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LAST UPDATED: April 9th, 2020

Taxation Solutions launched in 2008 and takes pride in being there for its customers through difficult financial hardships. Customers can reach Taxation Solutions by phone, fax, or email 24/7. The company promises to provide its customers with the good, old-fashioned hard work and service rarely found in the industry today. Taxation Solutions walks its customers through personal tax issues, customizes a plan to resolve your tax problems, and provides a staff of enrolled agents and tax attorneys equipped to handle virtually any tax issue for consumers across the nation.

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The Good

  • Low Cost
  • Offers Wide Range of Tax Issue Services
  • Nationally Available
  • Member of NATP, ASTPS, and NAEA
  • Certified Staff
  • Great Customer Reviews

Low Cost

Taxation Solutions charges its customers around $50 per month for its tax services. However, the company does not reveal the exact amount of its one-time fees. The company employs tax experts and professionals who can walk customers through the tax debt relief process beforehand and aid them in negotiating with the IRS. Claiming to be a national leader in tax resolution services, Taxation Solutions certainly offers one of the lowest prices in the tax relief industry.

Offers Wide Range of Tax Issue Services

Taxation Solutions provides a wide range of services. Bank levies, innocent spouse relief, wage garnishment, back tax solutions, tax audits, liens, seizures, offer in compromise, installment agreements, and IRS appeals are all services Taxation Solutions can help with.

Nationally Available

Many tax debt relief companies provide services to a small scope of states because tax laws vary between states. Taxation Solutions stands apart from these companies; its staff is able to provide services to residents of all 50 states.

Member of NATP, ASTPS, and NAEA

There are several organizations and associations that hold members to high standards of best practices in the tax industry. While membership in these organizations does not guarantee a company always uses best practices, it can provide some assurance to consumers that the company is held to a higher standard. Taxation Solutions is a member of the National Association of Tax Preparers, the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents.

Certified Staff

Taxation Solutions employs a staff of enrolled agents and tax attorneys. The combination of these two professionals provides valuable knowledge in tax law and finance. The Taxation Solutions team has experience working for the IRS and is able to use its inside knowledge of IRS practices and procedures to its advantage when working your case.

Great Customer Reviews

Customers who have submitted reviews to our site have been impressed with Taxation Solutions' ability to follow through on promises. Reviewers were able to settle their cases for much less than the tax debt owed and felt that the Taxation Solutions team was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process.


The Bad

  • Lack of Transparency

Lack of Transparency

Taxation Solutions does not provide information on any money-back guarantee anywhere on its site. Though a money-back guarantee is relatively rare in the tax debt relief industry, it is extremely comforting for potential customers. The company does provide consumers with expected fees during a free consultation over the phone. Taxation Solution offers services on a fixed fee basis and provides a payment plan option to consumers who need the service.


The Bottom Line

Taxation Solutions offers a wide range of tax debt solutions to consumers throughout the nation. Its certified staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to resolving cases with the best possible solution for consumers. Although the company lacks transparency on fees upfront, consumers can take advantage of a free consultation for more information. Consumers should also use the free consultation in determining their eligibility for services based on the amount of debt they need resolved.

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very disappointed Chesapeake, VA

I signed up with Taxation solutions almost two years ago. This has been a horrible experience . They have switched people that were handling my case 4 times due to people turnover. They have not provided the services that they tell you when you call. I did all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner only to have my case shifted to someone else. They charged me $4000. dollars and they prepared my taxes that were all 1040ez since I don't own a home or businesses. The sales pitch they will tell you is they will solve this problem and that is what it will cost. However That is not the truth by far. Finally after more then 1 year of waiting , I was told buy the 3rd advisor that was assigned to my case that he had submitted my case to the IRS. Keep in mind they filled out all the documents that the IRS was requesting . I had to pay for all paperwork correspondence back and forth and low and behold after all this time it was sent off. They told me that it would take a few months for the IRS to get back to them and I also had to pay the IRS another 500 dollars in 100 dollars increments. Well I then received a letter from the IRS stating that the case was declined due to improper documentation and the case was closed. My case was then reassigned to a 4th person and he told me that I would need to get it reopened and would have to start over and Pay all over again. I was upset with this he stated after another 4 months that the IRS wont reopen it and that I would not have been approved anyway. This is a Sham company and I would tell you to never even think about doing business with a fraudulent company no matter what they or there website tells you. This is the truth and you might as well burn the money before you give it to Taxation Solutions.. I am starting the process of a malpractice suit in the hopes they don't do this to other people that are need of real help and get scammed by them like I did.

7 years ago

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