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LAST UPDATED: June 28th, 2019

Top Tax Defenders (TTD) employs a staff that has experience working directly with the IRS as both tax counselors and examiners. For 16 years, TTD has worked to help consumers resolve tax issues. They offer a wide range of tax issue services as well as informational eBooks to help guide consumers through complicated tax issues.

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The Good

  • Nationally Available
  • Certified Staff
  • ASTPS and NATRC Memberships
  • Offers Many Tax Issue Services

Nationally Available

There are many tax relief companies who only provide services to residents of a few states because tax laws can vary between states. TTD stands apart from these companies. It employs professionals who are equipped to service residents of all 50 states.

Certified Staff

The TTD staff consists of tax attorneys and certified public accountants. These professionals bring valuable knowledge of tax laws as well as general finance and accounting expertise vital to resolving tax issues effectively. Consumers will benefit from working with both types of professionals to resolve their tax issues.

ASTPS and NATRC Memberships

There are various organizations and associations that hold members to high standards of best practices in the tax industry. TTD is a member of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS) as well as the National Association of Tax Resolution Companies (NATRC). TTD's membership in these associations does not guarantee their staff will always use best practices, but it does give consumers some peace of mind that the company is meeting strict requirements.

Offers Many Tax Issue Services

TTD offers consumers a wide variety of tax issue services. Services include unfilled tax returns, back taxes, wage garnishments, tax lien and tax levy removal, asset seizure, audit representation, offer in compromise, payment plan setup, tax preparation and planning, payroll taxes, and innocent spouse relief.


The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency With Price
  • Minimum Debt of $10,000

Lack of Transparency With Price

Tax resolution services can be expensive, especially in high debt cases. TTD does not provide information on pricing anywhere on its website. It is concerning for consumers involved in a stressful tax situation to retain services from a company when they have no indication of what services may cost. Consumers can take advantage of the free consultation offered through TTD for information on pricing in regard to their specific tax issue.

Minimum Debt of $10k

Some tax relief companies only accept cases above a certain minimum debt amount. TTD only accepts cases with a debt amount of $10k or more. This excludes consumers with smaller debt amounts in need of tax relief services.


The Bottom Line

TTD offers nationwide service on a wide range of tax issues. While it does employ a certified staff and hold professional memberships, TTD has a high minimum debt amount requirement and lacks transparency with prices. We recommend consumers look at reviews for some of our top ranked tax debt relief companies for comparison.

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Needless to say when I came to Top Tax Defenders with four years of un-filed, unreported, unpaid taxes I was nervous. I was receiving notices from the IRS on a more consistent basis requesting upwards of $40,000 per year... I was terrified! I was completely over whelmed... I had started a small business without the knowledge of how to operate one within the normal legal parameters. I knew I had to pay taxes but as a young man in my early twenties at the time I was flat out lost... After hearing about Top Tax Defenders, it took at least another 100 times for me to hear their commercial to pick up the phone and make a call. Like I said, I was nervous and unsure. However once I did, I kid you NOT! The weight that was lifted off my shoulders was immense! From my first consultation call they worked with me right out of the gate. From that point forward, I became knowledgeable and informed and stopped being scared. I was finally able to relax and return focus to the parts of my life that were important. I'm very proud to say now! That because of Top Tax Defenders I am in good standing with the IRS. They were able to save me over $31,700.00! You can not put a price on tax debt relief.If you at any point felt like I did... Call these people.... They can help you and they will help you! This review was a little wordy but I am passionate about what Top Tax Defenders. What they do is amazing!

6 years ago