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LAST UPDATED: December 14th, 2023

TaxRise, established in 2017, has swiftly emerged as a leader in the tax relief industry, boasting cutting-edge technology and a client-focused approach. Headquartered in Irvine, California, this financial services company has garnered attention for its mission to provide clients with freedom from tax-related burdens.

With a team of certified professionals, TaxRise promises a painless resolution process. In this review, we delve into the company's strengths and weaknesses, exploring its services, industry accreditations, and the overall experience it offers.

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The Good

  • Expertise and Comprehensive Services
  • Accreditations and Trust
  • Legal Representation across States

Expertise and Comprehensive Services

TaxRise's 2-Phase Resolution Process, emphasizing Discovery & Strategy followed by Resolution, stands out. The company's dedicated Case Managers and Tax Attorneys guide clients through a thorough analysis and present a resolution plan to the IRS on their behalf. The company covers an extensive range of tax issues, offering services such as Offer in Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Installment Agreement, and more.

Accreditations and Trust

TaxRise's industry accreditations, including an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, NATP membership, and NAEA membership, showcase its commitment to excellence and adherence to ethical standards. 

Legal Representation across States

With IRS Power of Attorney in all 50 states, TaxRise assures clients of legal representation before the IRS, irrespective of their location. This legal foundation adds a layer of credibility to the company's process.


The Bad

  • Customized Pricing and Resolution Duration
  • Minimum Debt Requirement

Customized Pricing and Resolution Duration

While TaxRise's commitment to personalized solutions is commendable, the lack of upfront pricing information might be a drawback for some clients. The resolution duration, averaging 3 to 8 months, is a broad estimate, and clients may experience delays due to the IRS backlog, a factor beyond the company's control.

Minimum Debt Requirement

TaxRise's minimum requirement of $5,000 in back taxes or unfiled taxes might exclude individuals with smaller tax issues. Providing more flexibility in this aspect could widen the company's reach.


The Bottom Line

TaxRise stands as a reliable tax relief partner, offering a comprehensive range of services backed by a robust 2-Phase Resolution Process. The company's dedication to legal compliance, demonstrated by IRS Power of Attorney across all states, and its strong industry accreditations contribute to its credibility. Clients with substantial tax liabilities seeking a resolution tailored to their unique situations will find TaxRise appealing.

However, individuals with smaller tax issues may find the minimum debt requirement restrictive. The lack of upfront pricing details and potential delays in resolution, especially during the pandemic, are areas for improvement.

Overall, TaxRise is best suited for those navigating significant tax challenges and seeking a trustworthy partner with a proven track record.

Disclaimer: TaxRise guarantees are subject to IRS and state agency eligibility requirements, and individual outcomes may vary.

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