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LAST UPDATED: April 27th, 2022

US Tax Shield employs a certified team of tax attorneys and other tax professionals who are experienced in helping both businesses and individuals resolve tax issues with the IRS. Their tax relief services are designed to help taxpayers who lag behind on their tax payments or who already face intimidating collection actions by the IRS or by the state tax agency.

The company and its tax services have been featured on several news outlets including CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, ESPN, MSNBC, and Fox.

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The Good

  • Offers Many Tax Issue Services 
  • Services Available Nationwide

Offers Many Tax Issue Services 

Consumers encounter a wide range of issues when dealing with the IRS. Tax relief companies (like US Tax Shield) are designed to help with these issues by providing tax resolution services and other services as simple as seeking out better income tax or preparing tax returns.

With the new US tax reform passed by the federal court in 2017, many individuals and companies have expressed concern about how the bill will influence all areas of the tax industry, including cash flow and tax returns.

In working through these and other IRS issues, the staff at US Tax Shield offers many tax services to companies and businesses as well as to individuals. Some of the services that US Tax Shield offers include IRS appeals made by tax protesters. Some of those appeals and tax services involve:

  • Federal Tax Lien
  • Seizure and Sale of Property
  • Intent to Levy
  • Rejection of Installment Agreement
  • Termination of Installment Agreement
  • Proposed Termination of Installment Agreement
  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Business Payroll Tax Representation
  • Benefits of an MLP
  • Wage Garnishment Release
  • Bank Levies
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Separation of Liability
  • Equitable Relief
  • Tax Preparation
  • Audit Appeals
  • Back Taxes

Because the IRS takes these issues seriously, working with a tax attorney greatly enhances the chance for positive IRS tax resolution.

The IRS responds with particular aggression when it comes to collecting unpaid taxes from business owners because failing to properly pay the IRS for taxes withheld from employees’ wages is commonly considered stealing from the employees and the US Treasury.

By seeking consultation from a tax preparer or tax attorney, individuals and companies can improve tax credits, tax rate, federal tax returns, and they can even receive assistance in cases of a tax scheme, tax fraud, or tax scam. 

Tax Services Available Nationwide 

There are many tax debt relief companies that are unable to extend services beyond a few states because professionals within those companies are not equipped to navigate tax laws that vary between states.

While this is the case for many companies, US Tax Shield does not fit into this category: its staff provides tax services to solve IRS and state tax liability problems to clients located throughout the entire United States. Thus, it offers a more accessible, functional network of service.


The Bad

  • No Memberships in Associations or Organizations 
  • US Tax Shield Cost 
  • Minimum Tax Debt Requirement of $10k
  • What Customers Are Saying 

No Memberships in Associations or Organizations 

There are several tax debt relief organizations and associations that hold members to high standards of best practices in the industry.

By gaining membership in these groups, companies within the industry gain greater respect and acceptability. US Tax Shield does not hold a membership with any of these organizations and thus does not have the requirement to uphold certain standards of quality.

Although US Tax Shield does not have a membership with one of these entities, it does not necessarily mean that US Tax Shield does not use best practices in the industry; however, it does fail to provide consumers with peace of mind that the US Tax Shield will deliver a quality product. This could potentially cause worry to some consumers--especially who stand in tight positions with the IRS--who would like additional reassurance that the company they are dealing with is held to high standards or to best practices for the industry.

US Tax Shield Cost 

Most tax relief companies can handle your tax debt for a cost between $2,000 and $4,000. US Tax Shield doesn't disclose its cost, but customers must have $10,000 in debt in order to use US Tax Shield's tax relief services.

The US Tax Shield website has very little information on its pricing structure and pricing expectations; however, it does provide consumers with a price guarantee which states that prices will not increase beyond the quote provided to consumers.

While this does provide some relief and general price expectation, it does not give the consumer any indication of what to expect in regards to the cost of services. Because tax debt relief can be incredibly expensive, it greatly benefits consumers to have some understanding of what fees will look like. 

Minimum Tax Debt Requirement of $10k 

Some tax debt companies only accept cases over a certain amount of debt, believing the small fee retained for its services in cases of fewer debt amounts will not be worth their time. US Tax Shield follows this pattern: they only accept cases with a debt amount over $10,000, so consumers seeking inexpensive services from tax preparers will most likely not be eligible for service through US Tax Shield. 

What Customers Are Saying 

Us Tax Shield reviews submitted to our site show a pattern of expressed frustration due to the lack of positive customer service they received from US Tax Shield professionals. Some reviewers felt that US Tax Shield did not lower their tax debt at all. Some felt that the company could not provide the services they were seeking, such as help with non-collectible status or tax guidance for home-based business, due to the minimum tax debt requirement. Other reviews submitted to our team indicated an inability to receive help from US Tax Shield staff because the company was generally inaccessible--failing to return phone calls or follow up with information.


The Bottom Line

US Tax Shield provides consumers with a certified staff experienced with a wide range of tax issues. Our review team is concerned with the lack of memberships with national tax debt organizations as well as its lack of transparency regarding price. We recommend taking advantage of the free consultation offered by US Tax Shield to answer your specific questions and determine if it is the right company to handle your case.

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Slammedfiero Chicago, IL

My tax situation is not the best but sadly I am tax f retarded and needed help. After a vast array of questions answered to my satisfaction turned almost immediately into what I was inquiring about. 6000$ I spent on 10 years of back taxes. I’m into year THREE!!! We are still unresolved!!! I was eluded of their true tax help and with the clarity of my tax illiteracy they have been FAR less than helpful. Without my “footwork” of tracking down the paper work (which I was told I wouldn’t have to do, And was part of my questions before paying 6 thousand dollars!) I was also mislead stating my multi state tax issues, being told it would be taken care of as well, have retracted their falsely answered questioner stating they only do federal taxes. I am spending MORE hard earned dollars to fix this by a local CPA. Us tax shield will finish what I payed for!!!!

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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Dennis A Brooklyn, NY

I've used US TAX SHIELD for a 26,000.00$$ IRS debt...They got me into a payment plan, but for the full amount. I could've easily did the same thing and save the 3500.00 fee they wanted. Now that my salary is reduced I have constantly been calling them to see if they can lower my payment or reduce the 26K...they have never once gotten back to me. They basically hung me out to dry and fend myself with the IRS.-

9 years ago

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CJM Fort Wayne, IN

Mine was the same as all the rest--they took $3995-did nothing as far as reducing IRS or state taxes-actually got my wages garnished by CA because they dropped the ball, and then I negotiated all my installment agreements myself. Should have given the money to the IRS instead.

5 years ago

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5 years ago

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Ray Chicago, IL

I hired this company to represent me, paid over $5000.00, only to be in the same situation after they called themselves completing service for me. I tired calling to get clarity on what went wrong, only to be told it would cost me more money to reopen my case, what a rip off.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

JLL Dallas, TX

They are the WORST company!! They caused the IRS to issue a levy and confiscated all our company revenues for 2 months. We paid their fee and they did NOTHING!!!!!!! I would never use them or recommend them to anyone! As a matter of fact, we might sue them for breach of contract.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Telesis Corona, CA

US Tax Shield is a fraud company. They take your money and do nothing. Their contract is design NOT to favor you. Be smart, STAY AWAY!

4 years ago