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LAST UPDATED: December 31st, 2021

Barron’s test prep is headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, and has been helping students improve their test scores for more than 65 years. Students are able to access courses while on the go through smartphones, tablets, emails, and more. Their courses are designed to provide flexibility for busy students. They offer courses in GRE, GMAT, and ACT test preparation.

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The Good

  • Free Basic Account
  • Pricing
  • 3-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Online Resources

Free Basic Account

Barron’s test prep offers free basic accounts for three major tests: the GRE, GMAT, and ACT. Basic accounts include a diagnostic test, personalized study plan, and skill report. Students also have access to a limited number of video lessons, solutions, and practice questions. 


Premium accounts for each test cost $99, which is significantly less expensive than comparable accounts from many competitors. Each account is accessible for one year, and includes access to full length tests, video lessons, video solutions, and thousands of practice questions. 

3-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Barron’s test prep offers a three-day money-back guarantees for GRE and ACT test prep courses. Customers may sample courses for during this grace period, and if they are not satisfied for any reason, they will receive a full refund if they cancel within three days. 

Online Resources

Barron’s offers a large quantity of information and online resources. Each test has a clear FAQs page, detailing information about the purpose of each test, how to sign up, the test’s format, etc. In addition, they have a variety of resources for each test, including tips and tricks. Also, they provide course tours and access to many free services, such as a free diagnostic test. 


The Bad

  • Limited Courses Offered
  • Only Self-Directed Online Courses

Limited Courses Offered

Barron’s only offers courses in GRE, GMAT, and ACT test preparation. Students seeking courses in other exams, such as the LSAT or MCAT, will have to find another test preparation company. 

Only Self-Directed Online Courses

Barron’s does not offer any in-person or instructor-led courses. All of their products are only available online and are all self-paced.


The Bottom Line

Barron’s test prep is a great choice for many students. We recommend their products for students seeking a flexible online course.Their prices are affordable and many of their services are free. Customers can take a free diagnostic test and sample some preparation materials before purchasing. In addition, the GRE and ACT courses have a 3-days money-back guarantee. Their services are available on smartphones, tablets, and over the web, making their courses very accessible. 

Customers looking for test prep courses for tests besides the GRE, ACT, and GMAT will have to look elsewhere. In addition, customer who want a live instructor or in-person experience should research other companies. 

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Mandi Colorado Springs, CO

I used Barron's Test Prep when I was studying to take the GRE. I would highly recommend using their study guide for the writing portion as I am 100% sure it is the reason I scored so high on it. The writing guide not only gives multiple example prompts with example responses of each scoring level (1-6 points), it also has tons of writing prompts to practice on. The BEST part about it is that it gives you a step-by-step method of how to best write a writing response. The method is very easy to follow and learn and is super intuitive. When you get to the real GRE, if you have been practicing with their method, I am sure you will not only write high-quality responses, you will be able to do it with plenty of time to spare afterward for editing and spell checking.

3 weeks ago


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Kayla M. Tallahassee, FL

I used the Barron’s SAT Test prep book and my score went up 200 points. It was a great investment and the questions were made similar to the exam

1 month ago


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Megan A McEvoy Tallahassee, FL

I used Barron's to prepare for all of my AP tests. Their flashcards and their books were both extremely helpful, and I was well-prepared for all my exams. I used their Chemistry, Biology, U.S. History, and Psychology textbooks, as well as their U.S. History and Psychology flashcards. The flashcards were especially great because of how portable they were, and they made last review before the exam very efficient. I was able to score a 4 or higher on every test I took thanks to their preparation.

2 years ago


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Elizabeth Klemm Tallahassee, FL

I used Barrons to prepare for my Advanced Placement and SAT Subject Tests during high school. The materials were very comprehensive and definitely supplemented what I learned in school.

1 year ago

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Emily Tallahassee, FL

It is the test prep I used for all of my AP exams, I felt that it prepared me very well for every exam.

1 year ago


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Rebecca Managua, MN

Barron’s Test Prep is awesome. I got one of their books for my AP Human Geography class and it had so many tips and practice tests.

1 year ago

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Mason Allen Provo, UT

Barron's MCAT test prep is a clunky, overwhelming resource. Practice test are valuable, but review info is too much at once.

11 months ago


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Holly Brown Saint Amant, LA

used this to help practice for ap tests, great content and tips that help any type of student succeed

1 year ago


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DeeDee G. Norcross, GA

When paired with the ap test prep books is really helpful. I got a five on the apush exam with this!

1 year ago