that they offer a ton of different subjects for their students. Whatever their needs, most likely will be able to find an expert in the course. They currently have 122 subjects which include all of the most foundational courses such as math, science, English and more. We have found that most tutoring companies in the industry don't make it close to 100 subjects. Only other top-10 companies will beat out in the subject category.

Tutor Qualifications

We love seeing companies that take the time to screen the tutors that work for them, and is one of the companies that take the time to do exactly that. They mention that all of their tutors are certified experts who have passed a background check and rigorous test. Also, in order for someone to apply with, they must be a senior in college or already have graduated from a university either in the United States or Canada. We think it's really important that all tutors are qualified and have the experience to take another student under their wing. takes all the necessary steps to fulfill this category.

The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Tutor Availability
  • Grade Levels

Pricing charges their customers an average of $20 each half hour. We calculated their price to match an hourly wage which comes to $40/hour. We wouldn't consider this a steal of a deal, but it's also not a complete ripoff. If wants to make an even better precedence in the tutoring industry, then they should take their prices down to be a little more competitive which will probably catch more customer eyes. Customers look at price as one of the most important factors, and if they are weighing to another top-10 company then will probably lose a potential customer.

Tutor Availability's tutor availability isn't 100% bad because they do offer their services 24/7 which is great for customers. Where we do see a small problem is that there is no way to meet with a tutor in person if a student feels like they would work better in that type of atmosphere. Students shouldn't always have to, but if requested then having the option to do so is a big perk. Also, allows their customers to select their tutor whereas other companies match their tutors to a student. One way isn't better than the other, but we do give more points to companies who have both options available so the customer can choose their preference. Again, these are minor things that could use improvements.

Grade Levels

Finally, we don't like that does not openly disclose what grades they tutor. This is a very important factor to know beforehand. If a customer has a young child and the company only tutors for high school children, then this could be an issue. We see no reason why a tutoring company would not publish the grade levels they tutor in. This is a very simple fix, but until it is then will lose a lot of points to their Overall Score.

The Bottom Line

Overall, is a very good tutoring company. They have all the most important necessities in place such as learning resources and tools, a variety of subjects and screening processes for tutors. The areas in the bad will only boost their score to push them up to the top-ranked companies in the tutoring industry if they fix it. If they gave slightly better prices, published available grade levels and tweaked their tutor selection and availability process then they would hit everything out of the park. But if you are looking into, we believe that they will greatly fulfill all your tutoring needs.
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