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LAST UPDATED: November 9th, 2022

PrepScholar is one of the most widely searched test preparation companies. They were founded by Allen Cheng and Fred Zhang, both of whom received perfect scores on the SAT in 2013. PrepScholar focuses on helping students ace the SAT. They offer online courses and tutoring for both the ACT and SAT.

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The Good

  • Customized Instruction
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Customer Support

Customized Instruction

At the beginning of each course, students take a diagnostic test to discern their ability level. This unique prep program caters to the needs of each student. Students then receive step-by-step instructions, so they know exactly what to study and can easily review their mistakes. They also receive weekly reports to track their progress. Those needing additional assistance can also add one-on-one tutoring to their course. 

Tutoring services offer two plans: Plan A is focused more heavily on tutor instruction, while Plan B requires more self study. All tutoring services include access to the online program.

Money-Back Guarantee

Both the ACT and SAT courses offer a five-day risk-free trial. Dissatisfied customers can request a refund; it is important to note that any used portion of tutoring packages cannot be refunded. Tutoring services do have a one-hour guarantee. Once a customer has tried tutoring for an hour he or she can cancel and receive a full refund.

In addition, PrepScholar offers a point increase money-back guarantee. They guarantee scores will increase 240+ points (up to 2300+) on the SAT and 4+ points (up to 34+) on the ACT. These guarantees include certain requirements, such as finishing the course and a prior score received before taking the course.

Customer Support

PrepScholar advertises free technical support. Customers can contact a purchase question hotline or email the company. They also offer a helpful FAQs page and have a clear, easy-to-use website. 


The Bad

  • Only SAT and ACT Preparation Courses
  • High Tutoring Prices
  • Only Online Courses
  • Time In Service

Only SAT Preparation Courses

PrepScholar specialized in SAT and ACT preparation courses. This may be advantageous for customers seeking courses for these test; however, customers seeking courses for other tests will have to research other companies. 

High Tutoring Prices

The price for both online courses is $397. This price is reasonable for the test preparation industry; however, their tutoring services are much more expense than competitors. Tutoring services include the online course and range from $995 to $6,995.

Only Online Courses 

PrepScholar only offers online courses. They do not offer any in-person or online live sessions. Their tutoring services are completed over the Internet through Skype or Google Hangouts. 

Time In Service

PrepScholar is a very new company, one of the newest in the industry. Customers looking for more established companies will want to seek out other options. 


The Bottom Line

PrepScholar offers customized SAT and ACT preparation courses. These courses are designed to meet the needs of individuals. All courses are performed online and allow flexibility for busy students. We recognize PrepScholar as a good SAT and ACT online prep company. Their price is more affordable than many competitors. 

However, those looking for an inexpensive program should look at other companies. Their tutoring services are also more expensive than competitors, so we recommend seeking other options for tutors. PrepScholar only offers SAT and ACT prep courses so customers looking for other tests will need to seek out other options. 

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SAT Prep Reviewer Justin, TX

I called Prep Scholar and purchased a $2997 full package program and spoke with an 'Allysa'. I specifically asked her about the 160-point guarantee. "We require that your student take an official SAT before beginning our program, and then COMPLETE our online course prior to qualifying for the guarantee. Most of our students COMPLETE the program in 50 hours. The tutoring your child will receive is one-on-one, and is done along side the online work. If your child COMPLETES the program, all 49 skills, and uses all tutoring hours, but does improve by 160 points, we will refund $397 for the online portion, and you will receive an additional 20 hours of free tutoring." This is her pitch. But it fails to mention the definition of 'complete the course.' To be clear, the 'terms and conditions' that one MAY read before purchase do define it, but the program is implemented to disallow qualifying for the guarantee. Here's how. I called Allysa again today and asked her to explain what constituted 'complete' the course. She said, "your child must achieve mastery level in all 49 skill areas." When I wondered if a student could do that, she said, "Oh don't worry MOST of our students achieve mastery of all skills in only 50 hours of online instruction." This statement is 100% untrue. I asked how many hours a struggling student might take to achieve mastery in ALL 49, worst case. She said "100" hours. Our daughter spent 4 months, 110 hours online and 18.5 hours of tutoring to get a 90-point improvement, with 'mastery' in only 3 of 49 skills. Her tutor purposefully did 18.5 of the 20 hours with her so she could not 'qualify' for the guarantee, even if she had mastered all the skills. The 'terms' also indicate that a skill may no longer be assigned if you have taken it too many times. In 110 hours, no skill was ever 'no longer assigned' to our daughter. So that statement is UNTRUE. The terms are RIGGED so that your child will never qualify for the 'guarantee.'

1 year ago

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blue Skize Richlands, VA

Prepscholar has a bad refund policy. My child barely practiced for few hours but they refused to issue a refund saying the I requested the refund just couple of days after the 5-day trial. After that he never used their material and was able to get a great score with out using prepscholar material. Even though my son's SAT score was in the 1500's, the diagnostic test he took on prepscholar gave him very low score, which makes me wonder if it is their policy to give a low score in order for them to claim an improvement later on. I just did not feel good about that. Lastly, if you go to their website to check how good or bad your SAT score is, you will see that your score is never good enough, and they always use your score to push you to take their course. P.s.: The CollegeBoard SAT prep book is helpful. Also, you can always google SAT questions and watch Youtube videos of people kindly solving past SAT tests and you will be fine. You do not need Prepscholar to do well on the SAT.

2 years ago

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Lisa E Tampa, FL

I am so disappointed with this program. I bought it to help my son who initially scored a 1380 on the SAT. Although PrepScholar supposedly guarantee a 160 point increase, I would honestly have been happy with 100 points. After over 50 hours of use (plus 30 hours with Khan) with almost every module going from Core to Advanced or Mastery level, my son scored a 1390. A 10 point increase from his previous (without PrepScholar) score!!! This is a joke, right? Not only has his range not changed 1 iota (the range for this type of score is anything from 1350 to 1430) but bearing in mind the amount of time he invested in Prep Scholar and the skills that the program indicate he acquired, I would've expected at least a bump into the next range and would've been happy with any score over 1480. It is difficult to communicate with anyone on this platform however when I phoned about it, was told I would only become eligible for a refund if my son reached Mastery level on every module and still had the same results so apparently you have to dig for this information unlike the very prominent guarantee. Sadly he is in his Senior year and currently has a full plate with 5 APs and a very rigorous elective that should be getting his full and undue attention. Interesting that there are no negative testimonials on PrepScholar's website which to me are far more honest and allow the prospective purchaser to evaluate a product more truthfully. Garbage. NOT impressed.

2 years ago

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Vanessa Grand Rapids, MI

PrepScholar is a scam, please do not used them. My daughter spent over 40 hours using there SAT program to improved her scores. Yes people there is no guarantee of the 160 points, they make the student jump through hurtles with their ridiculous 49 skill set or what is called mastery level which was not disclosed in there advertisement or when I called and spoke to a live person. THERE IS NO REFUND. Misleading and false advertisement. PrepScholar scams parents out of there hard earn money, please do not used them they are a joke!

1 year ago

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Tim Billups San Jose, CA

We signed up for the course for our daughter and then COVID caused all SAT tests to cancel in Northern California making it impossible to take the test. We asked if we could get a partial credit or transfer the subscription to our son next year when tests resume. We were told no. They suggested we continue the program and take the test AFTER the college apps are done and gone if we want to get a refund for not getting a guaranteed 160 improvement. They said that since you have a 2nd child we give you a $40 discount if you pay the fee again... Yeah sure...

3 years ago

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Andrea Kailua, HI

If I could give the company 0 starts I would. Never been more dissatisfied with ANY purchase in my life. Customer service is unavailable after you spend hundreds of dollars. The software does not load and we just spent 2 days trying their "troubleshooting" which is an automated canned response. They haven't answered our initial inquiries from 2+ days ago. Horrible, horrible service and the product doesn't work.

5 years ago

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Jennifer Boulder City, NV

Horrible. Look at all the one scores they have. Then a bunch of fake 5 reviews by employees and friends. Absolutely no human service. Try to call or email and speak to someone before you purchase. You will see ! Once they have your money it’s all over. The guarantee would never be honored.

5 years ago

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Destiny Cowart Atlanta, GA

THOUSAND’S OF DOLLARS AND MY SCORES WENT DOWN. Considering a lawsuit as they refused to refund money because their app wouldn’t work to meet their “requirements.” I’m looking to sue! Would NOT recommend

2 years ago

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Jeremy Muench Tampa, FL

With COVID, we delayed our son taking the SAT. After 12 months, they terminated access while a fixed term is not listed on the website or the welcome letter. DON'T USE PREPSCHOLAR!

2 years ago